How to get or earn bitcoins?

How to make Bitcoin

Recently, services around cryptocurrency Bitcoin have stepped far forward, now there is no need to use whole chains of intermediaries to perform simple operations, losing interest at each stage. This article is aimed rather more at beginners who have difficulty getting started with the system.

So, let's begin. Before you start get cherished BTC, we need to prepare a storage for them. There are two ways - use third-party online storage services such as online wallets, or use a Bitcoin wallet on your computer. We strongly recommend that you keep your funds only with yourself, as practice shows, third-party services can be hacked, or their owners can pocket your funds. Therefore, we go to the official page of the bitcoin project and download the wallet program for our version of the operating system.

When you first start the program, the blocks will be downloaded, this can take a rather long period: about an hour or more, depending on your Internet connection speed, a rather large amount of data is downloaded, and you need to wait until the process is completed.

Downloading blocks with a Bitcoin wallet

So, while the blocks are swinging, we will tell you how you can get Bitcoin :

  1. Buy from people who have them. The main problem is to trust the seller and not run into scammers.
  2. You can use special Bitcoin exchangers.
  3. You can exchange your funds for bitcoins on exchanges.
  4. You can start accepting BTC for your services or goods.
  5. You can use your computing power to participate in mining (bitcoin mining).

The first option, I think, should not raise questions. The second is the easiest, fastest and safest way, but change only in trusted exchangers and you shouldn't have any problems. The third method is most suitable for those who like to gamble on the stock exchange and understand what they are doing. For the fourth method, the entire bitcoin community will say thank you, by the way, this is one of the ways of advertising, tk. such shops, salons and even private traders are included in the lists of accepting bitcoin on fairly visited resources. I will dwell on the fifth method in more detail, because this is the only way to get BTC practically for free (if you do not take into account the cost of electricity and equipment depreciation).

I would like to note right away that for those who have their eyes lit up, that he will now buy iron, count a bunch of bitcoins, sell them and become a millionaire - do not flatter yourself, building farms for mining is not an easy task, it requires large investments, consumes a huge amount of electricity, takes up a lot of space, requires special cooling and specific knowledge. And if you get acquainted with the basics of the network Bitcoin , it will become clear that the infusion of large capacities cannot get adequate earnings, the Bitcoin system will automatically rebuild the complexity so that the emission does not exceed the required volumes, i.e. you will receive less over time. More details can be found in the Mining FAK.

We downloaded the wallet according to the instructions at the beginning of the article, after syncronization, go to the "Receive" tab in it, press the "Create address" button. This address can be given a label, given that you can have as many addresses as you want, it is convenient to start at the address for each service from which you plan to receive funds.

Downloading blocks with a Bitcoin wallet

You can mine on a wide range of computing devices, but at the moment you can get adequate income only on specialized ASIC miners. You can see the approximate speeds for various hardware in this table and calculate the earnings on the calculator. For example, it is unprofitable to mine Bitcoin on central processors or video cards, pay more for electricity than you earn.

It is also worth considering that for many Bitcoin forks there are no ASIC miners yet, and they can be earned on CPUs and video cards. Many forks are designed in such a way that it would be difficult for them to manufacture ASIC miners. So a workaround for those who do not have specialized equipment can be mining forks that can be exchanged for Bitcoin on exchanges.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency was established in 2009 and has already become an alternative means of payment and a profitable investment. Anyone can make money on bitcoin, and the methods are becoming more and more diverse. Initially, the most promising area was mining - "miners" of coins maintain the system's performance and at the same time receive a reward for this according to the algorithm. Later, alternative ways of earning money appeared - both with and without investments.

🔔13 Ways: How to Earn Your First Bitcoin

How much can you earn with Bitcoin? It depends solely on the user. Investments, trading on the stock exchange, conventional and cloud mining are the most promising and profitable areas. There are other ways to make money, albeit less profitable.

Easy ways to earn bitcoin

Freelance projects. Freelancers can receive payment in cryptocurrency - recently, more and more freelance platforms have appeared that allow them to receive bitcoins for their services. This is a great opportunity to save on fees and speed up your transactions. The following services are popular:

🔔13 Ways: How to Earn Your First Bitcoin

Register on the platform of your choice, create a portfolio - and start hunting for orders.

Selling things. Decentralized analogues of eBay, Amazon and other trading platforms have already appeared, where users can sell unused items for bitcoins. Not so long ago, the project was launched - an open source social marketplace. Users can buy and sell physical and digital goods with cryptocurrency. Of course, it's too early for the platform to claim the Amazon laurels, but 15 years ago we had to carry letters and parcels to the post office and look for information in paper catalogs, so technology is the future! Other services for sale:

🔔13 Ways: How to Earn Your First Bitcoin

How to earn bitcoins without investments?

Referral programs. Where can you earn bitcoin if not on social networks or blogs? For those who have a website or blog, this method is fine. A familiar referral system: on your page you leave affiliate links to bitcoin faucets, information courses, lessons, etc. The more people follow the link from your page, the greater the reward. TOP-3 affiliate programs:

🔔13 Ways: How to Earn Your First Bitcoin
Important! When choosing a program, you need to take into account the audience and the topic of the site or group. It is unlikely that the blog "garden and vegetable garden" will be popular on the topic of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin faucets. Initially, "faucets" were created to promote cryptocurrencies. This is earnings without investments and difficult tasks, but you should not expect big incomes either. For viewing ads, introducing captcha or clicks on banners, the user is charged satoshi (part of bitcoin). There is also a referral program - from 15 to 30% of the income of attracted users. There is also a significant disadvantage: time constraints (a new task appears at a certain interval), low pay. TOP-5 cranes:

🔔13 Ways: How to Earn Your First Bitcoin

New ICOs. As part of an advertising campaign for a new ICO (initial coin offer), developers often give out tokens for free for registering on the project's website. The ICO lasts several months, and it won't be difficult to find active bounty campaigns. Moreover, successful projects can grow in price hundreds of times per year - free tokens will not hurt.

How to earn bitcoins on your phone

Where can a smartphone owner earn bitcoin:

  • Install mining apps. Of course, you can't make a cryptocurrency farm from a smartphone, but you can earn a little extra money. The program will use the resources of the smartphone to solve crypto problems - a reward will be paid for this. Personal participation of the user, except for installing and configuring software, is not required - the process is fully automated. Popular Apps: ARM Miner, NeoNeonMiner, MinerGate Mobile Miner.
🔔13 Ways: How to Earn Your First Bitcoin
  • Make money on taps. Viewing ads online, entering captchas, taking surveys - you can do this on your phone in your free time.
  • Online Games. We do not mean casinos or sweepstakes, there are gaming applications that allow you to spend time interestingly and earn bitcoins. Simulators, puzzles, arcade games - there are many options. Each game has a minimum amount and conditions for receiving and withdrawing cryptocurrency. Most famous apps: Bitcoin Crush, Sarutobi, Blockchain Game, Bitcoin Flapper, BitGame, Fun For Coin.

Difficult ways to make money on bitcoin

How much you can earn on Bitcoin depends only on you. Earnings require investments, but the profit is much higher:

Mining. Since more than 80% of bitcoins have been mined so far, the algorithms have become much more complex, and the reward is less. Making big money on a PC using one video card and one processor is almost impossible. Way out: build a mining farm or buy ASIC equipment (special purpose integrated circuits) - the bitcoin algorithm supports the use of ASICs, unlike the same Monero or Ethereum, but this may also change. This method has equal pluses and minuses:

  • Benefits: the ability to choose a currency, minimization of speculation, the process is automated, then the equipment can be sold.
  • Disadvantages: noise in the apartment, high cost of electricity, possible interruptions to the Internet, high cost of equipment.
🔔13 Ways: How to Earn Your First Bitcoin

Become a developer. If you are interested in programming and have a lot of interesting ideas, you should try your hand at blockchain technology. Recently, many financial institutions and large companies are switching to this system, and there are sorely lack of good specialists. Mastering such a narrow specialization as blockchain requires knowledge of programming, mathematics and technology. And, of course, free time for learning.

How to make money on Bitcoin with investments?

Cloud mining. A relatively new way to make money. For a fee, the user leases capacity from large services ... The miner chooses one of the tariffs and starts mining cryptocurrencies. The equipment is already installed, set up for work and can be profitable. As a rule, large mining centers are set up in countries with low electricity tariffs. The scheme is simple, but the main thing is not to run into scammers, because it is almost impossible to check whether the equipment you pay for exists.

🔔13 Ways: How to Earn Your First Bitcoin

Trading and long-term investments. Yes, for this you have to learn a little more, but in general, the work of a trader is profitable and promising. Trading cryptocurrencies is extremely risky without initial preparation. You can buy bitcoin as an investment asset in any exchanger - you just have to be patient and wait for profit.

Important! Cryptocurrencies are high-risk investments. Due to the increased volatility and sensitivity to negative news, the exchange rate often changes, so invest the last money in crypto experts advise against .

To test your strengths and nerves in cryptocurrency investing, we recommend that you first play for a couple of days on cryptocurrency trader simulator ... This will immediately let you know if it is yours or not. You are not risking anything, but you will test the waters.

Finally, share your experience! If you are a successful miner or trader, establish yourself in the bitcoin community. Blogging, making videos on YouTube can generate a lot of income! You can even develop your own online course for beginners - get not only profit, but also the gratitude of the listeners.

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Mining bitcoins means burning megawatts of electricity by driving computing equipment around the clock. It would seem, why not switch to the PoS consensus algorithm and live in peace and quiet. Not everything is so simple, because it is POW that ensures the decentralization of the network.

And since the state of the entire market largely depends on bitcoin, BTC mining is an important component of the crypto industry and it will continue to develop. In this review, we will tell you whether it is still possible to mine bitcoins yourself and how much you can earn from it.

What is Bitcoin mining

Mining bitcoins at home is a fairly high investment, the need to create special conditions for the operation of equipment and a lot of trouble. However, digital gold, as it is often called the BTC cryptocurrency, is still the most expensive virtual asset. And probably it will always be so, or at least for a very long time.

And, after all, at the dawn of the cryptoindustry, the first bitcoin coins did not cost a penny, then they gave 1 cent for them, and at the end of 2017 the price of 1 BTC increased to $ 20,000 and this is not the limit. Imagine the rise of crypto enthusiasts who started mining bitcoins on their own in 2010. Of course, it is impossible to determine the exact amount of earnings for everyone who believed in Satoshi Nakamoto's project 10 years ago. But, most of them have amassed a fortune. Despite its unpredictability, the digital money industry is very promising. What will it take to start mining bitcoins at home?

Mining is a calculation on special equipment of encrypted and limited amount of cryptographic program code. The task is performed by enumerating numerical combinations. In the course of this work, a new cryptographic block is formed. It includes all data on transfers of coins between users for a certain period, a link to the previous block and the final hash sum. It is she who needs to be found in order to complete the creation of the block and start a new one. When the miner finds the hash signature, the rest of the network nodes check the block for validity and after that it becomes an integral part of the blockchain, and the owner of the equipment is rewarded with digital coins.

Copies of the data are stored on many computers connected to the network, and each of them is regularly updated, adding information about new blocks. A cryptographic network is a chain of many nodes in different parts of the globe. It includes all the owners of crypto coins, but only a few of them are involved in its maintenance. In order to generate income by participating in the search for new blocks of the Bitcoin ecosystem, you need a specialized computing device (ASIC). During the block formation process, miners process transactions, protecting the system from a Double Spending attack. Since it is profitable to mine bitcoin, a huge number of people are engaged in this business. The POW (proof of work) consensus algorithm provides better decentralization than alternative methods of securing the network. But it is decentralization that is one of the main guarantees that people who want to invest in this blockchain project will not fall prey to cybercriminals.

The emission of digital gold is limited to 21 million coins. The blockchain ecosystem is not regulated by the state and at the moment, in principle, anyone can mine bitcoins at home. However, not everyone can set up equipment and start the mining process on their own.

Bitcoin mining process

The creator of the first cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto, composed the program code in such a way that digital money was protected from inflation. For this, it is provided:

  • Limit on the number of coins (21,000,000 BTC).
  • Correlation of computational complexity.
  • Reduction of reward to miners after every 210,000 blocks mined.

Payments are halved, but this is only beneficial, because due to the scarcity of Bitcoin, it is constantly growing in value. To mine bitcoins yourself, you need not only special knowledge, but also start-up capital to purchase computing equipment and pay for electricity costs.

You can immediately exchange the earned coins for fiat. But, in a period when the bitcoin rate is significantly lower than the historical maximum, it is inappropriate to spend cryptocurrency. Check out the materials on the Internet, look at the prices and decide for yourself whether such a business is profitable for you. After all, crypto mining is a business, not a hobby. Mining bitcoins at home is a commercial enterprise that is organized for the purpose of making a profit.

Choice of equipment


Once upon a time it was possible to mine bitcoins on a home computer or even on a laptop. With the growing popularity of digital currencies, mining equipment began to improve. In principle, this was the initial concept of Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of the first cryptocurrency: “one processor, one vote”. He probably imagined the Bitcoin network as a community of equal owners of ordinary PCs. Although some experts believe that Satoshi foresaw the possibility of mining on GPUs, and hence the launch of mining farms.

But progress went even further and, for a long time, central processors and gpu-rigs are no longer suitable for bitcoin mining. After all, the more miners dig digital gold, the faster the complexity of computations grows and equipment of low power ceases to cope with the task at hand. There was a need for miners able to iterate over long cryptographic chains at high speed. Therefore, special integrated circuit computing devices (ASICs) were released.

ASIC is a highly specialized computer that performs only one operation, mining cryptocurrency on a specific algorithm. ASIK is arranged very simply.

The rectangular metal case contains a control board and one or more hash cards with chips. The cooling system fans are installed at the end, and the power supply can either come with the device or be sold separately. When choosing an ASIK miner, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Hashrate;
  • Power consumption;
  • Price.

The higher the hash rate, the faster you get money. But if you can buy a model with a lower hash rate, but more energy efficient and cheaper, then the choice is obvious. ASICs for bitcoin mining can also mine its forks operating on the SHA-256 algorithm. But, it is impossible to dig Litecoin or Ethereum with their help.

Using the instructions, you can configure the equipment yourself, but it is unlikely that you will be able to operate it at home. ASIK makes a lot of noise, it is intended for non-residential premises. In addition, in the room where the ASIC miner works, it is necessary to observe the temperature regime and humidity required in the instructions. Do not allow a lot of dust to settle on the device, this will lead to overheating and premature failure. If you do not have a non-residential, detached, clean building with good ventilation, to which the power grid and the Internet are connected, immediately after the purchase take ASIK to the mining hotel.

Wallets and software

Okay, you bought the mining hardware, but how to get the money you earn if you don't have a bitcoin address. You can easily create a personal crypto wallet yourself by downloading the appropriate application to your home computer or smartphone. There are web resources on the network, by registering on one of them, for example, on Blockchain info, you will receive a personal page with an address and a set of tools for performing transactions. There are also physical wallets for storing cryptocurrency offline. They guarantee the complete safety of your funds, but they are not cheap (minimum $ 50).

In addition to a crypto wallet, you need a personal computer to prepare ASIK. Download the app first IP Reporter , and further settings are made via the browser. When bitcoin was mined on cpu, and then on video cards, the installation of special programs was required. Some of them, for example, BFGMiner, are still available for download. Such software can be used to set up production on ASIKs in solo mode. But, nevertheless, it is better to join the pool for collective mining.

Pool selection

A pool, in miner slang "mine" or "mountain pool", is a server to which many miners are connected, working in a common boiler. Miners receive the task and send possible solutions of the block hash (share) to the server. When the block is signed, the award is divided among all participants, in proportion to the share of the sent ball. The pool organizer makes a profit by charging a commission from each member.

We advise you to use the Binance pool, the service has been working for several months, but has already proven itself well and show good profitability. The more miners work on the pool, the higher the chances of finding a block faster than competitors. However, you should pay attention to the stock accounting system, the size of the commission and the reputation of the site.

Leading pools are already crammed into the ASIK firmware, for example, the same manufacturer of mining machines Bitmain has its own Antminer pool. But if something does not suit you, you can work with another server by changing the hardware settings.

Equipment start-up and control

The setting options depend on the specific ASIC model. Instructions for launching and connecting to the server of many popular ASIK models for Bitcoin mining are on our website. You can give some general recommendations regarding any device on integrated circuits.

  1. After a new miner is sent to you, carefully inspect the packaging and the device itself for external damage. Then, keeping it suspended, gently turn the device over several times. If something rattles inside, it means that one or more chips have fallen off and the device cannot be started .
  2. The power supply must match the power consumption of the device. It is necessary to carefully check all connections before starting.
  3. ASIK can only be connected to the Internet via cable.
  4. Optimal room temperature from +5 to + 25C ... If it gets hot, the device will overheat and fail. You cannot operate miners in high humidity conditions.
  5. Noise level operating ASIK 75 dB ... It is almost impossible to sleep with him in the same room or even in the next one. Some craftsmen equip noise-absorbing boxes, but it is better to place them in a garage or hand them over to a mining hotel.
  6. ASIC configuration is performed through a PC, as well as router configuration. It is necessary to determine the IP of the miner and hammer it into the top line of the browser. Then enter the interface, execute and save the settings, restart the miner and mining will start.

Monitoring of work on the pool occurs through a computer or a special application for a smartphone. In order for the device to serve as long as possible, it is necessary to regularly clean it from accumulating dust.

How much can you earn from home mining?

You can calculate the current income on special online services, one of the most popular It has data on the profitability of mining most cryptocurrencies on popular ASIC and GPU models. Please note that the price of bitcoin and other altcoins may skyrocket in just a day.

What device should I buy? If you want to mine bitcoins, then definitely ASIC. New miner for mining Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro +110 Th stands on the official website of the manufacturer 3407 $ ... But at the same time, the entire batch of devices has already been sold out by pre-order. On the official dealer's website this model costs 287,000 rubles plus shipping costs by a transport company if you are not a Muscovite.

With an electricity price of $ 0.06 / kWh, the ASIC will pay off in about 22 months. Such a long period is due to the fact that halving (halving of the award) has already occurred on the bitcoin network, and, so far, the exchange rate of digital gold is marking time. In the 11 years since the Bitcoin blockchain ecosystem has existed, the block reward has already been cut three times. After the first two halvings, the coin's price skyrocketed in a few months. Now the whole crypto community is looking forward to a new dash, so hurry up and jump on the rocket.

But what if there are no conditions for placing ASIK? How to mine bitcoin on pc? Directly, there is no way only to mine alternative coins and exchange them for digital gold. Let's consider the ways of home mining.

Video cards

One video card, taking into account the power of the rest of the components for crypto mining unprofitable ... You can first work in test mode on a regular PC, and then you need to assemble a mining farm. It will cost you about the same as ASIK, the payback period is about 2 years.

Video cards work with several algorithms and after an upgrade they can be implemented. The payback period for mining farms on video cards is about 18-20 months, but during this the prices for cryptocurrency can rise and the profitability will significantly improve.


The mining on cpu has almost stopped, but after the Monero cryptocurrency switched to the RandomX algorithm, the processors overtook the gpu device in hash rate. Intel core i7 produces 6,3kH / s, but to compare in profitability with ACICS, the XMR coin should cost about $ 200.

However, you can use some of the cpu's computing resource for mining while using the computer for other purposes. But such an occupation is more of a hobby than professional mining and you will not earn serious money like that.

Alternative solutions, cloud mining

You can earn bitcoins using video cards on platforms NiceHash и Mining Rig Rentals ... You will mine the cryptocurrency the customer needs and receive payments in BTC. Previously, the administration of the nice hash platform settled with the owners of computing equipment exclusively with digital gold. Now you can receive a reward with alternative coins and fiat money, but if you wish, the reward will be converted into bitcoins. There are enough cloud mining services on the network that offer to rent a hash rate or a physical piece of equipment in a remote data center.

Convenient option, but there are a lot of scammers in this sector of the cryptoindustry. And even if the service actually pays, when the rate goes down, the entire loss falls on your shoulders. Before concluding a contract for mining BTC in the cloud, carefully study the reputation of the site and calculate the potential profit.


How long does it take to mine 1 bitcoin, you ask. Fastest ASIK Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro 110.00 Th / s will bring 0.000906 BTC per day ... It will earn one digital gold coin in about 3 years. By the way, according to analysts' forecasts, bitcoin will rise in price by 2500% by 2023.

Well, this is unlikely to say you? Remember that 10 years ago, one cent was given for a bitcoin coin and the level of pessimism will immediately decrease somewhat. Mining bitcoins on a laptop, of course, is not worth it, buy an ASIC or gpu-rig is the best option. The cryptoindustry continues to develop rapidly and penetrates deeper and deeper into the global financial system.

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Only on the sites distributing bitcoin for free for some actions, you can get bitcoins completely free of charge. There are no other ways to get bitcoin coins for free - not everyone likes this, but it's a fact. Those who are able to accept this truth have been collecting and multiplying their bitcoins for a long time on sites that have been distributing this cryptocurrency to their visitors for many years for free.

In total, there are several ways to receive Bitcoin conditionally "free", because electricity and the Internet have to be paid. There is, of course, the concept of bitcoin mining, but investments in equipment are also required there, which has already been said by many bloggers and a bunch of articles have been written on this topic. Therefore, we will talk about almost free methods and sites where you can take cryptocurrency almost free of charge. And we will talk about sites bearing the general name BUX and Faucet or in Russian axle boxes and taps. And let's start with one of the most ancient sites.

Using in aggregate all the resources presented below and taking effective steps in working with them, everyone can end up with Bitcoin when they make an effort. Even such an action as a daily visit to any of the resources presented will allow you to start getting results after a while. Perhaps it will take not 1 or 2 months, and yet, in the end, bitcoin will obey you.

Scroll through and see the entire list of sites where such a cryptocurrency as bitcoin can be obtained for free.

1. FaucetPay - multicurrency wallet

]]> FaucetPay]]>

]]> FaucetPay ]]> - a universal multicurrency wallet that allows you to collect various cryptocurrencies and accumulate minimum values ​​for their further withdrawal. In addition, the FaucetPay platform contains a list of over a hundred cryptocurrency faucets and other sites that distribute 7 (seven) types of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, DigiByte. All the resources presented on this platform can be withdrawn to FaucetPay, which allows you to accumulate the collected coins in one place.

Another feature of the platform presented is earning cryptocurrency by surfing or watching ads. That is, a FaucetPay user has the opportunity to receive additional income, as well as advertise various partner sites and referral links to a huge interested audience.

An Important Tool for Getting Cryptocurrency

Before looking further on the other sites, please note that in order to receive cryptocurrency and withdraw it to fiat, an electronic wallet will be required in the future and it should be created in the payment system. ]]> Payeer ]]> ... If you don't have it yet, then it's time to create it ...

]]> Payeer payment system]]>

By creating an account here, in the future you will be able to send all the cryptocurrency to this wallet and then withdraw it to other payment systems or bank cards. In addition, Payeer has an exchange where anyone can try themselves as a trader or simply exchange the most popular currencies at the current market rate!

2. Cryptocurrency multi-faucet FaucetSpin

]]> FaucetSpin multi-coin faucet to get free cryptocurrency]]>

]]> FaucetSpin ]]> - the site offers its users to receive 4 types of cryptocurrencies at once, these are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. One of the advantages of the presented crypto-faucet is the ability to receive (demand) every 30 minutes 10 satoshi bitcoin , and for all other four available currencies, every 5 minutes. In addition, there is an opportunity to earn money on the PTP system, or in other words, viewing the advertised sites.

FaucetSpin features:

  • FaucetSpin pays 10 satoshi BTC every half hour
  • BitcoinCash, Ethereum and Litecoin every 5 minutes
  • Earnings on PTP

The site itself is quite new and is still gaining its own audience of users - those who like to earn extra money and collect cryptocurrency. But already now it is quite popular, thanks to its generosity and simplicity, it is especially pleasing that it does not have so many obtrusive ads in the form of pop-ups and opening new tabs (perhaps very rarely).

Very low minimum thresholds for withdrawal, I (the site admin) typed, for example, the minimum wage for Litecoins, this is only 10,000 litoshes literally during the day on my own. The only limitation may be that Faucetspin withdraws funds exclusively to FaucetPay multi-currency wallets - it is the first on our list of Bitcoin faucets. We wrote here how to link your wallet address in FaucetPay.

In addition, this resource will be useful for advertisers who promote cryptocurrency projects or attract new partners (referrals) to various Internet resources.

3. EsFaucet multicurrency website

]]> EsFaucet banner]]>

]]> EsFaucet ]]> a relatively new project of one of the analytical resources in the cryptocurrency. Its work began in 2019 and soon it became on a par with the largest and most popular cryptocurrency sites, which offer to receive bitcoin and other digital coins. In the arsenal of EsFaucet there are more than 12 taps of various cryptocurrencies and the collected coins can be exchanged for any other one available on the site. Thanks to this, having collected different coins, you can exchange them for BTC or any other that is most preferable.

Immediately after registration on the EsFaucet multi-currency faucet, 12 cryptocurrencies and tokens will be available for collecting, plus the internal coin of the service itself. Escoin, as an internal currency, can also be exchanged for the same bitcoin, or used to receive additional bonuses and used on the project for advertising.

Minimum withdrawal amounts for cryptocurrency using Bitcoin (BTC) as an example:

on CoinBase - 11,000 Satoshi (no commission)

on ]]> FaucetPay ]]> - 5000 satosh (commission 10%)

on BTC Wallet - 70,000 satoshi (commission 25,000 satoshi)

The size of the minimum withdrawal amounts in one way or another may vary and is set directly by the organizers of the EsFaucet site. More detailed and up-to-date information can always be checked in the Withdraw section.

4. Faucet Crypto - multicurrency crypto faucet

]]> Faucet Crypto - Cryptocurrency Faucet]]>

]]> Faucetcrypto ]]> - a site that distributes 15 different cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. Users receive digital money for viewing individual pages of the site with advertisements within a short time. For the implementation of the proposed actions, accruals are made for each cryptocurrency available on the service.

The reward on Faucetcrypto is quite generous and literally in one hour you can earn only 1000 Satoshi in bitcoins. At the same time, rewards will be accrued for other cryptocurrencies presented on the site, which can later be exchanged and / or withdrawn. To check the balance in the menu on the left, click Withdraw , - this section displays all the user's accumulated cryptocurrencies.

Withdrawal of cryptocurrency to Bitcoin (BTC) is carried out through the service FaucetPay (presented below), to your bitcoin address linked to it. The minimum withdrawal amount can be found in the section of the Faucetcrypto website - Withdraw by clicking on the corresponding cryptocurrency.

5. FireFaucet cryptocurrency multi-faucet

]]> FireFaucet - faucet for earning cryptocurrencies]]>

]]> Firefaucet ]]> a multicurrency site that distributes cryptocurrency for free. On this tap, users are invited to earn 9 different cryptocurrencies. Each registered visitor to the site can choose one or another cryptocurrency in which he wants to earn money.

One of the advantages of FireFaucet over other similar projects is the presence of an auto-faucet or, in other words, automatic collection of, for example, bitcoin or other currency. Thanks to this function (auto fauset), the site has become very popular among those who are fond of collecting and earning cryptocurrency on the Internet. In addition to auto collection, other types and opportunities to replenish your balance are also provided here.

6. MoreMoney - a site for earning Bitcoin cryptocurrency

]]> MoreMoney - a site for earning bitcoins]]>

]]> MoreMoney ]]> - a platform (site) that includes many types of earning Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency. The following types of bitcoin earnings are available on MoreMoney: faucet, surfing sites, completing assignments, investment games, lotteries, affiliate rewards for attracting new users and other types. The MoreMoney website is available in several languages, including Russian, which allows users to easily navigate and earn bitcoins.

Like many other projects, MoreMoney is a great place to advertise any cryptocurrency project to an interested audience. Thus, everyone can advertise and promote a particular project related to cryptocurrency more successfully!

7. Site AdBTC - bitcoin for viewing sites

]]> adBTC site surfing for bitcoin]]>

The next place in the list of sites is occupied by a unique project ]]> Adbtc ]]> , with earning and receiving bitcoins by watching ads - surfing for a reward. Not everyone likes to watch ads and even when they pay for it, but in vain, because here you can take about 1000 satoshi in just one day. Yes, the minimum withdrawal amount is not collected quickly, and nevertheless, this is the opportunity that will allow you to collect cryptocurrencies faster and more. And when there is a sufficient amount to withdraw it, remember the previous EARN section on the Freebitcoin website - this is a great idea for investment, especially since there are no restrictions on replenishing the balance. But not every cryptocurrency site can boast of such conditions!

Everything is much simpler on this site than on the first one. You register and you can immediately start earning bitcoin by watching ads. There are 3 (three) types of advertisements available here:

  1. surfing for BTC - press the START button, the advertised site opens in a new tab and the countdown begins until the end of viewing. And it is not necessary to look, the main thing is not to close the opened tab before the timer ends.

  2. surfing for rubles - the same as the first, only in rubles with a withdrawal to ]]> Payeer wallet ]]> .

  3. surfing in the actin window - but here you have to look, well, or open it and go to pour tea while the timer is running. At the end of it, choose from the images that appear at the top, two identical.

  4. auto surfing - the name itself speaks for itself, the sites open one after another after the expiration of time. It is convenient, but there are not many of them here, not every advertiser is ready to pay bitcoins for such advertising.

  5. short links - viewing and additional action (press continium or solve the captcha) on the website page that opens in the browser window.

There is such a thing on AdBTC as a rating - it is given for activity and the higher it is, the more advertising and the more expensive it is available for viewing.

Withdrawal of funds is carried out in two ways, to the specified direct bitcoin wallet or to a wallet in FaucetPay (which we have already talked about), and for the latter option, the minimum payout threshold is only 5,000 satoshi, while, as for the first case, 25,000 satoshi. *

* The numbers may change for each method and are set directly by the administrations of the AdBTC site.

8. AdBIt Site - Another Bitcoin Surfing Site

]]> AdBit - surfing for bitcoins]]>

]]> Adbit ]]> - this is another resource on the Internet, where anyone after registration can start earning bitcoin cryptocurrency. Payment on AdBit occurs for viewing the sites advertised by users. There are also two types of surfing here.

In addition, on AdBit, users advertise many resources, promoting various projects and attracting partners. In terms of its characteristics, this site is similar to the aforementioned AdBTC. And if the owners of this resource try and make more efforts, then the project will have a good future.

The surfing site for Bitcoin AdBit is a great opportunity to both earn the most popular cryptocurrency and advertise any Internet resource that needs to be promoted and / or attracted referrals. Advertisers just need to top up the balance and set up an advertising campaign in the appropriate section.

9. BestChange exchanger

]]> BestChange cryptocurrency faucet]]>

]]> BestChange ]]> - is the largest monitoring of currency exchange sites, but it also has in its arsenal and cryptocurrency faucet distributing satoshi. On the BestChange website, at the bottom, on the left side, you will find a block where it is enough to enter the address of the bitcoin wallet and solve the captcha - these actions can be performed every 60 minutes and receive randomly from 1 to 1000 satoshi. As soon as 3000 Satoshi has been accumulated, the opportunity for withdrawal will immediately appear.

10. CoinPayu earning and advertising service

]]> Coinpayu service banner]]>

]]> CoinPayu ]]> - a well-proven service for earning cryptocurrency and advertising various Internet projects. Allows you to receive bitcoins for viewing advertisements and for completing tasks. In addition to receiving rewards in the form of bitcoin satoshis, CoinPayu users actively advertise their affiliate links, which allows attracting a large number of partners to a particular project on the Internet. Moreover, among many similar sites, here you can find referrals to any international project, since CoinPayu is popular in many countries.

11. Satoshi every day on the Okex cryptocurrency platform

]]> Okex is a cryptocurrency exchange that distributes satoshi for free]]>

Though ]]> Okex ]]> , this is more of a cryptocurrency exchange, there is an opportunity to receive satoshi daily. Having registered on this exchange, open the section " miscellanea "and find in it" BTC for free! ".

How to get Bitcoin Satoshi at Okex

Here we are offered to complete training tasks for satoshi every day. In total, 5 (five) tasks are available daily and all of them are educational in nature, which allows you not only to get coins, but also to gain knowledge. But, before starting work, you need to go through the minimum verification - to confirm the phone, otherwise the tasks will not be available for execution. Another way to make money on Okex, as in everything else and in other cases, is by inviting referrals.

12. FreeBitcoin website

]]> FreeBitcoin website where you can get bitcoin]]>

]]> Freebitcoin ]]> - this best bitcoin faucet has been around for many years and only pleases with new chips from year to year, which regularly appear on it and allow you to multiply cryptocurrency. After registering on it, just press Roll and get your Satoshi. At first, this is certainly not interesting, but the more coins we collect, the more prospects open up before us. Once the site FreeBitcoin was filled with advertising and shared the income from it, but now you will not find it there, since it has long been repurposed into something more, where the semblance of a casino and a bookmaker was united. There is interest here for both, and also, this is an interesting tool for investors. Overall, free bitcoin has become a great site where anyone can get their bitcoin. After all, there is practically everything for this and the following are available to everyone:

Visit the FreeBitcoin faucet every hour - and this, for a second, a chance to take up to $ 200 just by clicking Roll. The figure below is an example table, with the corresponding charges, but do not forget that the size of the bitcoin charge (in this case, satoshi) is equal to the current bitcoin rate against the dollar. That is, the higher the value of the cue ball, the less satosh and vice versa, but in dollars you always get the same amount. Lucky, you will win two hundred bucks, you will withdraw immediately through some exchanger or cryptocurrency exchange, there are hundreds if not thousands of ways.

Freebitcoin Roll

By the way, there is important information on registration: if you create an account on this site and are not active, it will be deleted very quickly. The organizers are not very fond of bots and empty idle accounts!

For each Roll on FreeBitcoin, in addition to satosh, lottery tickets and points fall, which later are also an interesting feature of this faucet!

Multiply BTC section

Multiply BTC is a gambling and extremely dangerous game - you can lose all the bitcoins that you have collected. Many are looking for strategies that will allow them to win and instantly take the maximum jackpot. I’ll grieve you right away, if you don’t know yet, the casino is always in the black, but we only have a chance, and it doesn’t happen every day. Do not go here, especially with small amounts on the balance sheet!

Common Strategies in Multiply BTC on FreeBitcoin

First strategy and it is the simplest and most popular. Winning chance (BET ODDS) = 2.00, which corresponds to 47.50%. For example, press only BET HI or alternate with BET LO, or it can be chaotic at all, and each option will be your strategy, in which you believe more. With each loss, we double the bet - x2, and when we see the green WIN we go to the minimum. For risky ones: for each win, we leave the bet in place or halve it and press "More" or "Less". With a small balance, the probability of losing is very high, because "you lose" ten times in a row can happen easily. There are many videos on YouTube with different strategies, but no matter how much I check them, they are all losing!

Second strategy for Multiply BTC on the FreeBitcoin website, which I myself invented and practiced (in any case, I did not see or peep), this is to set the chance of winning at 4.00, that is, 25% of its probability. Yes, very risky and yet I tried and experimented, and I managed to raise quite large amounts of cue balls here and nevertheless, this strategy is as losing as any other. Setting the chance to four is not all, each Roll (throw) in case of a win multiplies it by 3 (three), and when the bet is not played, only its value is subtracted. And that's not all, for each bet, I make two "throws" if they are red and do not give a win, and when the green "WIN" is returned to the minimum. With this strategy, satoshi are well packed, provided that there is a large enough amount on the balance sheet. At the same time, remember and do not forget about the higher risk of losing!

The last time I leaked 600 thousand satoshi at a bitcoin price of $ 12,000, which is about $ 72. Am I upset? Yes, very much, but I continued to work on this site, which I do today, only now I am more careful and careful with all these strategies on FreeBitcoin.

FreeBitcoin lotteries

There are several lotteries on this site:

weekly - is held every week among the participants and has 10 prizes. Even if you have not purchased tickets, but you constantly collect satoshi on the tap, you will be credited with 2 lottery tickets. Thus, it makes you automatically a participant in the weekly lottery. So do not be surprised when suddenly there is a good amount on your Bitcoin balance. Of course, you can buy so-called tickets and increase your chances, but this is at the discretion of everyone.

semi-annual aka Golden Ticket - the drawing is held every 6 months, where there is only one prize, but what a prize! This is a Lamborghini (Lamborghini) car or its equivalent of $ 200,000. How I would like to take this prize, I am sure, just like you would not refuse :) But the conditions here for participation are more serious, here are the options for how to get tickets for participation:

  • buy - the price of one ticket is 25,000 satoshi (0.00025000 BTC). Yes, the toad will crush me, I collect them here for free, and they break the price, although the car is worth it, but I had better money, please!

  • actively participate in Multiply and Betting - 1 ticket is given for a total turnover of 500,000 Satoshi on these games and bets.

But if you win Lamborghini himself, in order to get it in a non-USA, you will have to spend more on delivery, customs clearance, etc. Most people would probably go for the equivalent of two hundred thousand bucks.

Contest is already a FreeBitcoin competition in two categories: own and referral rates. Each of which has 10 (ten) prizes with a total prize of $ 32,500. This amount is distributed according to the table, example below.

TOP participants in terms of turnover in the game Multiply and in terms of the amount of their own bets in Betting. Example.

Own turnover for participation in the Contest

TOP participants in terms of the total referral turnover in the Multiply game and the amount of their total bets in Betting. Example.

Referral turnover for participation in the Contest

The numbers from the examples may show overly natural, but in fact, these are not such unattainable amounts, especially when it comes to the turnover of bitcoins on the FreeBitcoin website and you can get to these results completely free of charge.

Betting - bets in bitcoins on upcoming events: in the world, in sports, on cyber sports winners, cryptocurrency rates and others. It is enough to look at this section and see, and possibly make your own bet. After all, this is the same tool for earning an extra coin.

What is EARN on FreeBitcoin

When the balance is filled with satoshi enough, do not rush to withdraw. Before taking your bitcoins, pay attention to the Earn section, because as soon as you collect 0.00030 BTC (30,000 satoshi), interest will begin to drip into your balance every day. And so it will be as long as the amount exceeds the specified threshold and the larger the balance, the more coins your bitcoin account earns for you. That is, Earn is a deposit with a complex interest rate.

12. GrabTc - a universal site for receiving satosh

]]> Grab Tc]]>

]]> GrabTc ]]> is a relatively young project that includes opportunities to earn satoshi in almost all known ways, which are used on most of these sites. The following types of receiving Bitcoin cryptocurrency are available on GrabTc:

  • faucet - crypto faucet is available every 60 minutes

  • shortlinks - reward for viewing short links

  • PTC Ads - pay for surfing sites advertised by other users

  • Jobs - work, or rather, the execution of tasks for coins

  • CPU mining - mining on the processor

  • Achievements - getting additional bonuses for various achievements on GrabTc

  • Investment Game - in translation, investment games, but in this case bets are meant on the future value of the BTC / USD rate

  • Redeem Coupon - coupons that will allow you to take part in the drawing of additional prizes.

In addition to the above list, the Grab website has other opportunities to increase the balance in satoshi, as well as contests and lotteries with maximum prizes of up to 0.01 BTC are constantly held.

Big minus of the GrabTc site - if you do not go to it for a long time, then they will cancel the satoshi you have accumulated!

How to earn bitcoinsEarning bitcoins in 2021 has become much more difficult than 1-2 years ago. Then Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general were just beginning their ascent, it was possible for anyone to earn the average salary of an office worker, even on a home PC.

Now, with the advent of great competition and specialized equipment (ASIC miners), do you have to come up with new ways to earn cryptocurrency, since buying your own equipment no longer brings that income? what was in 2017.

We will consider all the current ways to get bitcoins in 2021 in this material. The most effective and profitable of them require investment, but there are options where you can get bitcoins, or rather a few satoshi, without investing your own funds (in this case, you will invert your time), although it should be noted right away that you will not be able to earn something significant without investments.

Cloud mining - earning bitcoins on the machine

The best way to earn bitcoins in 2021 is cloud mining. It allows you to use the rented capacity of data centers. Such equipment does not need to be transported to your home, it is already installed somewhere. The cryptocurrency miner simply pays for the rental of the program for a certain period, usually the duration of the contract is 1-3 years.

The essence of cloud mining is that you do not need to spend money on a computer, video card, and so on. You are offered to rent computing power on remote servers. The capacity is purchased in hashes. The magnification system of a computer unit is identical to bytes.

The cloud mining service for bitcoins and other digital coins acts as a simple industrial data center focused on the production of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC). The attractiveness of this method is that the miner does not need to buy the necessary equipment and monitor it.

The essence of working with a cloud service is extremely simple, for cloud mining you need :

  • choose a site for a cloud service (we choose IQ Mining);
  • register on it;
  • deposit funds to a personal account;
  • choose the tariff and the mined cryptocurrency (contract for 1-3 years);
  • receive income in a semi-automatic mode or automatically.

Reviews of the three most reliable cloud mining services for 2021 :

A detailed overview of all the leading cloud mining services is available here. The main advice - choose only trusted sites and do not fall for the promises of scammers promising 1000-2000% per annum, this is an obvious deception. The Mining-Cryptocurrency editors use IQ Mining as the most reliable and profitable service in this niche at the beginning of 2021.

Mining on your own hardware (farms or ASICs)

Mining is the extraction of currency using a video card, one of the first ways to earn cryptocurrency. It has drawbacks, although it is considered the most reliable and profitable.

About two years ago, it was possible to earn money thanks to a video card, which did not require any expenses. It all consisted in the fact that the "hunter" for the currency in a playful way built gold mines, mined gold and exchanged them for real money.

Now, in order to earn money, you need to create or buy a special configuration of a computer with an expensive video card. Not only will it cost a lot of money to configure, but you will also have to pay twice as much for electricity. That is why mining, as an unprofitable method, goes down a step from the top every month.

Pros of mining on your own computer

Cons of mining on your own computer

  • It is possible to sell equipment at a discount at any time.
  • Complete minimization of speculation.
  • You yourself choose which currency to "hunt" for.
  • Automatic earnings of bitcoins.
  • The equipment has a high risk of breakage when handled in this manner. Added to all this is the low probability of warranty service.
  • Noise and electricity usage doubled.
  • It is not possible to create large farms in your own apartment.
  • Due to interruptions in the Internet, work is interrupted completely (even if it has lasted for several days), and the farm has to be restarted.

We suggest you consider the offer of classic mining only if it is possible to pay half the cost of electricity or not pay for it at all. Or if you have the opportunity to purchase equipment from China at wholesale prices (here it is also important to take into account the warranty service).

Trading on cryptocurrency exchanges and buying from exchangers

Cryptocurrencies are traded on specialized exchanges, as on conventional exchanges in dollars and rubles. Those who bought a decent amount of bitcoins 2-3 years ago are now millionaires. But this does not mean that the rise will continue further.

But to make money on fluctuations in the rate of cryptocurrencies relative to each other, you need a lot of knowledge and constant immersion in the life of the market and tracking news. One thing can be said for sure - it is extremely risky to trade on Forex or special bitcoin exchanges without initial preparation.

Therefore, if you just want to buy cryptocurrencies for a long time, it is much easier and more convenient to use exchangers. If you choose reliable and trusted exchangers, then the probability of deception is reduced to zero. Thousands of transactions go through them a day, and if someone is deceived, it will almost instantly become known in the rating of cryptocurrency exchangers and he will be excluded from the list of verified ones.

We have selected the most reliable cryptocurrency exchangers with a brief description of their peculiarities, nuances of work, for review, follow the link.

Here we provide only the most relevant information on the options for depositing funds for conversion to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies:

  • Qiwi;
  • Sberbank;
  • Visa and MasterCard;
  • Perfect Money;
  • Yandex money;
  • PayPal;
  • Webmoney;
  • and more than 10 options.

We only note that if you want to invest in some little-known cryptocurrency not from the top 10, you still have to use cryptocurrency exchanges. exchangers only support the most popular coins, such as:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • Litecoin;
  • Zcash;
  • Dash;
  • Monero;
  • Ripple.

Where is it more profitable to buy bitcoin? TOP-5 crypto-exchanges

For the safe and convenient purchase of cryptocurrencies, we have prepared a rating of the most reliable and popular cryptocurrency exchanges that support deposit and withdrawal of funds in rubles, hryvnias, dollars and euros .

The reliability of the site is primarily determined by the trading volume and the number of users. By all key metrics, Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Binance is also the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in Russia and the CIS, since it has the largest turnover of funds and supports transfers in rubles from bank cards Visa / MasterCard and payment systems QIWI, Advcash, Payeer .

Especially for beginners, we have prepared a detailed guide: How to buy bitcoin on a crypto exchange for rubles?

Rating of cryptocurrency exchanges :

The criteria by which the rating is set in our rating of cryptoexchanges :

  • Reliability of work - stability of access to all functions of the platform, including uninterrupted trading, deposit and withdrawal of funds, as well as the period of work on the market and the daily trading volume.
  • Commissions - the size of the commission for trading operations within the site and withdrawal of assets
  • Feedback & Support - we analyze user reviews and the quality of technical support.
  • Convenience of the interface - we evaluate the functionality and intuitiveness of the interface, possible errors and failures when working with the exchange.
  • Platform features - availability of additional features - futures, options, staking, etc.
  • final grade - the average number of points for all indicators, determines the place in the rating.

How to make Bitcoin from scratch, without deep knowledge of cryptocurrency?

With the growth of the rate and popularity in 2017, many ask how to make Bitcoin cryptocurrency from scratch, what you should pay attention to and whether it is worth spending time on, what is better to start trading or what to invest in.

If you do not know what cryptocurrency is, what Bitcoin and Ethereum are, then you need to read these publications on our website for a better understanding of the market and blockchain technology.

The best options with a minimum threshold of entry for beginners and people with zero knowledge in the crypt will be:

  • cloud mining (rent of power) - here you only need to buy a contract in your personal account and make a profit, you pay for power and get income from the cryptocurrency mined with it. For the user, it all comes down to paying the bill and monitoring the income received in the personal account.
  • cryptocurrency trading - buying and selling cryptocurrency on specialized cryptocurrency exchanges (reviews of exchanges are available on the website in the top menu) or through brokers.

Consider trading cryptocurrency pairs. At the moment, some forex brokers offer to invest or trade cryptocurrency, for us as clients it is good. A high-quality and proven broker will work in accordance with all market rules and will not be able to manipulate your funds.

Brokerage companies offer a number of unique opportunities, such as trading on the Forex market, investing in PAMM accounts, it is possible to copy transactions from successful traders and get constant profit. In a nutshell, the broker invites you to trade cryptocurrency and invest in a cryptocurrency portfolio selected on the basis of reliable signals. Although reliability for cryptocurrencies is a very relative concept, due to the fact that the market is still very young and there is not enough history for fundamental analysis.

Comparison of cryptocurrency trading and classic mining

Separately, it is necessary to discuss the advantages of trading cryptocurrencies in relation to mining. Immediately, we note that we are talking about classic mining on your equipment. With regard to cloud mining, the situation is completely different, it is in cloud services (the most reliable IQ Miming) that we advise you to invest at the moment, but only in proven ones with real confirmed hashrate capacities and resources. But mining on your own hardware is no longer as interesting as it used to be, now we will try to explain why.

Initially, those who were enthusiastic about the prospects of bitcoin started with buying powerful computers and setting them up for mining digital coins, but at the moment it is obvious that trading cryptocurrencies is more convenient and often more profitable than mining them on their equipment. At least because with a decrease in the bitcoin rate, mining becomes less profitable, but trading does not, since at any time you can open a deal to sell and receive income from a decrease in the rate.

In addition, it will not be necessary to constantly monitor the performance and configuration of the farm for mining, as well as maintain the level of power consumption and cooling the room. But as you understand, it is necessary to trade the starting capital, and the Majer can start with 1-2 powerful cards if you already have, income will certainly be a small and Major Bitcoin you will not be able, because for this you need specialized ASIC equipment, which is very expensive. You can mate another currency and sell it on the stock exchange or simply exchange in a cryptocurrency exchanger (a list of reliable exchangers on our website).

But if your level of technical knowledge allows, then mining on their equipment can be extremely profitable. However, it is already practically no advantages to cloud mining, and the process itself is much more than a sustainable.

Most reliable cryptoparas for trading for 2021

In 2021, it is worth expecting an increase and updating of the previous maximum value of Bitcoin, but only in case of consolidation above the technically important level of $ 6,000. A positive effect on the price of Bitcoin and the news that the largest online retailer Amazon may soon begin to take cryptocurrencies as payment.

The Chinese policy on the infringement of this sphere comes off or compensated by other countries. For example, Japan opens the first official exchanges cryptocurrency for its citizens soon, and a number of countries are preparing legislative framework for ICO.

Among other cryptocurrency should pay attention to Ripple, which may well add in price and cost much more than current 25 cents, as well as Monero, floated from 50 to 150 dollars a few weeks ago and getting ready to repeat this jerk. I also recommend to turn on:

  • EOS,
  • Neo - here much depends on China's legislation in the coming months,
  • Ethereum - 90% of all ICO is carried out on ETH with ERC20 standard,
  • Ripple,
  • DASH,
  • Monero
  • Ethereum Classic,
  • Litecoin,
  • Zcash.

Where to earn bitcoins without investments - 4 best ways

Servers with distribution of free bitcoins are called bitcoin cranes. The size of earning low, but you do not fulfill complex tasks. Initially, the taps were created for the "promotion" of the currency, but now they are essentially showcases of advertisements.

Bitcoins Cranes are the easiest and most popular cryptocurrency earnings without investing. Plus to this, on all servers there is a referral program. By which attracting partners, you get an additional income.



  • Earnings without investment.
  • A wide variety of servers.
  • You yourself install time for earnings.
  • Income without any restrictions.
  • Takes a lot of time.
  • Not suitable for the role of the main income.

Three Earfish Objective Cryptocurrency With Bitcoin Cranes

  1. Collect bitcoins .

The easiest way to get bitcoins. A registered user is offered to either enter the captcha, or see the advertisement, and after the end of the action - pay from 50 to 200 Satoshi.

Usually, on such cranes there is a timer inputing Capper or viewing advertising. On some sites, the input can be repeated every five minutes, and on others - every hour. Experienced "Hunters" offer to start a 10 - 20 servers for the extraction of coins, because from one such crane, even the average earnings is very difficult.

A list of the most stable and paying bitcoin faucets is posted on our website (updated regularly).

  1. Partnership programs .

If you have a blog or a well-promoted social network, then this method is for you. You can leave affiliate links to bitcoin faucets where a number of people will see them. Thus, we again returned to the referral system. For referrals, that is, partners, the service determines your percentage.

  1. Automatic income on cranes .

Making money on the machine is the best option for finding virtual currency. This is a fairly simple method that is suitable for those who want to make a profit without any action at all. In order to make money, you just need to install a special STARTAVTOBET application on your computer, and it will bring you money automatically.

Bounty campaigns from new ICOs with bonuses to the wallet

New ICO companies constantly appear on the Internet, which, as part of their advertising campaign, distribute tokens for free for ordinary registration on the project or service website.

On the website, we update the list of such bounty campaigns from ICOs, regularly add new ones and remove the expired ones (usually last from one to several months). You can also see the current Airdrop and Bounty programs in these services: TOP-7 sites with a selection of free token giveaways.

ICO is a collection of investments from people in exchange for the cryptocurrency of new startups. Successful projects can grow up to 10,000% in value in a year.

Therefore, this opportunity should not be missed, especially since registration even for 10 such Bounty takes 5-10 minutes in total.

Cloud mining without investment

Some cloud mining services give a small bonus in the form of a free hash rate for registering on the service, while it is not necessary to replenish the account for withdrawal (checked).

The only negative is that this type of earnings can be attributed to HYIPs (pyramids). Therefore, sites in this topic usually live for 6-12 months. But we follow all such projects and have selected several of the most reliable ones that have existed and have been paying for many years, a complete list of reliable cloud services without investment is here.

Bitcoin games without investments with the possibility of withdrawal

You can have fun playing games and get satoshi for it. It seems that this is impossible, but there are several honest projects where you can really make money without investments!

  1. Stake is the most popular site with about 10 gambling games. There is a crane that gives 100 satoshi and you can easily make 10 thousand of them in a day.
  2. BitKong - similar to a sapper game, only here a monkey hides fruits under boxes. There is also a faucet inside the game, where 100 satoshi is given to the account.

There are so many reliable sites in this topic, so we advise you to use only the two above, if more worthy services appear, we will also add them to the list.

How to earn bitcoins using your own computer?

First of all, the miner (the one who mines bitcoins or other cryptocurrency) will need to take care of choosing a place to store digital money. To do this, you can use special cryptocurrency exchanges or a personal Bitcoin wallet. The second option is the most preferable, as it:

  • as safe as possible;
  • extremely easy to use;
  • carries less risk of being hacked by hackers than exchanges.

Each user can create a wallet for bitcoins on their own computer independently. To do this, just select the option suitable for the version of Windows or Linux installed on your PC. There are also versions for mobile devices, but in our opinion this is a less secure option.

Now it's worth getting to know the very options for earning bitcoins on a computer. There are several ways, and this is not only standard mining on video cards, processors, farms or cloud mining, which is also quite in demand and popular today.

Mining is the most popular and widespread way to earn bitcoins. To extract cryptocurrency in this way, you will need to purchase specialized equipment (mining farm), and not just a powerful modern computer. Accordingly, mining will require a serious initial investment.

With the help of processors and video cards, from which many miners assemble farms on their own, a special code is calculated. It is the chain of such calculations that allows you to identify the hash, which, in turn, brings digital coins to the user.

The attractiveness of creating a farm and mining with their help is that the user himself does not waste time mining electronic coins. This happens automatically and continuously.

However, it should be borne in mind that the miner will have to invest well not only in the purchase of equipment, but also payment for the Internet, electricity, installation of ventilation and cooling systems. Even so, equipment wear cannot be avoided. So the investments here are colossal, but will you be able to earn so much to cover the costs? This is already a serious question.

In addition, you need to install special programs for mining. The most popular and productive of them is Claymore's Miner (there are versions for both Nvidia and AMD GPUs, as well as for the CPU).

How to build a bitcoin farm with your own hands?

For detailed instructions on assembling and configuring a mining farm, see our website. Here we will touch on this point very briefly, for a general understanding of the process and what you need for this.

To earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrency on your computer, you should purchase:

  • several modern video cards with high powers;
  • a set of strong power supplies;
  • several cooling and ventilation systems;
  • processors of the latest generation.

Then all the purchased equipment is simply assembled according to the principle of a regular server. What does this mean? Nothing complicated! The sequence of such work is quite simple:

  1. The racks are mounted first.
  2. A plan is drawn up for the placement of the monitor, video cards, system unit.
  3. Based on the plan, you need to start assembling the base of the farm for mining: the hard drive, processor, motherboard are connected. Installed RAM and monitor.
  4. Next, the video cards are connected to the motherboard via PCI. It is not recommended to do this directly. It is worth using risers.
  5. Now the risers are directly placed on the racks. The optimal distance between them is 10 cm.
  6. With the help of pin cables, the video cards are connected to the power supply unit.
  7. The computer is connected to the power supply system and the Internet.

It remains to carry out the installation of water and air cooling systems and set up the program for the extraction of the selected cryptocurrency.

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The material was prepared by the editors of the Mining Cryptocurrency website, consisting of: Chief Editor - Anton Sizov, Journalists - Igor Losev, Vitaly Voronov, Dmitry Markov, Elena Karpina. We provide the most up-to-date information on the cryptocurrency market, mining and blockchain technology.

There are various services that allow you to earn digital money without risks and possible financial losses.

Blockchain projects run various marketing campaigns. One of the most common ways to attract new users is by giving away your tokens for free. Such promotions are widespread, often prizes of several dollars are raffled off, but sometimes startups donate tens of thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency.

At the beginning of last year, the monthly distribution of BitTorrent tokens started, which will last among Tron token holders until February 2025. Initially, 1.1% of the total emission of altcoins was distributed every month, every year the volume of coins increases by 0.1%, as a result it will rise to 1.7%. Currently, distribution is made in the ratio of 1 TRX - 0.11 BTT.

Also, the Blockchain cryptocurrency wallet conducts the largest distribution of cryptocurrencies - the distribution of Stellar tokens for a total of $ 125 million. To receive an altcoin for free, you do not need to own other coins, as is the case with Tron. It is enough to go through the verification process in the service: take a selfie and photograph an identity document. You need to wait for confirmation within five working days.

Last summer, we at RBC-Crypto went through this procedure. A few days later, the wallet received $ 25 worth of Stellar coins. In the fall of last year, the non-profit organization also carried out an airdrop of 2 billion of the same tokens (about $ 120 million at that time) through the Keybase messenger, but the promotion was discontinued two months later, and less than 15% of the promised coins were distributed. The reason for this was an attack from the "hordes of fake accounts". Many users have registered several times. Whereas the idea of ​​the campaign was to attract new customers, and not to give away free cryptocurrency.

In December 2018, Coinbase launched the Earn program. Users are encouraged to watch videos and take tests. For each of the tasks, you can earn $ 1-2 in cryptocurrency. Initially, payments were made only in 0x tokens, now Kyber, Compound, Orchid, Tezos, Dai, EOS, Stellar, Zcash and Basic Attention Token have joined the project. After completing all the tasks, you can collect a small portfolio of different tokens worth over $ 109. There is one thing.

Coinbase Earn is available in 103 countries around the world.To participate in the program, you do not need to be a client of the American exchange, but it works according to the same principles. This means that users from Russia cannot learn blockchain while this company remains closed for the country.

Earnings from publishing and reading articles

The Steemit platform is positioned as the largest social network on the blockchain or blockchain blog. The site has its own digital coins: STEEM, Steem Power and Steem backed dollars. STEEM and SBD tokens can be exchanged for Bitcoin and Ethereum on crypto exchanges. Steem Power coins cannot be withdrawn to fiat; rather, they are analogous to shares, the owners of which can count on income. Authors of articles are rewarded in three tokens at once in the ratio of 50% Steem Power, 25% STEEM and 25% SDB. The amount depends on the number of views, likes and comments.

There is also a publishing platform Publish0x. Both authors and readers can earn Basic Attention Token, Multi-collateral DAI and Loopring on it. In addition, you can get tokens for inviting new authors and readers to Publish0x. Another similar platform is For creating content, you can get a GOLOS token, which is traded on crypto-exchanges, a GBG digital coin pegged to the value of gold (1 GBG is equal to 1 mg of gold), and an illiquid GP token, which works on the Steem Power principle.

There are various games that allow you to receive cryptocurrency for free. For example, the free Spells of Genesis card arcade game, running on macOS and PC, allows you to collect collectibles that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. They can be exchanged for other artifacts or sold for cryptocurrency.

You can play EOS Knight on smartphones and in the browser. This is a knightly saga with collectibles stored on the EOS blockchain. They can be exchanged within the game and deals with them using smart contracts.

Altcoin Fantasy is an educational platform that will help you learn how to trade, and also gives you the opportunity to make money on it. Here the user is given virtual points with which he can trade digital coins. The interface is close to how real exchanges work.

Altcoin Fantasy hosts various trading contests. If a novice trader manages to take one of the prizes, he will be able to claim an award in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, for example, Ethereum and Stellar. The game is free, runs on iOS and Android systems.

You can earn altcoins or even bitcoins by watching ads. This will require patience, free time, minimal knowledge of English and an electronic wallet. Every year, more and more legal sites appear that allow you to receive digital coins in this way. The Brave browser has a similar feature.

Often, services that pay tokens for viewing advertising content offer users not only to watch videos, but also to perform a number of simple tasks: read letters, surf, enter captchas. An important point is that each platform has its own withdrawal limits. Usually at least 10,000 satoshi, it will be difficult for a beginner to earn such an amount quickly.

Among the popular services that allow you to make money by watching ads are:,,, To register on these sites, you only need to specify a name, email and password, and you only need to enter data about a digital wallet at the very beginning on the site Other services require this information only when withdrawing funds.

Also, all services offer referral programs. Users can increase their income by referring new members. This is one of the most profitable ways to maximize your earnings. However, invited referrals should be as active and interested in making money as possible.

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You can find more news about cryptocurrencies in our telegram channel RBC-Crypto.

Bitcoin, the king of cryptocurrencies, is still the most desirable cryptocurrency in the world. Even despite the bearish trend, 1 BTC is not cheap: at the time of this writing, it costs about $ 10,000. Are you looking to add your first cryptocurrency to your portfolio but don't have the money to invest? Below are the ways to get Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for free.

If you have extra funds, you can invest them in BTC - it is always a wise decision. However, if you are looking to earn BTC on your own, there are many options available. While not as profitable as it sounds, consistency and patience will help you grow your crypto assets faster.

Bitcoin faucets

One of the easiest ways to earn BTC is by using Bitcoin faucets. I wonder what it is?

Bitcoin faucets are a reward system created in the form of an app or a website: they give a reward in the form of satoshi (1 satoshi is one hundred millionth BTC). Visitors must complete the tasks described on the site. Different faucets can have different cryptocurrencies, not just bitcoin.

Bitcoin faucet is a service that provides cryptocurrency to registered users at regular intervals.

What tasks do users typically perform? They solve captchas, play games, click on ads, or watch videos. For each completed task, they earn Bitcoin. Let's take a look at a few popular taps:

  1. One of these cranes is Bittube : there you earn satoshi by watching YouTube videos.
  2. AdBTC Top pays from 5000 Satoshi for viewing ads (up to 70 Satoshi every 35 seconds). Surfing and watching videos.
  3. BTC Clicks allows you to earn up to 10,000 satoshi. The site pays steadily straight to your wallet. You can earn BTC for viewing advertisements on the sites of the service's partners. You need to follow the link and wait 10 seconds to receive bitcoins. Scam! Doesn't pay anymore.
  4. Kickass Traffic allows users to earn 2000 Satoshi (up to 60 Satoshi every 10 seconds). You can earn money for viewing the site, advertising and clicks on it. Tasks on the site are constantly updated and added.
  5. Coin Bulb pays up to 10,000 satoshi daily for clicks and ads. Payments to your bitcoin wallet (after accumulation) are instant.
  6. Clix coin allows users to earn up to 35,000 satoshi by watching ads (35 satoshi every 60 seconds). Contests and other ways to earn cryptocurrency are also available.
  7. Daily Free Bits another tap that pays for viewing ads, you can earn up to 20,000 satoshi per day.

Is this an efficient way to earn cryptocurrency? Well, this is not really an option for people who are full-time jobs. Tap rewards are always a few cents or a dollar. Such services are more made as an advertising function.

Mobile applications

As more than 50% of internet users access the internet from their mobile devices, the possibilities for receiving cryptocurrencies from their smartphones are increasing. In the wake of the popularity of Bitcoin, many applications have appeared related to earning cryptocurrency. Just like computers, you can mine on smartphones. The amount of currency earned in this case depends on the processor power of the device.

It is unprofitable to mine cryptocurrency on smartphones for several reasons: this is the low computing power of devices, and the need to keep the smartphone screen on at all times. Thus, mining is only suitable for you if you use an unnecessary smartphone that is constantly connected to the network, but even in this case, the profit will be low. You can mine cryptocurrencies on your Android phone using several applications, one of the most popular being MinerGate, which allows you to mine Monero and Bytecoin, which can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.

It is a little easier and faster to earn BTC on faucets by completing certain tasks. These are the same taps we looked at earlier, only as apps on your smartphones.

  • Cointiply allows you to get 200 Satoshi on average every 60 minutes. Besides the faucet, there are other ways to earn BTC: watching ads, videos, playing games. Available for Android only
  • Free Bitcoin for iPhone and Android. Allows you to receive 3000-5000 Satoshi every hour.
  • Free Bitcoin App for Android. Completing tasks for points, which can then be exchanged for bitcoin. There are many tasks and are updated frequently.
  • Free Bitcoin & Dogecoin for Android. Each hour you can receive up to 37 Satoshi and 0.19 DOGE.


Faucets are suitable for the first acquaintance with cryptocurrencies, but it is a rather monotonous and boring activity. In the wake of the popularity of cryptocurrencies, game developers began to add / replace virtual game currency with cryptocurrency, thereby further motivating players. It is much more interesting to play and receive cryptocurrency for it. Doesn't sound bad, does it?

Most games reward gamers with cryptocurrency for achieving results in the game. Let's take a look at the most popular cryptocurrency games where you can earn bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

#one. Spells of Genesis

One of the earliest, most successful and possibly addicting blockchain and bitcoin games. Players enter the fantasy world of Munga, where they fight with each other. As the game progresses, you can earn crypto by building important industrial facilities and collecting cards to build up your power.

The internal currency is BitCrystals, which is a token created from Counterparty and stored in the Bitcoin database. Crystals can be used in the game itself for certain purchases or exchanges, as well as sold on third-party sites - exchanges or exchangers. BitCrystals is a full-fledged cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for Bitcoin or other altcoins. As of 2016, you can also play Spells of Genesis in your browser.

# 2. BitQuest

A new Minecraft server called BitQuest hopes to use decentralized currencies to increase participation as well as create a more dynamic gaming environment. BitQuest is following in the footsteps of several other Bitcoin servers, including the now defunct BitVegas, which once offered various minigames denominated in digital currency.

BitQuest players can earn Bitcoins by accumulating emeralds, one of the many resources to collect on their adventures.

Emeralds can be obtained by killing monsters, gathering advice from other players, making notable contributions to the community, or even chatting with other players in a player versus player (PvP) arena. Each emerald costs 0.000001 BTC and can be used in the game's pre-programmed marketplace, as well as in various peer-to-peer events involving other players.

# 3. Spark Profit

Spark Profit allows a gamer to feel like a real trader - he needs to make a forecast of a trend change in the market. For accurate predictions, points are awarded, which can then be transferred to cryptocurrency or to a fiat account. According to the developers, you can get up to $ 100 for a good forecast, but judging by the feedback from users, not many of them managed to get more than a dozen dollars a week using this game.

# 4. SatoshiQuiz

This app pays the player for knowledge. SatoshiQuiz works in a quiz format and calculates a certain amount of Satoshi for each correct answer. There are several categories and levels of difficulty of questions (difficult and simple questions are chosen at random). Group play gives you 60 seconds to respond, and single gives you 20 seconds to respond.

# 5. BitRunner

This game uses the same principle as the popular game Pokemon Go - collect elements of bitcoins by moving to specified locations. Once all the elements are combined, you can get a whole coin. The game has the following interesting features:

  • both online version and single-player games are available;
  • rich selection of weapons, tools and ammunition;
  • items can not only be found, but also stolen from other players, as well as other players can steal them from the user (except for safe areas where you can hide the found).

# 6. Cryptokitties

Cryptokitties is the first full-fledged blockchain game to be in demand and actively funded by players. At the moment, prices for "kittens" that can be raised in the application are constantly falling due to the limited functionality of the application. By the way, you won't be able to make money without investments, you will need to pay for the first pet in ETH.

# 7. Etheremon

This is a very promising project that attracts not only by the use of the blockchain, but also by the gameplay. The game interface resembles the familiar to many Pokemon. Etherimons are “pets” that can be raised in the same way as Cryptokitties.

Crypto Pokémon can evolve and fight with each other, which sets them apart from kittens. Works in local currency, which is automatically converted to Ethereum. According to the developers, after extracting all the available tokens (obtained during the battle scenes), the currency will become full-fledged and independent of Ethereum.

What about gambling?

Bitcoin casinos work in the same way as regular online casinos. They offer a variety of slots, roulettes, poker and other games. You must fund your account and play.

We all know that blockchain-based dApps and smart contracts eliminate the risk of data fraud, but there's a trick here. Blockchain casinos and Bitcoin casinos are not necessarily the same! This means that a regular online casino can accept and send payments in BTC, but this does not mean that the platform is based on blockchain technology.

We will not disassemble bitcoin casinos here, because this is still a topic of gambling, which is not directly related to bitcoin and blockchain. Gambling in 99% of cases leads to loss of money. Remember that any type of deposit or prepayment is a scam in most cases.

We can only recommend the free bitcoin lottery freebitcoin, where you can get free satoshi just like in faucets. Once registered, you can play the game every hour, giving you the opportunity to win up to $ 200 Satoshi. Depending on the number displayed, you get a small or large amount of Satoshi.

In most cases, you receive a small amount. However, there is nothing to lose, and this way of making cryptocurrency online seems harmless.


Many people still believe that mining is the best way to earn bitcoin. As practice shows, it is no longer profitable for an ordinary user. The complexity of the calculations has increased so much that a conventional mining rig is not enough to generate significant profits. Even if you buy an ASIC and join a mining pool, no one can guarantee that it will return your investment.

Cryptocurrency tuition fee

Coinbase gives everyone the opportunity to learn more about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain and get rewarded for this in the form of that very cryptocurrency. Thus, you can get up to $ 186 equivalent. Free Coinbase Courses.


Regardless of which strategy you choose, you should always double-check the platforms on which you intend to receive or earn satoshi. Make sure you are working with reliable websites that make payments honest and provide acceptable terms.

Remember : do not enter your private wallet key on any of the above sites. Use only your wallet address.

"If you don't own your private (private) key, you don't own your bitcoins."

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