How to set up a blacklist on Android: where to be, how to add, block a number, how to delete, instructions

Setting up a blacklist on Android smartphones: how to get rid of unwanted contacts

August 14, 2017

Author: Maksim

If someone calls your phone very often, then you can stop answering the call, turn off the sound, but the call will still interfere. The problem can be solved using the function built into smartphones - "Black List".

Thus, the contact will be blocked, and the person will not be able to reach you.

black list

What is the "Blacklist" and what is it used for

Blacklist is an additional feature that all modern telephones are equipped with. With the help of the "Black List", owners of smartphones based on the Android operating system can protect themselves from calls from hooligans and unpleasant people with whom they try not to communicate, block calls from various advertising agencies and their mailings.

You can block a contact through your mobile operator. Unlike blocking through the phone, this feature is paid, but it provides more options. For example, except for incoming calls, you will not receive notifications about calls to the specified subscriber, his messages.

Adding a contact to the blacklist using the built-in function does not provide such an opportunity, but it is completely free. In this case, calls from the selected subscriber will be blocked, but the system will automatically send you a notification about this call, as well as all messages sent by the subscriber.

How to add a contact / phone number to the "Blacklist" on Android

In different versions of mobile devices based on the Android operating system, the method of adding a contact to the blacklist is slightly different. The main differences in settings exist between Android versions below 4.0 and, accordingly, newer versions above 4.0.

Adding to the "Blacklist" on Android below 4.0

On Android version below 4.0, the subscriber's number that you want to block must be in the contact list on your phone. In older versions of the operating system, you first have to activate the "Blacklist" function and only then add a contact:

  1. Go to the "Settings" menu. Settings menu on Android

    We go to the item "Settings"

  2. Open the "Calls" parameter and find the "Call rejection" item. Call settings menu on Android

    Go to the item "Call rejection"

  3. Click on the "Black List" and turn it on using the button of the same name. Auto-rejection mode on Android

    Turn on the black list using the button of the same name

  4. We open the list of contacts. Hold your finger until the context menu appears on the screen. The list will contain the "Add to blacklist" option, which we need. We indicate the subscriber whom we no longer want to hear.

    Contacts list context menu on Android

    We indicate the subscriber whom we do not want to hear anymore and add to the black list

  5. In order to put everything back in place, go back to the "Blacklist" menu through "Settings" and uncheck the box that was put earlier.

Adding to the "Blacklist" on Android above 4.0

Adding a number to the blacklist on smartphones with Android above 4.0 will be slightly different:

  1. We open the list of contacts and calls. Contacts list on Android

    Opening the contact list

  2. We select the number that we want to block. In the upper right corner of the contact there is a settings menu, depicted as three bold dots arranged horizontally. After clicking, a list will be displayed. Contact window on Android

    Select the contact you want to block

  3. There can be two options for the same option: "Block incoming call" or "Voice mail only" (varies depending on the OS version). In both cases, we need to check the box opposite the inscription, after which the contact will be automatically blocked. Blocking a contact on Android

    Put a tick and block the selected contact

  4. To return everything back, it is enough to clean the tick from the "Locking Call" item ("Voice Mail Only").

Please note that in all cases, after blocking the subscriber, you will no longer receive calls from it. Nevertheless, every time after the call of the locked subscriber will receive an SMS-alert and a call date, the subscriber will also be able to send messages to your smartphone. If you are regularly concerned about an unknown number, for example, an advertising agency, then add it to contacts and in the black list, then he will not be able to reach.

Video: how to add to the "black list" on the phone android

Setting "Black List"

Return contact to the white list in different ways. Most often, it is enough to do the same procedure as when adding, only you need to remove the tick in front of the "Cycle List" item (the wording will differ on different models of phones). Unfortunately, standard smartphones tools do not allow you to change other parameters, for example, specify a specific date when you cannot reach you, but this can be done using additional programs.

Additional programs for locking

With the software, everything is a little simpler, and they can use all the owners of smartphones based on android, and it does not matter what kind of phone version you have. In Play Market, find an application called Blacklist. The key feature of the application is that it allows you to block not only calls from subscribers, but also SMS messages.

For this, you will need to do the following settings:

  1. Run the application. Blacklist app

    Run the BlackList application

  2. To add a user to a blacklist, go to the appropriate tab and click the Add button (located in the upper right corner, where the man is depicted). Setting up the blacklist

    Add contact to the blacklist of the application

The application allows you to block even non-nicer numbers, which will be relevant in cases where you bother advertising companies. You can always view the history of blocked calls and messages in the "History" tab and even read the contents of SMS. You can unlock the subscriber by highlighting the number and clicking on the Bucket Image located in the upper right corner.

Another unique method also allows you to block incoming calls and messages from subscribers. Download the Avast! Mobile Security Antivirus application store (not all antiviruses have the ability to add contacts to the blacklist).

Next Follow the instructions:

  1. Run the application.
  2. In the drop-down menu, click on the SMS and Call Filter field. Avast Antivirus! for android

    Click on the "Filter SMS and Calls"

  3. Click on the "Create a new group" button.
  4. In the window that opens, specify the desired date, time, the days of the week, when you do not want to receive calls.

Whatever way you take advantage of, each blocked subscriber will hear that the number is busy. The messages sent to them will not appear on the screen, but you can still see them.

Advanced functional of the blacklist settings is present only at additional software. With their help, you can not only block the calls themselves, but also incoming messages, view their contents, the date of receipt and in the case of antivirus even configure the date of disconnecting the specified functions.

All of these applications are distributed free of charge (there are paid versions with great capabilities), so any user can download them and, if the phone parameters and system requirements of the program match, install them on their smartphone.

Video: Blocking Unwanted Calls with Avast! Mobile Security

Possible problems and solutions

The main thing is, when you download and install the program, do it only using official or trusted sources (Play Market or AppStore) ... Otherwise, you run the risk of "catching" malicious software on your phone. With its help, attackers can easily figure out the contacts of people with whom you communicate, your personal phone number and steal a huge amount of confidential data (especially if you often text via SMS). If you still use unverified sources, for example, forums where "flashed" versions of programs are posted, then install antivirus software in advance.

When using the blacklist, one serious problem can arise - after adding a person to the blacklist, you can skip some important event. If you used an additional utility, then the person will not be able to let you know about him at all, because incoming messages will also be blocked. Also, be careful when dialing a number when adding a contact to the blacklist, so that another person does not accidentally get there. Usually no one has any other serious troubles when working with blacklists (especially built-in ones).

Each owner of a smartphone on the Android operating system can quickly block unwanted contact. This will help both traditional tools of the operating system itself, and additional applications. If it doesn't matter whether SMS will come from a blocked subscriber and you don't need to set a specific time and date, then use the standard features. In all other cases, various applications will come to the rescue. After blocking, neither calls from the blocked subscriber, nor SMS messages will bother you.

Why do you need a blacklist on Android? We look forward to a call from some of them, and we don't really want to receive a call from others. Agree, it is not very pleasant to receive calls at 2 am from some company with a proposal to connect some service that is useless for you. It's even worse when calls come in regularly, interfering with work or play.

What can you do to get rid of annoying calls? There are so-called blacklists specifically to solve this problem. They have been used for a long time and are present on almost any phone, but not every user knows how to blacklist a subscriber on an Android smartphone. We decided to help users who are disturbed by annoying consultants to sleep, so we have prepared a whole article with instructions and tips.

Blacklist - what is it?

add a number to the blacklist on Android

The concept of "Black List" has appeared a long time ago. Generally speaking, a blacklist is a list of users (people) who are denied access to something for some reason. It can be applied not only to telephony, but also to other areas.

The term "Black List" is common on the Internet. Here it refers to users who have repeatedly violated the rules on a particular site. As a result, they are limited in adding posts or comments to the resource. Such lists may include Email or IP -addresses from which it will no longer be possible to register. As a rule, to get into such a blacklist, you need to repeatedly break the rules.

In addition, there are registries (the same blacklists) that are already applicable to the sites themselves. For example, since the fall of 2012, we have in force the "Unified Register of Banned Sites", which can block resources suspected of phishing or spreading viruses.

The opposite of blacklists is whitelisting. Users get into them for any merit. They have privileges that are not available to everyone else.

Finally, blacklists are used in telephony. Their function has not changed much here either - the suppression of calls from certain numbers. Undesirable numbers are sent to the black list, and subscribers simply will not be able to get through.

The Black List service is provided by the operator itself, and is also present on many modern phones. Since mobile operators require a payment for the service, the Black List functions, which are provided by the device manufacturer, have become especially widespread.

As you can see, blacklisting is a term that applies to many areas of our life. True, in any case, it indicates any restrictions.

How does the blacklist work on Android?

add a number to the blacklist on Android

Almost 100% of users are looking for information about the blacklist specifically for smartphones Android , which is not at all surprising. Android is the largest system installed on thousands of devices. Many users fell in love with this OS for its functionality, and the appearance of the "Black List" function as a standard was no longer even surprising.

How the blacklist works on Android is very simple. The function blocks calls from a subscriber whose number is included in this very list. That is, an annoying acquaintance or a bank consultant will simply not be able to get through to you, receiving short beeps instead of answering.

Function "Black list" it is also provided by mobile operators, but it involves a subscription fee, therefore it is not very popular today.

Note! If the subscriber you blacklisted hides his number, he will be able to get through to you. In addition, no one can prevent him from calling from another number.

How to add a number to the blacklist on Android: basic features

So, we told you what a blacklist is, how it works and where it is applied, it's time to go directly to how to send an annoying subscriber to this list. We'll start with the standard capabilities provided by the functionality of the operating system. Android - not every user wants to bother downloading third-party software.

Note that not every smartphone in its "arsenal" has a function for adding subscribers to the blacklist. Nevertheless, we recommend checking its presence - most third-party programs cannot oppose anything to the functionality of proprietary utilities.

So, if you are among the lucky ones who have a blacklist on Android, then:

  • we find the item "Contacts" on one of the desktops;
  • among all subscribers we find someone with whom we do not want to talk;

Next, you will have to choose from several actions, since each manufacturer and each version of the Android OS differs from each other in this regard:

  1. hold your finger on the subscriber until the context menu appears; choose from the suggested options "Block contact", "Add to blacklist" or something similar;
  2. click on a contact to go to additional settings; from the offered options choose "Block contact", "Add to blacklist" or something similar;
  3. after going to a contact, click on the three dots (menu) in the upper right corner to see all the functions that are applicable to it; select from the proposed "Block contact", "Add to blacklist" or something similar.
Adding a number to the black list through the "Call log"
add a number to the blacklist on Android

It is not necessary to add the number of the subscriber you want to send to the black list into the list of contacts. This can be done directly in the call log:

  • go to the call log;
  • find the number you want to block;
  • with a long press, bring up the context menu;
  • select "Block contact" from the list.

From here, you can easily go to the list of blocked contacts. To do this, click on the "Menu" item (three dots in the upper right corner) and select "Blocked contacts". You will see a list of subscribers whom you have sent to the black list. By clicking on the "Add" button, you can block the contact:

  • from the phone book;
  • enter the number yourself.

What is very convenient, there is also a tab with the history of calls from blocked contacts. In addition, messages from numbers from the black list are separately taken out.

Adding a number to the black list via "Messages"

Are you distracted not by calls, but by constant messages? And in this case, the developers of software for Android have provided for the subscriber to be blacklisted. If you are tired of frequent messages with a proposal to connect the service on super-favorable conditions, then:

  • open "Messages";
  • with a long tap on a specific message, call the context menu;
  • find the item "Block contact".

That's it, now all messages from this subscriber will be automatically redirected to a separate list without causing you any inconvenience.

You can send several numbers to the blacklist at once, from which unwanted messages are sent.

  • at the top right, click "Menu";
  • select "Move to blocked";
  • select the messages you want (you can have several or all);
  • we confirm the action.

Third Party Applications

In most cases, users have enough capabilities of the Android OS to add a number to the blacklist. However, in some phones this feature is implemented very poorly or is completely absent. In this case, a variety of companies are developing separate programs for convenient blocking of numbers. Often, the functionality of such applications is not limited only to the blacklist. We have selected a list of the best contact blocking programs that you can download for Android today for free.

Call blocker
add a number to the blacklist on Android

Quite a powerful tool for fighting unwanted calls, which includes not only a blacklist, but also a blocker of calls without an identified number - an excellent method of dealing with lovers of anonymous calls. The application is developed by AndroidRock, fresh updates arrive regularly. A free program for adding numbers to the blacklist can be downloaded from Play Market .

Call Blocker allows you to block subscribers from your contacts list, call log, or enter numbers manually. There is a separate tab right in the application where calls from blocked or anonymous numbers are placed.

"Black list"

An application for blocking numbers with such an uncomplicated name is offered by the developer Vlad Lee ... It is one of the most popular utilities in Play Market , which has a simple interface, in addition, does not load the device's processor and requires a minimum of RAM. The application is supported by most smartphones and tablets running Android.

In addition to blocking calls, you can also do it with SMS -messages. "Black List" has built-in logs with call history, allows you to add or remove a number in one click. In addition, the application is distributed absolutely free of charge.

The developer recommends not to use several third-party utilities for blocking numbers for Android at once - incompatibility of programs is possible. Also, if you have installed applications to clean your phone, make sure the "Blacklist" is listed in the exceptions section.


Another popular AntTek Mobile app for call filtering and SMS - messages. As in its analogues, the application allows you to create your own blacklist, which will include unwanted subscribers. Despite its simplicity, Blacklist offers a ton of useful features. The standard version of the application is distributed free of charge.

If you want to be able to block messages MMS , you will have to buy the version PRO , the cost of which is about 120 rubles. Besides, PRO includes a schedule that allows you to block all incoming calls for a certain time.

Basic version blocks calls or SMS from numbers that are blacklisted, as well as calls from hidden numbers. Blacklist also received a widget that displays the number of calls from blocked subscribers, and with its help you can get quick access to the program's settings. There is even an option to customize the theme, and the version PRO Allows you to set a password to protect the blacklist from unauthorized interference.

Blacklist is one of the most functional applications for adding numbers to the blacklist, which can be downloaded absolutely free on your Android device.

"Don't call me - anti-collector"

An application with such an interesting name will appeal to users who regularly receive calls from employees of banks, microfinance organizations and other companies that impose unnecessary loans and services. Regular updates add to the database of unwanted numbers, calls from which will be mercilessly blocked by the application. Naturally, you yourself can enter the number from which you do not want to receive calls. "Don't Call Me - Antikollektor" is distributed absolutely free of charge.

The developer notes that some devices use non-standard telephony, so the utility may not work correctly or not work at all. He also advises using only one program to block numbers - several installed at once can block each other, cutting down on opportunities.


The blacklist is an indispensable feature for many users. If in the old days it was available only with an additional payment to the operator, today anyone can use it for free. Get rid of annoying offers from banks and other companies, as well as calls from secret admirers! We hope that after today's material you can easily tell your friend what a blacklist is and how to connect it.

Often, the mobile phone number receives calls that are not important and are classified as spam. These can be various types of services, simple dialing of numbers and other unwanted calls. In some cases, incoming messages may come from collectors, banks and other organizations that are not important to the owner of the number. What to do in this case? You can use the "Black List" option, which allows you to block any unwanted number in a few clicks. As a result, this subscriber will not be able to reach you, and you will not receive calls and will be able to sleep peacefully.

How to add to the blacklist on Android? There are several ways, and they will all depend on the specific version of the operating system, as the capabilities of Android are constantly expanding, and many menu items change, new options are added.

Ways to add a subscriber to the blacklist

All the options described here refer to the standard features of the Android operating system, however, they differ from each other, depending on the version. We suggest that you choose the option that suits you.

For Android 4.0 and below

This is a rather old version of the OS, but there are still users who have devices in this particular version. The procedure is as follows:

  • It is important to understand that the subscriber you want to block must be in your notebook by default, otherwise he cannot be added to this list. This order is only up to 4.0;
  • If you have already entered the number in your contacts, go to "Settings" and select the item "Calls"; Android 4.2 Calls
  • Next, find the "Call rejection" tab and here select the "Blacklist" mode. That is, the system will automatically reject calls from subscribers included in this list; Android 4.2 Call rejectionAndroid 4.2 Reject ModeAndroid 4.2 Blacklist
  • Now go to "Contacts" and find the list of contacts there;
  • Select the subscriber you need and hold for a few seconds for an additional menu to appear; Android 4.2 Add to blacklist
  • In this menu, select the "Blacklist" tab and add a user.

This completes the process of blocking numbers on Android 4.0 and below.

For Android 5.0 and above

There is already a specific item here that allows you to block any subscriber. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to "Contacts" and find the phone number that needs to be added to the blacklist;
  • Click on it and select the edit mode;
  • At the top on the right side, click on the three dots, and select "Voicemail only" from the menu that appears; Blacklist Android 5.0
  • Save the changes, after which the selected user will no longer be able to reach you.

Blacklisting on Xiaomi

If you have a Xiaomi phone, there are other ways to block the phone number.

Through contacts

  • Go to "Contacts" and find the subscriber whose number you want to block; List of subscribers
  • Click on it and in the top tab click on the item with three dots; Subscriber profile
  • In the menu that appears, click the "Block" tab and confirm the operation. Subscriber profile item Block

This completes the process of adding a user to the blacklist. But, you can also block through the call log, so it is not necessary to add the number to the phone book. Subscriber blocking confirmation

Through call log

  • Open the call log on your mobile and select the number you need. It can be either an incoming or outgoing call; Call log general list
  • You will see a tab with detailed information about the number. Scroll down and click "Block"; Phone from call log Block
  • Confirm the lock operation. Phone from call log Confirmation of blocking

With such a simple method, you can add to the blacklist directly from the call log on your phone.

Through messages

Even if you received a message from a subscriber, and you decided to block unwanted calls from him, you can do it from here:

  • Go to "Messages" on your smartphone and find the number that you want to add to the blacklist; Message from subscriber list
  • At the top, click on this number to open a tab with detailed information; Message from subscriber Block
  • Scroll down and click the "Block" tab, then confirm the operation. Message from the subscriber Confirmation of blocking

Adding to the blacklist through applications

If you lack the standard Android functionality or it is simply absent, does not suit you, you can download specialized utilities that allow you to block all unwanted calls in one click. All programs described by us are available on Google Play.

Black list

  • The application is called the "Black List", so find it in the service and download it to your smartphone;
  • After starting the program, grant it all the necessary rights for correct operation; Program Blacklist Permissions
  • Click on the "+" icon to add a new number to the black list; Program blacklist plus icon
  • Choose where it will be integrated from: call list, subscriber book, specific numbers by mask, manual indication; Program Blacklist selection import
  • Check the boxes of the numbers that you need and confirm your choice; Check the Blacklist program
  • Now all blocked subscribers will be displayed in this program and will be automatically rejected when trying to receive calls. Program Blacklist list of blocked

The capabilities of this utility are much more extensive than you might think. For example, you can set a specific timer to block calls by day or hour, create whitelists, and more. Some of the options are available only in the PRO version. Program Blacklist settings

Call blocker

  • Install the application from Google Play and run it with all the rights to work correctly; Call Blocker Permission Program
  • In the main window select the "Blacklist" tab and click "Add"; Call Blocker Add
  • Choose from where you will add phone numbers to block, for example, from the "Call log"; Call Blocker program import selection
  • Check the boxes of the subscribers whose numbers you want to block and confirm the operation. Check the Call Blocker program

This completes the addition to the blacklist. You can delete them in the same way. Call Blocker program blocked list

Call Blocker Free

  • Download the utility from Google Play, install, and on first launch, grant all permissions; Call Blocker Free Permissions
  • On the main window at the top of the screen, click on the funnel icon to go to the black list;
  • Here, click on the "Black List" tab, after which a window will open in front of you, where all blocked numbers should be listed. Understandably, initially it will be empty; Call Blocker Free Item Blacklist
  • Click on the "+" icon to add the subscriber's number to the black list; Call Blocker Free adding numbers
  • Choose where to import it from: call log, phone book, manual input and confirm the operation; Call Blocker Free importCall Blocker Free checkboxes
  • Now the selected subscribers are on the black list and will not be able to get through to you! Call Blocker Free Blocked List

Attention! If you are bored with spam, constantly receive calls from organizations, and you do not know whether to pick up the phone or not, we recommend using the "Caller ID" application from Kaspersky, which has its own database and will automatically show you from which organization they are calling you. We also wrote our article about this application “ Identifier of numbers from Kaspersky ", So we recommend reading it.

Adding to the blacklist through a telecom operator

Your operator also provides the ability to block calls from certain subscribers, and it does not need to install any programs and follow this list. But note that the option may be paid, and in different regions it may differ in price. In this case, we recommend that you call the hotline of your telecom operator and clarify all the nuances.

Connecting and managing the service can be carried out in several ways: via USSD command, SMS, phone call to a short number and an official operator application.

At the moment, connecting from different operators and cost will be as follows:

  1. Megaphone . Dial the * 130 # command and follow the instructions on the screen. The cost of the option is 1 rub / day for each added number;
  2. MTS . Dial the * 144 # command and follow the tips on the screen to add a blacklist number. The cost will be 1.5 rubles / day for each subscriber. Connection and disable option Free, which is very convenient;
  3. Tele 2 . You need to enter a USSD query: * 220 * 1 # and follow the system prompts. Note that the connection of the option will cost $ 2 rubles / day, and the addition of each number will increase the cost of another $ 1.6 / day;
  4. Beeline . Here you need to call the number 0603 and follow the prompts of the voice assistant. The cost of the option is 1.01 rubles / day, and the addition of each room will cost you another $ 3.05 / day.

Whatever the version of the Android operating system you have not been installed, you can always add any numbers to the blacklist. But remember that by blocking them with access, you will not be able to contact them, including calling them. Before blocking access, think, and whether it is worth it. And if you "get" collectors, a jealous former husband, threaten third parties, contact the police and be sure to write telephone conversations. We have an article on our site how to record telephone conversations on android !

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Not all phone calls and SMS are desirable for us and pleasant. Not with all people we want to communicate. To ban the unwanted subscriber to disturb us on the phone, we cannot but refuse to accept his calls and messages - quite. To do this, it is enough to put his number in the blacklist. Let's talk, how to make it means for built-in Android software and third-party applications from Google Play.

Blocking an incoming call with android

The "Black List" option on Android old versions - 2.3.3-2.3.7 is located in the "Phone" application menu. To block calls from a specific subscriber, you need to go to the call log, find the desired number in it, to open its context menu and select "Add Contact Blacklist".

To block unwanted calls on Android 4.0 and in later versions, do the following:

  • Save the subscriber number with which you do not want to communicate, on the phone. If the contact is stored only in the SIM card, you will not be able to block it.
  • Run the "Contacts" application.
  • Select a number from the list and open the settings menu (touch the button in the form of three points in the upper right corner).

select a contact from the list

  • Check the check box "Direct blocking of an incoming call".

adding a contact to the blacklist on android

Now calls from this number will be reset after the first beep, but SMS and MMS will still come.

Free apps to add contacts to blacklist

Keeping the first beep and the inability to block incoming messages is considered by many Android users to be disadvantages. Indeed, if a "malicious spammer" was able to put your number on automatic dialing, despite the reset of incoming messages, your smartphone will ring all day (or even all night). And if a telecom operator charges you for the delivery of SMS, then "thanks" to the mailers you will lose money.

To fill in the "gaps" of the standard Android tool, you just need to install a third-party application. The selection of free programs with blacklisting functions on Google Play is quite large. Almost all of them are undemanding to resources, take up very little space in the phone's memory and have additional usefulness. Most of these programs are entirely in Russian. We offer you to get acquainted with the five best, in our opinion, android applications for blocking incoming calls and SMS.

Black list

app blacklist

The "Black List" program allows you to block calls and messages from any numbers - from the list of contacts, from the "Phone" system log and entered manually. No matter how much you call and write from them, your device will not make a sound, since the blocking occurs before the first beep.

Features of the program:

  • Maintaining black and white lists. Black contains a list of numbers, calls and messages from which are always blocked. On the contrary, numbers from the white list are never blocked.
  • Create a custom blocking schedule. The lock can be turned on, for example, only at night or during a meeting.
  • Blocking hidden and unknown numbers.
  • Blocking a group of numbers by the first few digits.
  • Complete blocking of all calls and SMS.
  • Keeping a log of blocked calls and SMS.
  • Call and message rejection notifications (can be configured as desired).
  • Saving the blacklist to a file and loading it from a file (convenient for transferring to another phone).
  • One-button lock on and off.

When using on Android 4.4 and later, you will have to transfer the SMS processing function to the program, otherwise unwanted messages will not be blocked. This is not an application bug, but a limitation of the operating system itself.

The "black list" starts working immediately after turning on the phone, consumes a minimum of system resources and does not "call out" the user's eyes with any notifications (of course, when the blocked calls notification function is disabled).

If the program suddenly stops performing its tasks, make sure that it is not disabled. You yourself or cleaning applications could have accidentally prevented its autostart.

Blacklist +

blacklist plus

Blacklist + is a slightly updated version of the previous program, created by the same author (Vlad Lee). In addition to the previous set of functions, here the user has the opportunity to choose a blocking method - reset the call or mute the sound. The second option will appeal to those who want to hide from the subscriber their unwillingness to hear his voice in the telephone receiver. For example, if it is a relative or a boss. Information about rejected calls is saved only in the application history. It does not get into the phone log.

If you suddenly want to make a call or write an SMS to a blocked number, open the history of rejected calls in the application, tap the desired phone and select "Call" or "Send message" in the menu that appears.

Another useful feature of the Blacklist + is hiding the icon in the status bar. This can be done through the settings menu.

Root Call SMS Manager

Root Call SMS Manager

The features of this application will be appreciated by owners of dual SIM phones. Unlike analogs, "Root Call SMS Manager" allows you to create two black lists - one for each SIM-ki. In addition, on Android 4.4 and later, it does not require assigning itself as an SMS handler, but it successfully blocks spam in SMS and MMS messages.

Other possibilities:

  • Two blocking methods: reset the call without the first beep and mute the sound ("do not answer" mode).
  • White and black list modes. When using the white list, all numbers that are not included in it are blocked. Individual blocking parameters can be set for numbers in the blacklist.
  • Blocking SMS both by numbers and by text filters (the latter is available for both incoming and outgoing). It is convenient to use text filtering if you receive both useful messages and annoying ads from the same number.
  • Blocking groups of numbers by masks and templates.
  • Quickly block and unblock all incoming calls.

The disadvantages of Root Call SMS Manager are that the user must have root rights and limit the number of numbers in the black and white lists. In the free version, they are allowed to create only 2 entries.

Don't Pick Up the Phone

Don't Pick Up the Phone

The "Don't Pick Up the Phone" program can become a lifesaver for those who are tortured by annoying calls with offers to buy, order, visit, answer questionnaire questions, etc. The application has the function of sorting numbers based on the reputation of subscribers. Each caller is given a rating that the user sees. If it is negative, then there is a high probability that advertising calls are being made from this number.

In addition, the program allows you to evaluate the callers themselves and write short reviews about them, for example, "telephone scammer", "spammer", etc. This will help other users avoid unwanted communication with them.

Other possibilities:

  • Blocking hidden, toll, foreign numbers, as well as numbers with a bad reputation (at the discretion of the user).
  • Blocking all incoming from subscribers who are not in the list of contacts.
  • Create a custom blacklist.

The disadvantage of the program is, perhaps, only the inability to filter unwanted SMS, but "# 1 SMS Blocker" - the last application of today's review (you can download it in addition to "Don't Pick Up") copes with this perfectly.

# 1 SMS Blocker

1 SMS Blocker

The name "# 1 SMS Blocker" speaks for itself - it is designed to block test spam messages. Several selection criteria are available to the user:

  • telephone number or group of numbers;
  • Sender name;
  • phrases and words contained in the text.

The number of locks is unlimited.

The program saves blocked SMS in a separate folder where they are until the user deletes them. Here you can read them and, if you wish, restore them. In addition, the user has the ability to export blocked messages to a text document and view them in a notepad.

For correct operation on Android 4.4 and newer versions, "# 1 SMS Blocker" should be set as the default SMS processing application.

The # 1 SMS Blocker is far from the only free message spam blocker. We have read about three dozen similar programs on Google Play, but this one, in the opinion of many, copes with its task better than the rest. Although, we do not argue, you may have a different opinion on this matter.

Surely each person has one or more phone numbers from which he does not want to receive calls and messages. The easiest way out is to add the unwanted contact to the blacklist. This can be done in several ways. We offer simple and accessible instructions for adding a specific phone number and contact to the blacklist on Android devices.

How to add a contact to the blacklist on Android?

Android settings

You can block a number and a contact using basic functions and settings - through the "Contacts" application, which is installed by default on every Android smartphone.

  • Go to contacts and find the right person.
  • In the upper right corner, find the menu button (three vertical buttons) and click on it. Select "Change".
  • In the opened settings, again click on the menu button in the upper right corner and select "Voicemail only".
How to add a contact to the blacklist on Android?

Thus, the blocked person will not be able to reach your phone, but you will see missed calls and SMS messages. No notifications or calls.

Programs and Applications

There are many clone apps on Google Play that allow you to block a specific phone number. You can find these programs by requesting "Black List". Their functionality and operating principle are almost identical.

The Blacklist program (developed by Vlad Lee) is in the top of Google Play. On the start screen there is a section of the same name and a blue button for adding contacts. When you click on it, a menu for adding a person to the blacklist will appear, where you can select him from contacts, calls, messages, or enter manually.

How to add a contact to the blacklist on Android?

After you select unwanted contacts, you can enable or disable call and SMS blocking. Also in the settings it is possible to block all calls, hidden, unknown and alphabetic numbers (for SMS), which usually send spam and advertising.

How to add a contact to the blacklist on Android?

The application has a call log, which displays both blocked calls from blacklisted contacts and regular calls. There is also a schedule section where you can set the time and days of the service. Convenient if you don't want to receive weekend calls from colleagues. This feature is only available when purchasing the Pro version of the app.

How to add a contact to the blacklist on Android?

Call Blocker has almost the same interface and functionality. It is possible to block unknown and hidden numbers, as well as add contacts to emergency situations. There is also a call log, no additional settings were found.

How to add a contact to the blacklist on Android?

It makes no sense to describe other alternatives - they are either identical or noticeably inferior to the programs described above, both in terms of functionality and design. Also, such applications often contain a large number of advertisements.

Blocking through a cellular operator

Every Russian cellular provider has the option we need, including MTS, Megafon, Beeline and Tele2. The principle of blocking through the operator is the same, there are several methods:

  • Call the hotline and ask the operator for the desired service.
  • Find the USSD command on the Internet or on the official website of the cellular operator.
  • Download the provider's application and find the "Blacklist" or "Blocking numbers" service in the settings.

Both the numbers and methods of adding contacts to an emergency situation through a mobile operator often change, so it makes no sense to describe these actions in detail.

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