The most important events for March 3, 2021 in Russia

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On March 3, 12 holidays are celebrated, including 1 professional.

cold, miracle, rose, frost, snow
The day of waiting for a miracle is celebrated on March 3

Holidays March 3

  • World writer's day
  • World Wildlife Day
  • International Day for Ear and Hearing Health
  • Oatmeal
  • Girls' Festival - Japan
  • Mother's Day - Georgia
  • Day of cocktail "Moscow mule"
  • Carving day
  • Mulled wine day
  • Memorial Day of the holy blessed prince Igor
  • Day of Naval Military Units of Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation
  • Day of waiting for a miracle


Pavel, Lev, Kuzma, Voldemar, Vladimir, Victor, Vasily.

Saint Leo I, Pope of Rome Venerable Cosmas of Yakhroma

Folk holidays and signs


This folk holiday is dedicated to the pagan god of the sun, spring and fertility - Yarila.

Also on this day, bunting birds are welcomed, which symbolize the beginning of spring. The hostesses bake oatmeal buns and oatmeal cookies. They are treated to family members, relatives and birds. The people believe that if the oatmeal liked the treats, then a warm spring will soon come.

Foggy weather on this day foreshadows a cold and rainy summer.


  • In March, the clouds float fast and high - for good weather.
  • Oatmeal has arrived - warm and dry spring weather will come soon.
  • If urticaria butterflies have already appeared on your eyes, the snow is about to melt and no more will fall.
  • The river has overflowed - there will be a lot of grass in the flooded meadows.
  • Small stars in a clear sky are weakly visible - to a strong wind.
  • 1613 16-year-old Mikhail Fedorovich was chosen by the Zemsky Sobor to reign and became the ancestor of the Romanov dynasty.
  • 1804 decree of Emperor Alexander I banning the sale of peasants without land in the Russian Empire, allowing them to marry without the consent of the landowner and limiting punishment on his part.
  • 1861 Emperor of the Russian Empire Alexander II abolished serfdom in Russia with a manifesto "On the All-Merciful Granting of Serfs the Rights of the State of Free Rural People".
  • 1864 Russian Emperor Alexander II issued a decree on the allotment of land to Polish peasants, the beginning of the agrarian reform in Poland.
  • 1866 by order of the tsarist government of the Russian Empire, a public library was opened in Kiev, now the National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine.
  • 1878 Russia and Turkey signed the Treaty of San Stefano. As part of the Ottoman Empire, the autonomous principality of Great Bulgaria was formed, under the direct influence of Russia.
  • 1905 Emperor Nicholas II promised to carry out church and other reforms, as well as to convene a deliberative council.
  • 1920 on Nikitsky Boulevard in Moscow the "House of the Press" was opened, now - the "Central House of Journalists".
  • 1933 in Potsdam, Hitler proclaimed the formation of the Third Reich.
  • 1961 at the Trinity Cathedral of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, Father Alexy (future Patriarch Alexy II) tonsured a monk.

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Holidays Today 3 March 2021

World Wildlife Day is celebrated on March 3

World Wildlife Day is celebrated on March 3 ©

62nd day of the year, 9th week of the year

New Year 2022 left: 303 days

Day of week Wednesday

last year (2020): Tuesday

next year (2022): Thursday

in Russia - a working day

in Ukraine - a working day

in Belarus - working day

Today, March 3, 2021, 22 different holidays are celebrated in Russia, Ukraine and around the world. This day is rich in various historical events; many famous people were born on March 3.

Name days today

On this day, name days are celebrated: Feodulus, Dorotheus, Leo, Vasily, Parigory, Victor, Flavian, Agapit, Agrippa, Kuzma (Cosma), Piulius

What happened on March 3


The college, based in Boston (USA), was named Harvard in honor of sponsor John Harvard.


Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata was published in Vienna.


Britain paid Sweden to abandon the alliance with Napoleon.


Russian Emperor Alexander II signed a manifesto on the abolition of serfdom in the country.


a public library was opened in Kiev (now the National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine).


in Paris ended in failure of the premiere of the opera "Carmen" by Georges Bizet.


The most outstanding silent film of all time, The Birth of a Nation, starring Lillian Gish, May Marsh and Wallace Reid, premiered in New York.


On March 3-4, the Ukrainian Central Rada (UCR) was organized in Kiev, uniting representatives of the main Ukrainian political parties.


In Potsdam, Hitler proclaimed the formation of the Third Reich.


under pressure from the United States and the Soviet Union, Finland, which signed an armistice agreement with the USSR in September 1944, declared war on Germany, its recent ally in World War II.


at the cemetery in the town of Vevey (Switzerland), the remains of the outstanding American actor Charlie Chaplin were stolen from the grave; they were found 11 weeks later near Lake Geneva.


The American TV channel ABC premiered the "Moonlight Agency" series starring SIBIL Shepard and Bruce Willis.


in Latvia and Estonia, referendums were held, most of the participants in which spoke in favor of the secession of these republics from the USSR.

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