How to fold a towel in the shape of a Bull (symbol 2021) in 5 minutes: I share detailed instructions from personal experience

5 minutes - and an unusual gift is ready. I'm telling you what to do ...

Everybody has a good New Year holiday! But the question of choosing gifts poses many dead end ... And I want to please loved ones, and there is not much money. And we in the family have been practicing this trick for the second year already:

We give you towels folded as a symbol of the year!

Last year they played such charming Mice:

From the archive ...
From the archive ...

And packed in transparent bags, complementing the gift set with chocolate or coffee:

Eve of the Year of the Mouse
Eve of the Year of the Mouse

To actually arrange such a gift just like two and two ! It turns out unusual, practical, elegant and inexpensive.

On New Year's Eve 2021, the Bull comes to us! Scheme, how to fold it out of a towel , I spied in the store. There is nothing complicated here, in fact.

Shop gobies
Shop gobies

You will need:

  • a medium sized kitchen or terry towel (we will show how it will look in different versions). On the Market I found a huge number of towels for every taste and wallet:
  • white cardboard or thick paper, felt-tip pen, scotch tape,
  • ribbon and elastic band,
  • packing optional.


First you need to make paper parts: horns, nose, eyes. We just draw them on thick paper and cut them off.

Here is a GALLERY and a lot of photos >>> LEAVE
Here is a GALLERY and a lot of photos >>> LEAVE
How to fold a towel in the shape of a Bull (symbol 2021) in 5 minutes: I share detailed instructions from personal experience
Here is a GALLERY and a lot of photos >>> LEAVE
How to fold a towel in the shape of a Bull (symbol 2021) in 5 minutes: I share detailed instructions from personal experience
Here is a GALLERY and a lot of photos >>> LEAVE

We fold the towel! Half and half at first.

How to fold a towel in the shape of a Bull (symbol 2021) in 5 minutes: I share detailed instructions from personal experience

Like this:

How to fold a towel in the shape of a Bull (symbol 2021) in 5 minutes: I share detailed instructions from personal experience

Then we twist inward, first on one side, and also on the other:

How to fold a towel in the shape of a Bull (symbol 2021) in 5 minutes: I share detailed instructions from personal experience

Half and half again:

How to fold a towel in the shape of a Bull (symbol 2021) in 5 minutes: I share detailed instructions from personal experience

It turns out the basis for the torso:

How to fold a towel in the shape of a Bull (symbol 2021) in 5 minutes: I share detailed instructions from personal experience

We collect the fabric, as shown in the photo:

How to fold a towel in the shape of a Bull (symbol 2021) in 5 minutes: I share detailed instructions from personal experience

And we fix it with an elastic band - this is a muzzle:

What kind of elastic is in the next photo >>> LEAF
What kind of elastic is in the next photo >>> LEAF
How to fold a towel in the shape of a Bull (symbol 2021) in 5 minutes: I share detailed instructions from personal experience
What kind of elastic is in the next photo >>> LEAF

We will tie a ribbon - already almost handsome :))

How to fold a towel in the shape of a Bull (symbol 2021) in 5 minutes: I share detailed instructions from personal experience

Now the horns:

How to fold a towel in the shape of a Bull (symbol 2021) in 5 minutes: I share detailed instructions from personal experience

Glue the eyes and nose on the double-sided Scotch so that the recipient of the gift can then use the towel:

How to fold a towel in the shape of a Bull (symbol 2021) in 5 minutes: I share detailed instructions from personal experience

All! It remains to put it into a beautiful package, and the gift is ready!

Here is a GALLERY and a lot of photos, in profile and full face >>> LEAF
Here is a GALLERY and a lot of photos, in profile and full face >>> LEAF
How to fold a towel in the shape of a Bull (symbol 2021) in 5 minutes: I share detailed instructions from personal experience
Here is a GALLERY and a lot of photos, in profile and full face >>> LEAF
How to fold a towel in the shape of a Bull (symbol 2021) in 5 minutes: I share detailed instructions from personal experience
Here is a GALLERY and a lot of photos, in profile and full face >>> LEAF
How to fold a towel in the shape of a Bull (symbol 2021) in 5 minutes: I share detailed instructions from personal experience
Here is a GALLERY and a lot of photos, in profile and full face >>> LEAF

For every bull it took me less than 5 minutes t. Fast and original!

How to fold a towel in the shape of a Bull (symbol 2021) in 5 minutes: I share detailed instructions from personal experience

How do you like the idea? Are you already preparing presents?

When the fantasy of what to give to a loved one ends, a simple but original idea of ​​creating a gift from ordinary objects comes to the rescue. One of these ideas is a special technique for giving the towel an interesting shape of an animal or other object. By the way, home textiles need to be folded correctly, not only for a gift, but also for storage.

In what style can the towel be folded

There are several styles of towel folding for storage. Get to know each of the techniques in order to choose the most suitable for yourself in the future.

Classic version

The classic folding style is simple enough to accommodate different sizes and shapes. Course of action:

  1. Lay the canvas flat on a horizontal surface.
  2. Divide the piece visually into 3 pieces lengthwise.
  3. Fold over one free edge and then the other.
  4. Divide the resulting strip into 4 parts, only now in width.
  5. Fold the ends of the garment towards the center at each edge.
  6. Fold the folded canvas in half.

French style

This style is perfect for storing towels on open shelves. Scheme of work:

  1. Lay the product on a table or any other horizontal surface.
  2. Divide the canvas visually into 4 pieces in width.
  3. Bend one part from the edge, and then cover it with two parts from the opposite edge.
  4. Flip the canvas over and fold in half.
  5. Fold the resulting shape in three.

American roller

Folded towels in this style can be conveniently stored in round baskets or open shelves.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Spread the product on a flat surface.
  2. Bend the corner closest to you towards the center.
  3. Fold the canvas in half lengthwise and turn over.
  4. Begin to twist the strip from the flat side to the corner.
  5. Fasten the free tip in the resulting pocket.

Folding the towels for storage correctly

There are many techniques for folding towels. Choose the appropriate method after you sort the textiles by size and purpose, and also decide on the storage location.

Compact storage in a closet

If you decide to store your towels in a closet, choose the most compact folding style. The most suitable for storing in a closet is the classic style. Products can be folded in a neat stack that does not take up much space. The basic rule of storing in a closet is that textiles must be clean and completely dry. A wardrobe with neatly folded towels always looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Towels on the shelf

The easiest way to store towels on open shelves is to roll them using the American or French method. The textile roller will not unwind during storage and will be easier to find and retrieve. The room in which it is planned to store the products must be well ventilated, otherwise mold can start in the bath accessories.

In the bathroom

If you want to store products on open shelves in the bathroom, you can deviate from the classic standards and fold a funny figurine or animal out of textiles.

How to fold towel rolls

Towels, folded in the shape of an American roller, are convenient to lay out both on open shelves and in closed cabinets. It is difficult to call such an arrangement of textiles compact, however, for maximum ease of use, such an arrangement is ideal.

Roll up a small towel

Small towels are best stored in neat piles in a closet or shelf. If you want to present a small product as a gift, try making a figurine out of it in the shape of a cupcake, ice cream, or candy.

Roll up a large towel

For storing large towels, you can use any folding option: classic, French or American roll. If you want to present a voluminous product, roll an original cake, heart or animal out of it.

Putting towels in a suitcase

There are several ways to put towels in your suitcase. The simplest and most compact option is to twist the textile rollers and place them compactly on the bottom of the bag. You can also use a more original way. To do this, fold the canvas along and put one side of it on the bottom of the suitcase. Then pack the other items and cover them with the rest of the garment.

How to fold a towel in four

If there is less space on the shelves of your towel cabinets than you would like, you can remedy the situation by folding the items in four. For this:

  1. Spread the canvas out on a flat, horizontal surface.
  2. Divide it visually into three widths.
  3. Fold up one side first and then cover it with the other.
  4. Repeat the procedure along the length of the folded blade.
  5. The result is a small rectangle.

You can simplify the task by first folding the towel in half 2 times and then folding it in three. A stack of such rectangles will be quite compact and will not take up much shelf space.

How to fold different sized towels neatly

Different sized towels are conveniently stored in drawers, baskets or boxes. Fold small items in four and place in rows in a box. This way, you can effortlessly reach the desired textile accessory without disturbing the rest. It is more convenient to keep larger items rolled into an American roller in round boxes.

When are towels given

There is a superstition that a donated towel will bring discord, enmity and separation to the family. Despite this, bath accessories have been and remain a popular gift. In fact, why not please your loved one with a high-quality, and most importantly, useful gift, because you can choose the desired option, for example, choose a product for a bath, pool, sports, or present a whole set for the whole family. The towel will be a great gift for a housewarming or wedding anniversary. To add originality to the present, you can create an unusual figurine in the shape of an animal, sweets or a heart from textiles.

What tools are required to make figures from towels

The number of items that will be included in the set of tools for work will depend on the type of shape being created. For some, you will not need anything other than towels, while for others you will need to stock up on various stationery and decorative supplies. In general, before starting work, prepare:

  • stationery rubber bands;
  • decorative ribbons;
  • buttons, pins with heads or beads;
  • scissors;
  • glue or double-sided tape;
  • wrapping paper.

How to make sweets and flowers from a towel

You can pleasantly surprise a loved one with the help of original compositions in the form of sweets or a bouquet of flowers.

Making a towel cake

To create a large two-tiered cake, you will need 4 matching rectangular towels, rubber bands, and a cardboard base. Also prepare some lace napkins, decorative ribbons, bows, or artificial flowers to decorate the composition.

Scheme of work:

  1. Fold each canvas lengthwise in 3 layers.
  2. Twist a large roller out of three rectangles and fasten with an elastic band.
  3. Roll the fourth textile rectangle and staple it.
  4. Place a large roll on the base, and cover with a lace napkin.
  5. Place a small roll on a large roll, and also cover with a napkin.
  6. Decorate the arrangement with roses and ribbons.

Choose the color of the products based on the theme of the holiday. For example, white textiles would be more appropriate for a wedding gift, and bright and colorful textiles for a birthday.

Roll of towels "Chocolate with cream"

To create this roll you will need 2 towels of cream and chocolate shade. Fold the canvases in half lengthwise, so that one is slightly narrower than the other. Lay the narrow rectangle over the wide one. Roll up a thick roller and secure the finished roll with crepe paper and decorative tape.

Bouquet of towels

It is very easy to make a bouquet of towels. For the composition, you will need several monochrome or multi-colored canvases, corrugated or wrapping paper, ribbon, box or basket. Roll each item into a roll, secure with ribbons, and place in the basket. Decorate the bouquet with ribbons and bows, leaf-shaped strips of corrugated paper.

Folding animals out of towels

You can create cute animal figurines from towels. They can be presented to children or, for example, for the New Year, as a symbol of the coming year. Also, such products will perfectly decorate any bathroom.


You can use a square hand towel or microfiber cloth to create the mouse. You will also need beads or pins with eye and nose caps, rubber bands, and a textile band for decoration.

Step by step guide:

  1. Connect opposite corners of the canvas.
  2. Fold the bottom corners of the resulting triangle to the center.
  3. Tuck the bottom up.
  4. Fold the resulting figure in half so that the bent part remains on the outside.
  5. From protruding small corners, make ears by stretching, pulling and creating the necessary shape for them.
  6. Spread the free corner and cover the body of the mouse with this part.
  7. Separate the head from the body by rewinding the mouse with an elastic band behind the ears.
  8. Also fix the opposite part of the structure with an elastic band, not forgetting to separate the tail.
  9. Fasten the pins on the head in place of the eyes and nose.
  10. Decorate the mouse with a bright ribbon around the neck.


To create a cute bunny, you need a square towel. In addition, prepare elastic bands, as well as decorations for decoration: beads and ribbons.

Work description:

  1. Fold the canvas diagonally.
  2. Shape each top corner into an ear and secure with an elastic band.
  3. Fold the lower part several times, covering the edge of the junction of the ears.
  4. Fold over the free edges, overlapping one another.
  5. Secure the shape with an elastic band.
  6. Bend each free corner inward and roll the resulting rectangle into a roller.
  7. Pull the edge of each roller into an elastic band that separates the head from the body.
  8. Make eyes, nose and tail for the bunny.
  9. Tie a beautiful ribbon bow around your neck.


Most foreign hotels are famous for their beautiful hospitality, one of the elements of which are original folded towels in the shape of swans. You can repeat this idea yourself, spending very little time and effort. Such a surprise will be relevant for a gift for the second half on Valentine's Day or on a wedding anniversary.

To make the figurine look as neat as possible, it is advisable to fold it directly in the place where it will be presented, for example, on the bed. To create the shape of two swans, you will need 2 large and 2 small towels.

Scheme of work:

  1. Spread out a large item on the bed.
  2. Visually divide the canvas in half in width.
  3. Fold the side corners 45 degrees.
  4. In the place of the folds, begin to roll the sides tightly towards the center, so that you end up with 2 rollers connected by a sharp base.
  5. Fold the resulting blank in the shape of a swan, where the sharp edge will be its nose, the middle will be the neck, and the opposite free edge will be the body.
  6. From a small towel, make wings by folding it like an accordion and placing it on the body.

Repeat the exact same procedure with two other canvases, and place the resulting figures opposite each other, creating an imitation, as if the swans are kissing.


The elephant figurine will be a great decoration for your bathroom. To create one, you will need one bath towel and one hand towel.

Work description:

  1. Lay the hand product on a horizontal surface.
  2. Determine the center of the width visually.
  3. Twist the far opposite corners tightly towards the center.
  4. Turn the resulting figurine over and put it at an acute angle towards you.
  5. Turn the opposite side out, bending the edge approximately to the middle.
  6. You should get a head with ears and a trunk from an acute angle, the position of which you can slightly adjust.
  7. Decorate the elephant's face with bead or button eyes.
  8. Spread out a bath towel in front of you in width.
  9. On each wide side, fold the edges so that there is free space in the middle.
  10. Roll narrow sides towards the center.
  11. Bend the resulting shape in half so that the joints of the rollers lie outward.
  12. Place the elephant's head on the resulting torso.

The original figurine is ready.


To create a crab figurine, you will need one rectangular towel and buttons for the eyes.

Scheme of actions:

  1. Spread the canvas in front of you along the length.
  2. Fold the corners of the outer edge at a 45 degree angle.
  3. Roll the lower part with an accordion, ending at the base of the triangle obtained from the corners.
  4. Wrap the triangle around the accordion at an angle to the bottom.
  5. Straighten the edges that are free from the sides.
  6. Attach the eye buttons to the flat part - the head.

The cheerful crab is ready.

A monkey

Textiles folded in the shape of a monkey will be a great gift for a child or decorate a bathroom in an original way. To create a toy, you will need a rectangular towel, elastic bands, buttons or eye beads.

Scheme of work:

  1. Lay the canvas vertically in front of you.
  2. Roll each side into a roller towards the center.
  3. Turn the resulting shape over with the rollers down.
  4. Twist the canvas 180 degrees, stepping back from the edge about 1/3 of the length.
  5. When folded, the contact points of the rollers should be visible from both the outside and the underside.
  6. Separate the head from the resulting torso with an elastic band.
  7. On the head, use small rubber bands to make monkey ears.
  8. Attach the eyes.

To make the figurine look more realistic, it is better to plant it.


You can present a bear from a towel to a child of any age or your girlfriend. To make a towel bear, you will need stationery elastic bands, and for maximum realism - various decorative elements (buttons for the eyes, a nose made of thick fabric, a ribbon for a bow). The optimal size of the canvas used is 60x40 cm.

Work description:

  1. Lay the canvas flat on a horizontal surface.
  2. Visually measure 1/3 of the length and fold over one side.
  3. Turn the fabric over with the folded side away from you, and roll the halves tightly towards the center.
  4. Twist the towel in the middle 180 degrees.
  5. Visually, you will understand where the newly-made bear will have legs.
  6. On the opposite side, use an elastic band to make a head.
  7. Use the smaller rubber bands to separate the ears from the head.
  8. Tie a colored ribbon around your neck in the shape of a bow.
  9. Attach the eyes and nose with tape.

A practical and useful gift is ready.

Striped Towel Cat

If you have a large striped towel, try making a cute cat. To work, you will also need elastic bands, buttons for the eyes and nose, as well as a textile ribbon for decoration.

Scheme of actions:

  1. Fold the canvas in a rectangle shape.
  2. Roll the resulting rectangle into a roller.
  3. Separate the resulting roller with an elastic band, separating the head from the body.
  4. On the outside of the head and the opposite side of the body, use elastic bands to separate the ears and legs.
  5. Decorate the cat's neck with textile tape, and attach buttons to the eyes and nose.

Master class on making a heart from towels

To make a heart and present it as a gift to a loved one, you will need a rectangular towel, elastic bands, ribbons and flowers for decoration.

Work description:

  1. Fold the canvas lengthwise 3 or 4 times depending on the desired thickness of the finished shape.
  2. Put an elastic band on one edge, and roll it up with a roll, not reaching the center of the canvas and securing it with a threaded elastic band.
  3. Repeat the same steps with the second side.
  4. Bend the base of the blade in the center so that the rollers touch each other.
  5. Secure the structure with tape.
  6. Pack the heart in a box, and put candies in the remaining empty space.
  7. Decorate the arrangement with decorative flowers.

A heart like this made from a large towel will be a great decoration for a bed for newlyweds or lovers.

How beautiful to fold a towel as a gift

Anyone can present gifts beautifully. To do this, it is enough to show quite a bit of originality and imagination. If you want to surprise a loved one with a towel figure, try to take into account their gender and age.

For woman

This towel figurine will be a great gift for a woman on March 8, Valentine's Day, name day or anniversary. Various sweets, flowers and cute animals are especially appreciated by the fairer sex. For instance:

  • a variety of pastries, cakes and rolls;
  • ice cream of various shapes;
  • bouquets in boxes and baskets;
  • Stuffed Toys.

A towel folded in an unusual way will delight a girl much more than just a gift of textiles in a bag.

For a man

It is difficult to surprise men, and even more so not to hook with flowers or cute toys. Here you need to show imagination. For instance:

  • on Defender of the Fatherland Day, you can make original snowmen in soldier caps or with other military paraphernalia;
  • for an anniversary or birthday, you can present a bath accessory in the form of a bottle of alcohol or simply pack it harmoniously with a solid ribbon.

For a child

You can please your child if you make a funny and original animal figurine out of a towel. First, ask the parents what their favorite cartoon character is, and prepare a surprise by folding a towel in this shape.

How to fold a waffle towel for table setting in 2 ways

There should be no difficulties with a waffle towel, the canvas is thin enough, so you can fold it in any way, it will always be compact. However, many housewives use waffle napkins for table setting. In such a case, you can use 2 methods of folding products in festive versions.

Option 1.

Suitable for forming square products, but you can also try folding rectangular ones. Operating procedure:

  1. Fold the product in half. When folding a rectangular canvas, you need to fold it 2 times.
  2. Place the resulting rectangle in a horizontal position.
  3. Fold the near edge under the bottom of the canvas.
  4. Bend the same edge back with a large gap.
  5. Visually divide the folded napkin into 3 sections horizontally.
  6. First fold the right side and then the left, as if covering the first.
  7. The result is an original waffle towel pocket, into which cutlery can be neatly folded.

Option 2.

An unusual table decoration can be obtained from a regular waffle napkin if you create a textile flower from it. Scheme of actions:

  1. If the napkin is square, fold the opposite corners to make a triangle. The rectangular canvas must first be folded in half.
  2. Tuck the base of the rectangle towards the center, so that the corner remains free enough.
  3. Roll the resulting figure with a tube and secure the edge.
  4. Now turn the free corners to the front side.

How to fold a towel for a New Year's gift in an original way

If you decide to give a towel to a loved one for the New Year, try folding it in the shape of a symbol of the coming year. It can be:

  • rat;
  • a monkey;
  • snake;
  • rabbit;
  • pig;
  • dog.

If you can't make a suitable animal, you can make a cute snowman out of a white towel. Also for work you will need a few scraps of fabric for a hat and scarf, and pins with heads for the nose and eyes. Fold the towel lengthwise several times, depending on the desired height of the figurine. Wrap the resulting rectangle with a roll and fasten with elastic bands in three places, separating the head and parts of the body. At the bottom on each side, use small rubber bands to make the legs of the snowman. Decorate your face with pins, put on a pre-sewn hat on your head, and tie a scarf around your neck. An excellent present for the New Year is ready.

If you want your loved one to feel your love, give him not just an ordinary present, but an original gift made with the warmest feelings. One of these surprises will be an ordinary towel, presented in an unusual shape. In which one, decide for yourself, based on the theme of the holiday, gender and age of the person being gifted.

Did you like the article? Was she helpful?

In recent years, the towel has become one of the most preferred and versatile gifts. They are presented to both men and women and even children. Good quality textiles will always come in handy in any home or even decorate the bathroom. However, it is considered unacceptable to give a product open, without packing or decorating it in any way. It is necessary to beautifully arrange your present so that the gifted person would be pleased to receive such a gift, and the donor would not be ashamed of giving.

a towel as a gift

Free towel - is it acceptable?

For those who believe in superstition, a towel is an unacceptable gift.

a towel as a gift

According to signs, such a present brings discord into the family, leads to separation and quarrels. However, most people still do not believe in such predictions, so they willingly give friends and family such a cozy home accessory.

Today in stores you can find a huge number of varieties of towels:

  • bath;
  • beach sheet;
  • waffle;
  • cloth for hands, face, legs;
  • fitness products;
  • original products in the form of a hat, tunic and other varieties;
  • sets of several towels.

They all differ in size, shape, material and character of the pattern. Probably every housewife, passing by the shelves with terry products. And running his hand over them, he thinks about buying a few more pieces for his home. And this is despite the fact that the house has the necessary set of towels that are used every day. That is why a towel is considered a good gift for any occasion.

Before buying such a practical present, you should clarify your opinion about the superstitions of the hero of the occasion. Perhaps it is he who firmly believes in superstition and will be dissatisfied with such a gift.


Most often chosen as a gift beautiful large size towels, bath or beach, with original drawings or ornaments, embroidered or stripes in the form of ribbons. Such a present will be appropriate on any holiday, including birthdays, weddings and others. Small towels for household needs are most often given to friends and family on New Year's holidays.

Ideas how to beautifully fold a towel as a gift


Giving a gift beautifully is a real art. But for this you do not need to have certain professional skills or complete special courses. With a little imagination and having a certain amount of time, you can create an original design for even the simplest and, at first glance, unattractive object.

You can present a towel effectively and very beautifully, so that the person who is given a gift does not even understand at first glance that there is a banal towel for the bathroom. For this, there are several design options and many variations on the theme of different objects.

As a gift to a woman

towel folded for a girl

For the fair sex, the most common type of design is various confectionery. The most popular are considered :

  • various cakes (round, square, triangular in small packages "portioned");
  • rolls (simple and beautiful design. often complemented by various decorative elements);
  • cakes (use several textiles and decorative elements to present the gift in an original and beautiful way);
  • cocktails (complemented by decoration);
  • bottle (simple and unusual solution);
  • Stuffed Toys (the variant is more complicated, but definitely original and unusual).

towel folded for woman

Girls love everything beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing. A towel packed in the form of a beautifully designed cake or a small cake will delight a lady much more than a bath product simply wrapped in a bag or box.

beautifully folded towel

Gift for a man

Representatives of the strong half of humanity are more likely to find simple and concise design options.

Rolled up in tubes and packed in a beautiful gift wrap or folded in several layers, packed in a tin tube. It is common gift for Defender of the Fatherland Day - February 23. A simple and much needed gift, presented in an attractive packaging box, will delight the “protector” and become a favorite accessory in a man's bathroom.

towel for men

You can also compose a real gentleman's set, by connecting a bath towel folded in the shape of a square, add a greeting card and fragrant soap or shower gel. All this should be put in a gift bag. A box or just tie it up with a beautiful ribbon.

gift for a man

You can do without soaps and gels by collecting several towels of different sizes, for the face, body and legs, for example. A beautiful ribbon to match and a greeting card on top will perfectly complement a universal present.

a towel as a gift

With love to the child

towel toys

Children value practical gifts little, so you should arrange the towel so that it would be interesting for the child to unfold it. It can be a beautiful package in the form of a colorful bag with your favorite characters or a similar cardboard box, as well as a good option - roll up a towel in the form of a soft toy. Kids will love unwrapping a gift like this.

Before packing a baby towel, it is better to check with his parents for information about their favorite cartoon characters, and try to fold the product in this form.

towel toys

The most common options for decorating a presentation for children are:

  • bear;
  • cake;
  • cake;
  • elephant;
  • bunny and others.

towel roll

In any case, for a child, a towel rolled in the shape of a soft animal will be much more interesting than simple boxes and gift bags. Therefore, you will have to devote a little more time to wrapping a gift for a children's holiday than for adults.

Master class on wrapping towels as a gift

Making a towel as a gift does not take much time and does not require special knowledge ... However, for the construction of complex figures, it is better to turn to the master classes and videos that are so generously presented on the network. This will help reduce the time spent and improve the quality of the resulting animal.


For children's gifts or presentations to a beloved woman, the formation of a terry sheet of an animal is often chosen. For this, most often, special devices and holders are required so that the figurine does not fall apart before falling into the hands of the hero of the occasion.

For work, you may need a variety of decorative ribbons, flowers, fruits and containers in the form of boxes, baskets. Do not limit your imagination, fresh ideas always bring a little creativity.

Cute bunny can be built by folding a terry product into a triangle and twisting it into a horseshoe-shaped tube. Then the resulting figure is pulled with an elastic band, slightly stepping back from the free corners of the product. The "ears" of the hare are slightly fluffed and shaped with the help of a second elastic band. You can also tie a beautiful ribbon and decorate the product with your eyes and nose.

how to make a bunny out of a towel

bear also a very common version of the figurine. You will need two towels. The first one is rolled and folded in half. This will help shape the lower limbs of the brown bear. Then the resulting figure is placed between the halves of a second towel folded in the same way. After that, it remains to form the head, ears and paws of the animal with rubber bands.

how to make a bunny out of a towel


Folding the product in the shape of flowers will not present any problems. To do this, you need a bulky box or basket. You can pair the gift with attractive shower gels and other bath products.

towel flower

Each towel prepared as a present is tightly wrapped around a bottle of bath and shower product and secured with an elastic band. After a certain number of such flowers have been formed, they are beautifully placed in a basket. May be completed with decorative artificial flowers, leaves and satin ribbons.


For girls with a sweet tooth, an original solution will be a gift in the form of a piece of cake or roll. The first option is quite simple in execution and requires you to fold the towel in a triangle and, by several additions, form a "piece of cake" out of it. As a rule, such presents are placed in transparent cake boxes and decorated with ribbons, artificial flowers and fruits.

towel cake

It is even easier to form a roll from a towel, it is rolled up in a dense roll and tied with a beautiful ribbon. It can also be placed in a beautiful transparent or dense festive box and decorated with decorative elements.

towel cake

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How beautiful to fold a towel as a gift

Jacket and blouse

To create such elegant costumes you will need:

  • Two black towels measuring 40 * 60 cm.
  • Two red towels measuring 30 * 30 and 40 * 60 cm.
  • White towel 40 * 60 cm.
  • Buttons.
  • Double-sided adhesive tape.

Making such origami from a towel with your own hands is very easy and quick. It will take about five or ten minutes to work.

Jacket with tie

  1. Place a black towel on a flat surface and a white towel on top. It is necessary to ensure that they lie perfectly flat on top of each other.
  2. Now you should take a long ruler and gently push the center line with it along the entire length of the top towel.
  3. Fold each of the resulting halves in half so that the long edges meet at the intended center line.
  4. Fold the resulting rectangle in half.
  5. Now fold the edges of the towel to form two triangular collar pieces, and pin the collar in the center with a pin.
  6. Next, start shaping the tie. To do this, lay a red square towel on a flat surface, draw a line from one corner to the other, and fold the edges of the towel twice to this center line so that one side is wider and the other is pointed.
  7. Gently part the edges of the jacket and insert the point of the tie. Fold the edges back and secure everything with pins if necessary.
  8. Unscrew the tie and straighten it. The jacket and tie are ready!


  1. Take black and red towels and fold them in the same way as for a men's jacket, with the black towel on the bottom and the red one on the top. The collar of a women's blouse can be turned a little wider.
  2. Now, using small pieces of duct tape, you need to attach some buttons along the center line where the edges of the towels meet.

Towel origami video

Away from superstition and whether they give towels

Perhaps some of you will now say: "Do they even give a towel as a gift?" Of course they do. There is a version that such a present leads to quarrels, separations, enmity.

In my opinion, it is easier to blame an innocent piece of material for all your troubles than to try to find the root of the problem. It all depends on your emotional perception of it. If you then suffer from sleepless nights from the fact that you have made a "forbidden" gift, make a decision in favor of your health. Come up with something different.

But, nevertheless, as they say, there is no smoke without fire. And if you are a superstitious person, that is, an excellent solution to this controversial issue - take money for this present (of course, symbolic). And he automatically moves from the "gifts" row to the "purchase" section.

We delight kids with an interesting presentation

Who if not children love something interesting, unusual and, at first glance, even magical? Children are real connoisseurs of this. It is difficult to surprise with a towel neatly folded into a bag, but if you roll it up into a bizarre figure, it will be simply delight! Let's take as a basis what children love the most:

We will use this knowledge to design a gift.

Ice cream. Choose a towel in bright colors (crimson, deep yellow, orange, etc.). Using the step-by-step instruction of the video, you will be able to turn the present into a favorite sweet for children.

Lollipops. Perhaps not a single children's holiday passes without sweet sweets. To make the candy look real, use two different colors. For example, red and white, yellow and green, but you can also like in a master class:

Pack the memento in clear wrapping paper and the lollipop is ready.

Toys. Create with your own hands a child, for example, an elephant. You will need 2 types of towels: bath and hand. Use the following colors: white, cyan, blue, gray. To make it look like a real one, decorate it with toy eyes. You can find them at any craft store. Follow the instructions in the photo to create your masterpiece.

And here is an example of creating a crab. To roll a towel into such a shape, you need:

  1. Arrange it vertically;
  2. Fold the sides inside the towel.
  3. Straighten the bottom of the towel;
  4. Roll it halfway up;
  5. Take out the side tips;
  6. Bend them down;
  7. Fold the upper corner of the towel down and inward by a third;
  8. Wrap it up again. The head will turn out.

You will certainly want to play with such souvenirs.

We create masterpieces for the fair half

Girls can admire many things: a beautiful sunset, a fancy pattern on their favorite towel, etc. I think it won't be difficult to please them with a wonderful towel product. Moreover, women can be presented with both a kitchen waffle and a terry bath towel.

For a girl, you can create:


All girls undoubtedly love to be pampered, paid attention to and given flowers. All this can be embodied in one unpretentious surprise.

So I propose to create a floral present, as in the video:

You can choose any color of the towel. But if you want the flower to look more natural, choose pink, yellow, peach, burgundy or white. You may not be limited to one flower, prepare a whole bouquet.

Swans. These beautiful birds are a symbol of pure and faithful love, tenderness and devotion. You should always give swans in pairs. By creating this miracle from a towel, you convey the full depth of your feelings. This photo shows how to properly arrange this craft:

Cake. Despite the fact that all women do not eat after 6 pm, and it is generally taboo for flour and sweets, this gift will not leave her indifferent. You will need:

  • A pen;
  • Scissors;
  • Ruler;
  • Wrapping;
  • Scotch;
  • Decorative cherry;
  • Towel.

Otherwise, this video will help:

Original DIY gifts for loved ones and friends

Sometimes you so want to give something unusual, such that the gift will be remembered for a long time. You can surprise and please with original gifts if you add a little imagination, invention and patience to the design of the most ordinary gift. The portal has selected for our readers the simplest and most affordable ways, ideas that will tell you not only what to give, but also how to make a gift with your own hands special.

How to make a gift with your own hands

Let's say you decide to give a beautiful towel, scarf, tablecloth, woven napkins, etc. Here are some ways to make spectacular gifts out of ordinary things with your own hands.

While you are making super gifts with your own hands, pay attention to the original audio greetings on your phone

DIY towel hare (girlfriend, girlfriend)

For these purposes, the square shape of the product is better suited. Spread a towel, tablecloth or handkerchief on the table, roll two diagonally opposite corners into tubes, moving from edge to middle. Then fold in half. The corners are the future bunny ears. Take hold of them and fold the towel in half again. Now it remains to bandage the resulting muzzle with the ears with a bright braid. The bunny is ready. The whole process is shown more clearly in the diagram. The muzzle can be decorated by sewing on beads instead of the eye and nose.

And here is another option for decorating a gift: these bunnies seem to be standing. Roll up the towel in the same way as in the first case, only you will have to bandage it in two places: in the area of ​​the ears and on the neck. You can decorate with the help of purchased eyes for toys, or beautiful buttons, pebbles, beads, etc. There can be many options.

Next, see the video tutorial on how to make a hare out of a towel.

DIY towel elephant. (to mom, grandmother)

And here's how to make a baby elephant out of two towels or napkins. First fold your torso and legs. Figures 1-5.

Then you need to roll your head out of the second napkin. Figures 6-12.

At the end, we put the head on the body, the eyes can be embroidered or decorated in any way convenient for you. You can put on some additional decoration on the trunk, for example, a chain, bracelet, tie a ribbon or tie around your neck if the gift is intended for a man.

Watch a video on how to make a towel elephant.

See what other animals you can make out of towels.

Cake as a gift

And this original gift is perfect if you are going to congratulate the newlyweds, or a family where a newborn baby has appeared. This is a very spectacular, colorful two or three-tiered cake, folded from baby diapers, diapers or from a set of napkins, tablecloths, towels, bed linen. To create this gift, you will need several circles of different sizes, cut out of thick cardboard. The diapers or towels are folded into rolls and then laid out one by one on a cardboard base. For stability, each tier needs to be tied with beautiful ribbons, which can also be used for a child. You can attach a toy to the top of such a cake. Use artificial flowers and leaves, beads, bows, bright rattles as decorations. Such a gift will be remembered for a long time!

Flower basket

This basket can be filled with anything. For these purposes, thin towels, napkins, napkins, baby undershirts, socks, hats, handkerchiefs, tights, etc. are suitable.If the gift is intended for a man, it can be a set of ties, socks, scarves, etc. For women and girls, the basket can be filled with items lace underwear, stockings, interspersed with bright hairpins, hair ties, etc.

In addition, you will need a small basket, artificial flowers and leaves for decoration, pieces of figured soap, beads, scented candles and whatever you have at your fingertips. Fill the basket by rolling the textiles into roses or other flowers. Decorate the basket as you like and taste.

And this is how you can make an unusual basket out of the towel itself.

These new gifts will delight people of all ages and tastes with their uniqueness. After all, gifts made with your own hands acquire a special meaning, convey the warmth of hands and soul.

How to arrange

Folk fantasy has invented many ways to beautifully roll a towel as a gift. Especially for you, we have collected short master classes, having mastered which, you can make original and beautiful presents.

You will need a set of small towels, black ribbon, handmade green and red soap, chopsticks.

Roll the towels gently into sushi-shaped rolls. Tie them with a black ribbon (this will act as nori seaweed). Put the resulting sushi on a plate, place the soap (wasabi and ginger) next to it.

Finish the composition with chopsticks - done! This "sushi set" will be a great surprise for any sushi lover.

"Ice cream"

This method is one of the easiest, but gifts made in this way will be a cool surprise for any girl's birthday or March 8th.

You will need two small, thin towels of different colors, a large glass cup, and an ice cream stick.

Place towels on top of each other and roll into a roll. Place them in a glass and stick a stick on top.

These simple manipulations can be done in one or two minutes, so this is ideal for those who have little time.

This method is suitable for decorating large terry towels (for example, bath towels). We need pieces of soap, made in the form of fruits and flowers, which we simply lay out beautifully on a rolled-up towel.

If you have several of them, the cake can be made two- or even three-tiered. In this case, it is better to tie it with a multi-colored ribbon.

From towels and clothes for newborns, you can build no less interesting surprises that are perfect for young mothers.

We need socks and sliders, and by folding them in half with towels, we get cute colorful rolls.

All that remains is to decorate them with artificial berries (strawberries, grapes, plums, etc.), which you can buy at any decor store or hand-made fair.

If you are too lazy to arrange a surprise with your own hands, you can always purchase ready-made kits and kits - they are sold in abundance in online stores.

How beautiful to present a towel And with it shampoos, gels and oven mitts

Good afternoon dear friends!

Once we already talked about how you can turn a small towel into a bright unusual gift.

I propose to return to this topic and delve deeply into it Towel, as you know, is a universal thing, always necessary in the household, but too boring and banal as a gift, do you agree? And you will see how towels, and with them shampoos, shower gels and other commonplace things acquire weight and beauty, turning into cakes, chocolate rolls, sweets and desserts, which (attention!) you can easily make yourself according to the given master classes

Thus, you will receive a great gift for a wedding, birthday and Valentine's day! Are we watching?


First we will look, and then we will follow the links to the master classes, although from the photographs you yourself will understand how to make most of the desserts and cakes))

Let's start with desserts: a great excuse to donate cups and small towels:


but a little more complicated:

lollipop candy, which we already talked about here

cakes with a heart - delicious and nutritious

because they are made of towels, the waffle tube is imitated by a roll of paper with stripes

and here is a beautiful option for laying towels for a loved one:

The source is lost

Ice cream!

but look at the rolls:

The source is lost






and a wide variety of towel cakes:


source ayannmama


Source, you can view it in higher resolution here

cake for the hostess - from kitchen towels


cake for girls:


and does not fit into the concept of desserts - a rose!

Like a gift idea? Looking for more design ideas?

For a lot of photo ideas, see

and on google (just a sea of ​​examples)

Now let's get down to the practical part of creating a gift))

I have broken links to master classes into parts to make it easier to navigate:


slice (piece) of cake

for such packaging you need a paper template, you will find links to such templates at the end of this article

lollipop candy

Lessons in pictures:

And you can also sew a cover on the cake and it will turn out very cute:

source vanessachristenson

how to make strawberries from fabric, see here and also here

and there are two more wonderful ideas:



there are a lot of them here, guess how to make them?))

Did you like this idea?))

Did she inspire you?

In any case, after seeing all this beauty, it is difficult to call a towel a trivial gift!

Read articles on turning other commonplace things into creative unusual gifts here.

UPDATE and here is what happened with the talented sorceress and needlewoman Victoria aka mewshka

Author mewshka

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Many thanks! And come again!

Strawberry cupcake

To make the gift you have prepared look like a cute cupcake, you need to fold it using the origami technique, and not fold it.

In order to originally package a gift for the holiday, stock up on the following materials:

  • One hand towel - it should be square and have a light shade, otherwise the recipient will not have an association with a cupcake.
  • Transparent cup (can be replaced with a cardboard cup).
  • Decorative strawberries or wild strawberries.
  • Cellophane for packing a gift composition.
  • Spool of thread.

So, the materials are ready. It's time to start the original gift wrapping:

  1. Fold all four corners of the square towards the center.
  2. Fold the ends of the new square to the center in the same way.
  3. If necessary, fold the towel again in the same way - you need the blank to fit into the cup.
  4. Place the spool of thread in the center of the square.
  5. Turn the resulting workpiece over, wrap it around the coil.
  6. Move the threads to the side.
  7. Place an already compacted towel in the prepared cup.
  8. Decorate the top of the “muffin” with a cooked decorative berry.
  9. Wrap the composition in beautiful wrapping paper. It is desirable that it be transparent.

A birthday cake made of several towels looks very original and expensive. However, to wrap a gift in this way, you need to try.

In order to beautifully pack a towel as a gift with your own hands in this way, prepare the following items and materials for work:

  • 3 pieces of corrugated board, suitable in size.
  • 3 gift towels (must be different sizes)
  • Artificial roses with branches, decorative ribbons to decorate a three-story cake and the packaging in general.
  • Cellophane for gift wrapping.

Let's move on to the master class itself:

Make three floor blanks from the prepared corrugated cardboard. To do this, you need to fold each of them into a ring and fasten with tape.

Important! All parts must fit inside each other, and the inner part must be the tallest of all three

  • Wrap the lowest tier of the future cake, decorating it with a decorative ribbon.
  • Carry out the same manipulations with the rest of the tiers.
  • Place the tiers on top of each other, securing them. The base of the cake is ready.
  • Now you can proceed to decorate the product. For this, you can use all the decorative elements that were prepared earlier. You can also use decorative beads and sparkles, the main thing is to show your imagination.

Important! Artificial flowers can be replaced with live ones. This will make your work look more expensive and even more original.

Towel hare

The method is suitable not only for future small owners of towels, but also for adults, but romantic or young at heart birthday people.

The idea to fold a bunny out of a towel before giving it was borrowed by me at the Odessa forum on needlework.

Fold the towel with your own hands as shown in the diagram and tie it with a ribbon:

And you will get a charming sitting bunny out of a towel (you can embroider his face directly on a towel or put the edge of a piece of paper with drawn eyes - a nose - a smile under the ribbon): By the same principle, you can fold it with your own hands from towels and standing bunnies: As you can see in the last photo, to decorate bunnies, you can use purchased eyes and pompons for toys (as a nose). Or you can do with what is at hand: beads, beads, buttons. They can be lightly grabbed with a thread, so that later they can be easily removed for easy use.

How to choose a towel

There are many varieties of this seemingly simple piece of fabric, each designed for a different purpose.

  • Hygiene towels We use these towels to dry our hands, body and face.
  • Bathrooms Contrary to the name, such a towel is useful not only in the bath - ideally, it should be in every bathroom. They are large and thick. As a rule, they are made from natural materials, as they absorb moisture best. You can complement your choice with an original cosmetic set for spa treatments at home. Here are some options:

Kitchens They have a fairly wide application - they cover fresh dishes, wipe tables and dishes. They should absorb moisture very well and wash well.

Massage They are characterized by hairiness and softness. They are used for rubbing and warming up the skin before massage, as well as for covering after it. Wedding Another name - lentions. Lenthions are used in many wedding ceremonies as the bedding on which the newlyweds stand in front of the altar. After that, the lention is stored as a family heirloom.Children As the name implies, they are used as a children's hygiene product. They differ from the usual ones in their particular tenderness of fabric and design.

Cupcake heart

The round three-tiered cake is, of course, a packaging classic. But this does not mean at all that other shapes and sizes of gift towel packaging will look less impressive.

In order to make a heart out of a towel, you will need:

  • Towel measuring 70 x 50 cm.
  • Decorative items to brighten the composition.
  • A mold that looks like a heart.
  • Satin ribbon matching the color of the gift.

Let's move on to making a composition:

  1. The first step is to fold the rectangle into 3 equal parts.
  2. Start rolling the workpiece on both sides.
  3. Put the blank into the previously prepared heart shape.
  4. To hide the seam, attach fake berries or flowers to decorate the cupcake.
  5. Decorate the work by wrapping it from the bottom with ribbon and wrapping it in transparent wrapping paper. Gift cupcake heart is ready.

Giving roses for your birthday is also a classic. What if these roses are made from soft gift towels? Most likely, the hero of the occasion will be pleasantly surprised by your interesting gift.

To work you will need:

  • Two towels - green and red.
  • Decorative ornaments to give the present a finished look.
  • Gift paper for packaging compositions.

To fold the towel in the shape of a rose in an original way, you need to be guided by the following instructions:

  • Bend the green rectangle towards the middle of the opposite side (it should be short).
  • Make a roller that is tapered. To do this, you need to roll up the towel at the edge of the fold, at the same time, hold your finger in place of its beginning.
  • Leave the small triangle unrolled.
  • Fold this corner into a leaf-like shape. The stalk is ready.
  • Take the red rectangle and fold it along the long side.
  • Bend a corner from one end of the long rectangle - it will be the center of the future rose.
  • Roll the bent corner towards the center - you only need to make one turn.
  • Bend the untouched part of the towel at an angle that is 180 degrees.

Important! Make sure that the fold is even and neat - the final result depends on this.

  • Roll up the fold. Fold the end of the resulting roller to the side that is inside (angle - 45 degrees).
  • Continue bending the workpiece. At the end, fix the rose.
  • Fasten the two parts of the flower.
  • Decorate and pack a rose.
Gift wrapping

How to beautifully fold a towel as a gift?

How to beautifully fold a towel as a gift?

Since ancient times, it is believed that a towel as a gift is a bad omen. This superstition came from Ancient Rus. In those days, the towel was given to the guest so that he remembered the deceased. Therefore, the presented towel foreshadowed separation from relatives, quarrels in the house, the loss of loved ones.

In the modern world, many ancient rituals are not given importance. And the towels that exist today are radically different from their predecessors. Today the variety of towels is very large. There are many options: bath, kitchen, waffle, sheet; cloth for hands, face, legs, fitness products, original products in the form of a hat, tunic and other types.

Unusual sets of several towels will be a great gift for family, friends and acquaintances. Each of them, wiping with a soft high-quality terry cloth, will warmly remember the donor. It is pleasant not only to give a towel as a gift, but also it can be folded beautifully and in an original way. What figures and models are obtained - we will tell in our article.

A pleasant surprise will be a present of towels, decorated in the form of figurines of fabulous animals.

Towel bear

Children love to receive bright, colorful gifts. A product made of towels for curious babies, originally designed, will not cost you much, but in terms of its creativity it will take one of the first places.

To make a bear from such material, you need to prepare the following:

  • the towel itself - the best choice for this purpose would be a 40x60 cm product;
  • ribbon or decorative braid at least 1 meter long;
  • graceful elastic bands, the best option is stationery, because they are quite durable and will not be too noticeable on the gift;
  • glue or double-sided tape;
  • scissors;
  • buttons or pieces of felt to design the nose and eyes, and beads can also be used.

A step-by-step guide for making a figure.

  • Spread out a clean towel on a flat surface. A favorable option for this purpose is a writing (kitchen) table or bed.
  • Visually it is necessary to divide the product into 3 parts and fold 1 of them along the length, so that its edge is in the center of the towel. This must be created carefully, avoiding creases and folds.
  • After that, the product must be turned over and spread out so that the rolled-up lobe is on the right side. Then you need to twist it to the middle, strengthening a clean towel with any heavy object, a press.
  • You need to do the same with the second piece of the towel. It also needs to be rolled into a tight tube and the workpiece must be fixed in this position.
  • After that, the free edges should be turned out and twisted. At this stage, it is necessary to fold the product very carefully so as not to spoil the formed paws of the bear.
  • The middle area needs to be spread well. In this case, the upper part should be clearly marked - the head of the bear. It must be fixed with an elastic band. To make the head voluminous, you can put a little cotton under it.
  • On the head of the figurine, you need to form small ears from a towel and fix them in the same way as the head with rubber bands.
  • After the bear's head is ready, button eyes and a felt nose are glued with double-sided tape.
  • To disguise the elastic in the neck of the bear, you can make him a beautiful bow from a colorful ribbon or a small knitted scarf. A toy bear made of a towel will look more fun if you put a small hat on its head, which is easy to make from felt.

Your little ones will appreciate such a simple, at first glance, but at the same time quite charming and useful thing. If you tie it up and pack it effectively, you can get a very inexpensive toy gift.

Striped Towel Cat

Making a cat figurine out of a striped towel is easy.

In order to make such a figure you will need:

  • one large striped terry towel;
  • colored rubber bands for money in the amount of 5 pieces;
  • one satin ribbon for decoration;
  • buttons for eyes and nose;
  • colored threads for embroidery.

Step by step instructions for making:

  • roll the towel into a rectangle;
  • roll a roller from the resulting rectangle;
  • at each of the four corners, mark the neck with an elastic band, highlight the ears and legs;
  • attach a satin bow on the neck;
  • sew on eyes and a button nose;
  • embroider the cat's tongue and antennae.

And you end up with a cute and funny cat.

Such an original gift can be wrapped in transparent cellophane. And if you want to surprise your little family, then you can put the cat in the bathroom, and then the kids will have no limit of joy.

Gift for women

The towel is one of the most versatile gifts for women. A good hostess will definitely stop at the shelves with terry, waffle products in the store, and despite the fact that the house has the necessary set of towels, she will buy a few more. Good quality textiles are needed every day in every home, in the kitchen, in the bathroom. But it is unacceptable to present an open product to a woman, without packing or decorating it in any way. It is necessary to beautifully arrange a personal gift so that the gifted person would be pleased to receive such a present, and the donor would not be uncomfortable for giving.

For women, beautiful large-sized towels are chosen as a gift: bath or beach towels, with unique patterns or ornaments, beautifully decorated, decorated with embroidery or stripes in the form of ribbons, and sometimes even monograms. Such a gift will be appropriate on any special day.

Small towels for household chores are most often given to friends and family during the Christmas holidays.

Gift decoration

For female representatives, the most common design is confectionery:

  • all kinds of cakes;
  • rolls;
  • cakes;
  • cocktails;
  • bottles.

Girls and women love to receive aesthetic pleasure from beautifully designed gifts. And therefore, a towel packed in the form of a beautifully designed cake or a small cake will delight a lady much more than a bath product simply wrapped in a bag or box.

Towel flower

Fold the creation in the shape of flowers will not be difficult. This will require a voluminous box or basket. You can combine a present with cute shower gels, bath bombs and other bath accessories.

Each towel, which is prepared as a gift, is tightly wrapped around a bottle of shower gel or other product. Fix the "bud" with an elastic band and carefully put it in a basket. You can complement the composition with decorative ornaments and beautiful ribbons.

Gift for a man

On Defender of the Fatherland Day - February 23 - towels rolled into tubes and packed in a beautiful gift wrap are the most common gift for a man (after socks, of course).

Such a present will come in handy for a man anyway.

How can you present a towel beautifully?

A common decoration is considered to be a real "gentleman's set", which connects a bath towel folded in the shape of a square, with a colorful card and your favorite scented soap or shower gel. The gift bag or box is beautifully tied with a bright ribbon.

For any reason, you can make a shirt and even a shirt with a tie out of a towel as a gift for a man.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • spread out the towel and roll both edges in the middle along the length;
  • bend to the sides the upper ends of the folded edges and turn the towel to the opposite side;
  • change the top to the bottom and fold the strip of the lower part up;
  • flip and change the top with the bottom, and then push the bottom edges to the sides;
  • turn it over again and bend the lower part back.

It turned out to be a folded shirt. You can decorate your shirt with a tie made from a smaller towel.

A towel gift is a versatile, practical and simple present that is suitable for any occasion, for any age and gender. The variety and personality of these surprises has no boundaries. At first glance, a simple and inexpensive gift can be decorated in an elegant and interesting way. Do not forget to add nice little things to such a present.

See the following video for some interesting towel folding ideas.

How to pack a towel as a gift - effectively, original and simple enough so that you can do it yourself and from improvised means? In our material, we will tell you how to make a "candy" out of your simple and practical gift.


Do towels give: superstition and reality

Whoever says anything, towels are very often given in spite of the widespread superstition that such a gift brings discord, enmity, separation and parting.

Indeed, in fact, superstition is a specific phenomenon, someone believes in them, someone does not think about them. As we all know, thoughts are material and more often than not superstitions themselves do their job, but our emotions and fears. So if you do not believe in such signs at all, you can safely choose a towel as a gift for the culprit of the holiday. But do not forget to take into account the attitude to such superstitions of the one who will receive this present!

The easiest way to wrap a towel as a gift is to decorate it as a candy:

Towel as a gift: on what occasions they give

We live in a time when anything, including a towel, can be beautiful, original, of high quality and useful. This thing certainly cannot be called useless, because a towel is something that we use regularly. And what if every house has towels of all sizes, colors and textures?

Surely everyone in the store caught themselves wanting to buy a couple of these bright, fluffy and soft towels? Terry towel for hands or feet, for face, bath towel, sports towel, beach towel, or a whole set of several towels - the choice of option for a gift is impressive and is limited only by your budget and the tastes of the recipient of the gift.

The girl and children will be very pleased to receive a towel as a gift in the shape of a bear:

And about originality, one thing can be said - giving gifts beautifully is an art. but it is not as difficult as it seems. And further in our material, we will show you how to pack a towel as a gift - beautifully, effectively, original and simple!

Ideas on how to beautifully pack a towel as a gift:

How beautiful to fold a towel as a giftHow beautiful to fold a towel as a giftHow beautiful to fold a towel as a giftHow beautiful to fold a towel as a giftHow beautiful to fold a towel as a giftHow beautiful to fold a towel as a giftHow beautiful to fold a towel as a giftHow beautiful to fold a towel as a giftHow beautiful to fold a towel as a giftHow beautiful to fold a towel as a giftHow beautiful to fold a towel as a giftHow beautiful to fold a towel as a gift

How beautiful to fold a towel as a giftHow beautiful to fold a towel as a giftHow beautiful to fold a towel as a giftHow beautiful to fold a towel as a gift

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275114_1 (501x700, 288Kb)275407_1 (583x700, 281Kb)

276026_dort_textilni_sesikmeny_bilooranzovy (531x700, 254Kb)276156_dort_textilni_rucniky_osusky_zluty (616x700, 265Kb)276165_dort_narozeninovy_cerna_modra_1 (564x700, 253Kb)276223_dort_textilni_staroruzovy (583x700, 276Kb)

276318_dort_pilire_patrovy_bily (514x700, 278Kb)

How beautiful to fold a towel as a gift

Master class on making a cake from towels:

4 white towels 50 * 100 cm - lace napkin with a diameter of 36 cm - round cardboard with a diameter of 24 cm - 2 lace napkins with a diameter of 20 cm - elastic bands - ribbons - artificial roses - double-sided tape - a figurine of a bride and groom

towel wedding cakeFold the towels three times: towel wedding caketowel wedding caketowel wedding cakeFor the first "layer" of the towel cake, you need 3 towels. For the second, one. towel wedding caketowel wedding cakeFix the resulting roll with an elastic band towel wedding cakeDecorate with a ribbon and remove the gum towel wedding cakePlace a large lace napkin on a cardboard circle and place the first layer of cake on it. Put a small napkin on it and put a second layer on it. And put the lace napkin back on. towel wedding cakeCut the stems of the roses to the desired length and decorate the layers of the cake. We fix the figurine of the bride and groom with double-sided tape

towel wedding cake

How to make a heart out of towels:

- hand towel 70 * 50 cm - artificial berries or other decorations - heart-shaped mold - ribbon

Fold the towel into 3 pieces and start rolling on both sides. mini towel cake HeartPut the rolled towel in the mold mini towel cake HeartTo close an unattractive seam, put artificial berries on it. mini towel cake HeartDecorate with other fruits mini towel cake Heart

Master class on making a roll of towels "Chocolate with cream":

- 2 hand towels 70 * 50 cm brown and white - ribbon - artificial berries or other decorations

roll cake of towelsTake a brown towel and fold the long ends into the center of the towel. roll cake of towelsNow fold the towel in half. The top end should be just above the edge roll cake of towelsFold the white towel in the same way. roll cake of towelsOnce again fold the white towel in half - there should be more "cream" inside the roll roll cake of towelsPut a white towel on a brown one roll cake of towelsAnd wrap it tightly in a roll roll cake of towels

roll cake of towels

roll cake of towelsFix the roll with a ribbon and decorate with berries. Roll - the towel cake is ready! We wish you pleasant creativity! roll cake of towelsroll cake of towels

And finally: how do you like the idea of ​​packing a towel as a gift in the shape of an ice cream cone?

Home textiles have been and remain a popular and pleasant present. The original packaging makes the present doubly interesting. To fold a towel beautifully is an art. A regular piece of terry cloth can be transformed into a toy, into a bouquet, or turned into a decor. Such a present will be pleasant not only to close relatives, but also to friends and colleagues.

Reasons to give a towel beautifully

What holiday to give a towel

  • New Year. A holiday when you can give anything and not limit your imagination. Preference is given to textiles with New Year's patterns - snowflakes, deer, snowmen;
  • Birthday. The textiles will appeal to lovers of fitness, swimming pools and baths;
  • Wedding. On the occasion of the wedding celebration, textiles with symbols of love and fidelity are presented. Hand-embroidered products look especially advantageous;
  • Christening and childbirth. The surprise will surely appeal to families with small children. Towels with animal applique will look thematically.

How to present a textile gift

Towel with ribbon

Incredibly, a piece of terry or waffle fabric can take on the most original and bizarre shapes. The easiest way to pack the towel is to fold it into a geometric shape and decorate it with a ribbon. You can collect a holiday set. To do this, you need to beautifully roll the canvas into a roll, put a postcard on top and add it with a basic gift - for example, a fragrant shower gel.

Complex figures from towels

How to fold a towel in an original way

It is easy to make presentations from textiles with your own hands, but for a beautiful figure you need a small master class. In order to turn the towel into an interesting figure, you will need several auxiliary materials for fastening and decoration. Would need:

  • Towels;
  • Small elastic bands to match textiles;
  • Boxes, baskets, baking dishes;
  • Decorative ribbons.


Towel beasts

Beautiful swans are made from textiles. You need to unfold the canvas horizontally and fold the corners "airplane". The two sharp corners at the base of the resulting triangle must be curled with a spiral. A blank, similar to inverted horns, remains folded in the form of a swan. The "horns" become wings, and the sharp peak becomes the neck.

A very cute present is obtained if you turn a towel into a bunny with your own hands. The terry cloth is folded into a triangle and twisted into a tube. The workpiece is shaped like a horseshoe and pulled together with an elastic band, stepping back from the free ends - these will be the ears. Then the ears are folded up and secured with decorative tape. The bunny is ready and you can steal it with a pompom.

In order to beautifully present textiles in the form of a bear, you need two canvases and small elastic bands. A base towel of a suitable color is folded into a tight roll and folded in half to form hind legs. The blank is placed between the halves of the second folded towel. With the help of elastic bands, the paws and, the head and ears of the bear are formed. It remains to decorate the finished bear with a bow.

Sweets and flowers

Flowers from towels

A towel can be used to effectively present bath and shower sets, transforming an ordinary bundle into a holiday basket. To do this, take as many bright towels as there are body care products. Each jar is wrapped with a terry cloth so that the free ends form petals. The finished flowers are placed in a basket.

Delicious cakes come out of towels. To create a terry work of art, you need two canvases: for the hands and a large bath. Both canvases are rolled up and stacked on top of each other. A soft textile toy is placed on top and the layers of the cake are tied with ribbons.

Towel cake

If you are going to present small tea towels, they can be wrapped in the form of a cupcake. It is enough to roll the canvas into a tight roll and place it in a baking dish.

Choose high-quality, natural textiles as a presentation. Waffle towels are useful for the kitchen, terry towels - for the bathroom or sauna. Bright patterns, embroidery and decor give textiles an elegant, festive look. Remember a gift made with your own hands for a long time.

Free towel: complex shapes and simple solutions





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gift towels

A beautifully packaged item is a guarantee of an excellent gift. And if we are talking about towels that are originally folded for a gift, then such a surprise will delight any hostess. Today we will tell you how to make a real work of art out of a towel.

wrapped towels as a gift

Origami is the art of making paper figures and has spread widely from Japan all over the world. What if you use a towel instead of a piece of paper? Towel origami is an original, interesting and not at all difficult task. In addition, the resulting products can be used to decorate a room, as independent interior items, and also as a gift. For example, this could be a handmade towel bottle. We will tell you how to do this in our article.

Material selection

Any fabric can be used for making crafts, but it must be borne in mind that:

  • for the manufacture of some figures you will need a square;
  • for others - rectangular products.

There are several important secrets:

  • To keep the figures in better shape, you can pre-starter the textiles.
  • If you want to make a realistic thing, you better choose towels of the appropriate color. For example, white and orange textiles are suitable for making a fox, brown for a monkey or bear. And from black and white fabrics you will get an adorable penguin.

origami towels as a gift

Let's take a closer look: what can be made from a towel?

Jacket and blouse for women in 10 minutes.

You will need the following materials:

  • Towels: black - 400 × 600 mm, 2 pcs .; red - 300 × 300 mm, 1 pc., red - 400 × 600 mm, 1 pc .; white - 400 × 600 mm, 1 pc.
  • Buttons;
  • Double-sided adhesive tape.

You will spend 5-10 minutes, and the original products will be completely ready.

Jacket with tie:

  1. Put a black towel on the table first, and then, on top of it, a white one. Make sure the corners are perfectly aligned.
  2. Take a long ruler and draw a center line along the white towel.
  3. Fold the resulting halves so that their long edges converge on the centerline you marked.
  4. Fold the resulting rectangle in half. Roll up the edges of the towel. You will receive a turndown collar. Secure it with a pin.
  5. Form a tie. Place the red towel on a horizontal surface. Using a ruler, draw a line diagonally. Fold the edges to this line twice so that one side is wider and the other is sharper.
  6. Straighten the edges of the resulting jacket, decorate it with a tie.
  7. Secure the back of the composition with pins.

Important! You can decorate the composition with a decorative pin.


  • Fold the red and black fabric as if for a jacket. In this case, the black fabric should be at the bottom and white at the top. The collar can be made slightly wider than for a jacket.
  • Attach several buttons using duct tape to the center of the item.

Towel hare

do-it-yourself towel hare

A towel bunny or hare is the perfect Easter gift. It can decorate a festive table or an Easter basket.

To make a towel shape like this, you will need a square towel and some decorative items. The nose and eyes can be made from buttons or duct tape.

  1. Fold the fabric diagonally and twist it tightly.
  2. Fold the tourniquet in half. Tie the workpiece with an elastic band at the base, you get a head with long ears.
  3. Decorate the bunny with colored tape and attach the nose and eyes.

Towel Bear

DIY towel bear

Your child will love this toy. And you can involve a baby in this activity, because making an adorable bear is not at all difficult.

So, you will need:

  • Towel (white or brown), rectangular,
  • Nose and two eyes
  • Tape,
  • Three elastic bands.
  1. Place the towel on a horizontal surface.
  2. Use a ruler to outline a horizontal line in the middle.
  3. Twist the two opposite edges of the fabric to a line to form a "double rope".
  4. Turn the top of the resulting roller face down.
  5. Fold the resulting blank in half so that the bottom is slightly longer.
  6. Press the top of the product against the sides of the harnesses.
  7. Slip an elastic band over the top of the blank to form the bear's head. The head is formed.
  8. Form the ears with two more rubber bands.
  9. Now it remains to attach the nose and eyes with duct tape.

Important! The adorable teddy bear will decorate your bathroom and you can also present it as a gift. By the same principle, you can make other figures from a towel with your own hands.

Towel Cakes

DIY towel cakes

It turns out that regular terry towels are great for making cakes. Let's see how you can do this.

Round cake - it's easy to make:

  1. Fold the fabric 3-4 times and roll it up.
  2. Secure the edges of the fabric with pins and tie the ribbon around the center.
  3. Decorate the top of the "cake" with artificial flowers or berries.

The original gift is ready!

Important! Using multiple towels can create multiple tiers of designs. An even more original result awaits you if you put a bottle of champagne or wine in the center.

DIY towel bottle

DIY towel bottle

A wonderful and unusual gift for a man is a bottle made of a towel with his own hands.

You will need:

  • Towel 400x700 mm,
  • Label (you can develop it yourself using a graphics editor),
  • Rubber bands,
  • Stationery needle,
  • Spray bottle with water.

The algorithm for making a bottle from a towel with your own hands is as follows:

  1. Fold the towel along the long side so that the edges are 100-150 mm apart. Spray the workpiece with water.
  2. Fold over the structure again, leaving a free edge of about 50-80mm.
  3. Fold the towel into a tight tube. Secure the workpiece at the bottom with a needle, and secure it in the middle with an elastic band. Wrap the towel in a wrapper with a label.
  4. The neck of the bottle is also decorated, tightening it with an elastic band and decorating it with a paper cylinder.

This is a handicraft towel workshop. As you can see, no special skills are required. Only desire and a little imagination. I wish you creative success!

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