How to make water warm floor on a wooden basis for parquet or laminate

Paradoxically, the most frequently mentioned minus of a water floor in a wooden house is a consequence of one of the main advantages of a natural covering. It's no secret that wood has high insulating properties. In a specific case, this means significant losses of energy released by pipes, that is, unnecessary heating costs. In addition, this material tends to change its characteristics due to temperature changes or fluctuations in moisture levels. If so, do you need to look for other ways to heat the floor of a wooden building? Let's not rush.

Reproduction of different types of frogs, how amphibians breed

Frogs can reproduce when they reach the age of four. Waking up after hibernation, amphibians of mature age immediately rush to spawning reservoirs, where they search for a partner of a suitable size. The male has to perform various types of tricks in front of the female in order to attract her attention, such as songs and dances, to show off with might and main. After the female chooses a suitor that she liked, they begin to look for a place to lay eggs and fertilize them.

Why the smartphone does not see the memory card and what to do about it

The smartphone stopped seeing the familiar memory card or does not want to work with a new one? It gives errors like SD card does not work, SD card is not supported? Most often, the problem is solved independently and quickly. That's what to do if the smartphone does not see the memory card.

How to make a spotter from a welding machine with your own hands: an algorithm of actions, the purpose of the device

A spotter is a device classified under the category of welding machines. Designed for spot welding. Works on the basis of current resistance. The device functions by releasing a certain amount of heat energy in the zone of contact with the welding material when an electric current is applied. A spotter from a welding machine can be made by hand. It is classified into inverter and transformer models.

How to find out the VID and PID of a flash drive: 7 simple and convenient ways

USB sticks are reliable devices, but there are certain risks of breakage. This can be caused by unsuccessful formatting, firmware failure, incorrect operation, etc. If the damage is not physical in nature, then it can be repaired using software tools. Not all tools are now suitable for recovering specific flash drives. If you use the wrong utility, you can permanently damage the drive. If you know the vid pid of the flash drive, then you can determine the type of controller, and then select the appropriate program.

How to repair cracked shoe soles at home

A crack in the sole of a shoe is not such a rare occurrence. This situation is especially unpleasant when the product warranty has already expired. And although it will not be possible to carry out high-quality repairs at home, it is possible to partially revive the shoes. Sometimes repaired boots or boots can be carried for a few more months.

Introvert and extrovert, who is this - definition, characteristics

Introvert and extrovert are fundamentally different psychological types of personality. In psychology, three psychotypes are distinguished: introvert, extrovert, ambivert. Introvert and extrovert refer to two very opposing personality types. An extrovert is a type of personality whose behavior patterns are directed at the people around them, actively interacting with them. An introvert is a type of personality whose actions are directed inward, that is, towards oneself. Ambivert is a person who combines all the qualities of an extrovert and an introvert.

How to increase FPS in PUBG, Fortnite, Warface, WoT games

Regardless of the specific game, users always want to play in the most pleasant conditions, which include the rate of frames per second, that is, the refresh rate of the picture. The higher the number, the smoother the image. This article describes how to increase FPS in games using their own settings, as well as the operating system.

How many milligrams are in one gram: exact calculations

In order to figure out how many milligrams are in a gram, you need to understand to measure what value these indicators are used. They are necessary for measuring body weight. It is unlikely that you will need an exact definition of this physical quantity in everyday life. Simplistically, we can say that mass is the amount of a substance, it is equal to the density of the substance, multiplied by its volume. In the generally accepted international system SI, body weight is measured in kilograms. To determine the mass of heavy objects, non-systemic units of measurement are used, such as centner, ton. But we are more often dealing with light objects with a mass of less than a kilogram.

Pinched lower back: what to do and how to get rid of pain

A pinched nerve in the lumbar spine almost always leads to severe pain, which manifests itself for a short period of time and then suddenly disappears. This explains the fact that people do not start the course of treatment on time. From the very beginning of the manifestation of such symptoms, you should consult a doctor who will monitor the patient's condition.

How does a bear winter?

In autumn, bears eat especially a lot and greedily, in a hurry to work up fat before winter sleep. Fat reserves will help you survive until spring, warm and feed. The bear looks out for a good place - a hole or a twisted tree - and begins to arrange a den. But if it was not possible to work up enough fat, the beast does not lie down in the den, turning into a hungry, angry and dangerous connecting rod. Most often, these vagabonds die from exhaustion and cold. They are very dangerous for animals, for livestock, and for humans ... True, in addition to hunters, the connecting rod has forest enemies - hungry wolf packs. In the Far East, the main enemy of the bear is the tiger. For a den, bears choose the most reliable and remote places. Sometimes, if it is not very cold, they lie down for the winter among young Christmas trees, bending their tops over themselves with a hut. Snow will bring the hut, cover the beast. The bear covers a solid shelter with spruce branches, moss, dry grass, and bark. In winter, the bear's bed is gradually covered with snow, and a cozy cave is formed with a small hole thawed from the warm breath, which is called the brow.

How to find out the link to the exchange in Steam

The link to the exchange can be useful when registering on various sites, such as roulettes or third-party trading platforms, in order to more profitably sell rare skins. In turn, on Steam it will be needed to send an exchange offer to friends or other users, or vice versa, to accept it. In this regard, everyone who has recently started playing CS: GO and registered on Steam may have a question about how to find out the link to the exchange in the incentive. This short tutorial will walk you through the main ways to get a link.

DIY step-by-step installation of interior doors - MyProfnastil

Hello readers of my blog! Today we will talk about the step-by-step installation of interior doors with your own hands. It would seem that this is not a tricky matter, but when faced with this problem, you have to think about how to do it right, what preparation to do, what materials to choose. Thus, I decided that this article will be useful to someone, and I devote my efforts to this topic. In it, I will answer a number of questions that will arise immediately before that step-by-step installation of interior doors with my own hands, and some even after that. This topic is quite wide, because before work, you need thorough preparation, but how to do it? And this is a separate topic. You can find out about all this in great detail in the article below. Do-it-yourself installation of interior doors

40 DIY Simple Postcard Ideas Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - Bright Life Magazine

New Year is just around the corner and it always happens for everyone that, as luck would have it, we remember gifts at the last moment. And I want to congratulate all my friends and relatives, but there is not always enough time and money for this. Don't worry - there is a way out! After all, it is not necessary to give expensive gifts to all your relatives and friends, because attention is important. I have prepared for you a selection of very simple DIY postcard ideas for Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Even if you do not know how to make postcards, it will not be difficult to make such cards. This does not require special tools and devices, many of them can be made with small children. Specialty materials may not come in handy either - many of the postcards are easy to make from simple scrap material. I am sure that this preparation for the new year will be remembered by you and your children for a long time. It's as easy as shelling pears to make such a cute do-it-yourself postcard for the new year, all you need is craft paper and scraps from a newspaper or magazine. And now a cute do-it-yourself card with a Christmas tree is ready. It can be made in the form of a standard spreading postcard or in the form of a card. And this postcard will require a little effort and accuracy from you. She needs thick dark cardboard and multi-colored threads and a needle. In order for the Christmas tree to turn out even and neat, first mark the points for the needle with a pencil. And this New Year's card with your own hands from ordinary felt. Even small scraps are suitable for its manufacture. You can also use regular scraps of fabric or textured paper. To decorate such a postcard for the New Year, you can use rhinestones, half-beads and other small and cute things. This postcard is similar in concept to the previous one, only it uses scraps and leftovers of multi-colored paper. To make the Christmas tree look stylish, use cardboard of similar shades. And of course, don't forget the star on top of your head. This cute DIY New Year card is made of an ordinary stick and ribbon, the color of the ribbon can be any. You can even replace it with non-fluffy tinsel. It is better to glue such elements on double-sided tape - the work will be more accurate and you will not get dirty with glue. And this cute snow-covered New Year card can also be made from scraps of paper. For Christmas trees, use multi-colored cardboard, and for the base of the postcard, use one-color or vice versa. In this combination, the postcard will look more stylish. To create this postcard, you need to be patient and try. In fact, everything is simple here - first you need to outline the shape of our toy and fill it with beads or rhinestones, and glue a bow on top. And don't forget the inscription. This DIY Christmas card reminds me of my grandmother's house in the village. Probably due to the checkered bow :-) To make the trees look voluminous on the postcard, use foam tape or a piece of styrofoam. This do-it-yourself card for the New Year is quite simple - we cut out triangles of different colors and sizes and glue them to the base of the card. A cute bow will decorate our work. And this cute New Year's card is decorated with buttons of different sizes. They really look like toys on strings. In my opinion, it turned out very nice. To prevent the cardboard from wrinkling, you can glue buttons on double-sided tape. And this is a similar idea from the previous New Year's card, complemented by an unusual and very cute plot. The base is kraft paper, and on it are multi-colored buttons, like Christmas balls tied to a real twig. Isn't that wonderful !! And do not worry if the picture on the postcard is not quite even, let everyone think that this is how it should be :-) And this do-it-yourself New Year card is very simple. It is made in the form of a Santa Claus costume. It just needs a red base and small details. And to create this New Year's card, you only need a pen, a ruler and a button. These cute sketches look very stylish and modern. If you have no time at all and you don't know how to draw - your version of the right postcard :-) Or come up with your own plot. Decorative stitching on postcards does not need to be sewn with a sewing machine. For such a decor, an imitation of a seam using a white gel pen is quite suitable. You can also use colorful duct tapes to create DIY Christmas cards. Only on these cute Christmas trees from the mail - I have not seen this in any store. I'm sure the recipient will love it! And these do-it-yourself New Year's cards are made from scraps of multi-colored paper glued to the base of the postcard. To create a New Year's card, it is enough to depict a Christmas tree on it from any material and that's it! :-) Do-it-yourself postcards from buttons are one of the simplest. And to create New Year's cards with your own hands, they can and should also be used as, for example, in this card. In order for the drawing to be even and neat, mark where the buttons will be located before sewing. I assure you, this will not only be more accurate, but also faster. Another option for combining buttons in a New Year's card with your own hands. They are here in the role of Christmas tree decorations, the main thing is to pick up buttons of different size, color and shape. Such a DIY New Year card with volumetric balls is one of the simplest. For it, you will need colorful paper and an object with a round base or compasses. To make the toys look more interesting and realistic, use double-sided foam tape. For this DIY Christmas card, you will need a decorative Christmas tree punch, which you can buy at a craft store. He will save you if you don't want to bother with the postcard at all. What is the most important and long-awaited for the New Year holidays? Gifts, of course! Therefore, this postcard uses small neat gifts with a cute red bow for decoration. In order to make the gifts look more realistic, we glue them on double-sided tape. What a new year without snow and snowmen. So in this DIY Christmas card, the main decoration is the happy faces of the snowmen :-) This is perhaps the simplest and least expensive card - you just need a base for a card and colored pens. And in continuation of the theme of snowmen for decorating postcards with your own hands - a simplified version of the usual buttons. To keep the buttons tight, glue them with super glue or double-sided tape. I love such simple and cute DIY cards! Another do-it-yourself New Year's card, decorated with Christmas trees from scraps of paper. In my opinion, a great combination of beauty and celebration! New Year's toys are not only a decoration for a Christmas tree for the New Year, but also such a wonderful and original do-it-yourself card for the New Year. It turned out very simply and beautifully. And this DIY New Year card is for the very neat and diligent. The main rule is that everything should be smooth and tidy. No special tools are needed here - just colored pens and a ruler are needed. Optionally, you can decorate such a card with sparkles. The main Christmas decoration is, of course, the Christmas tree. So on this New Year's card with our own hands, we tried to reproduce it. They took circles of different sizes made of glitter paper as a basis and glued them to double-sided foamed tape. And they didn't forget about the star. A Christmas tree for decorating a postcard with your own hands can be made from almost any material. The Christmas tree itself is drawn, and the half-beads act as toys. So we got a neat and New Year's card, decorated with a Christmas tree with toys. My favorite DIY cards - which are decorated with scraps of paper. In general, I love non-waste craftsmanship :-) After all, it's always a pity when something goes missing. So this DIY Christmas card is decorated with scraps of paper in the shape of a Christmas tree. And do not forget about the star, so the card will look more festive and beautiful. To create this New Year's card, you only need a base for the card and beautiful cords or a narrow ribbon. The result is such an original postcard with a Christmas tree. The back side can be covered with another layer of paper. Here is such a cute decoration for a Christmas card with your own hands, you can create from ordinary buttons. It is not necessary to select buttons of the same size, in my opinion, in this combination, they look more interesting. And decorate the whole composition with a small bow. It is better to glue buttons on super glue or double-sided tape. Making such a voluminous Christmas tree for decorating a Christmas card with your own hands is easier than it might seem at first glance. First you need to cut the Christmas tree, decorate it with toys and tinsel, and then stick it on the base for the postcard. You can choose any colors. To decorate postcards, as you already understood, all kinds of improvised means are suitable. For example, such a festive Christmas tree was painted with an ordinary silver gel pen. And small rhinestones are here as Christmas tree decorations. In my opinion, it turned out very festive and elegant for a DIY New Year's card. And, of course, the big festive bank is the main decoration on our festive Christmas tree. You can decorate Christmas cards with your own hands not only with Christmas trees and toys. These festive candles are a very beautiful and original solution for decorating a postcard. And he finishes our festive selection of New Year's cards with his own hands here such a cute card with hearts folded in a herringbone. In fact, there are many things that you can easily find at home for decorating New Year's cards. Also, New Year's cards can be decorated with snow with your own hands. For a detailed master class on how to make snow to decorate a postcard, see here. The main thing in creating a postcard is the idea. I also recommend making postcards in advance so that there is time to distribute and sign for each recipient.