How to check DirectX on Windows 10: where it is, how to find and open

How to find out which direct X is installed on Windows 10

The life of modern society is closely intertwined with achievements in the field of technology. The work of many people is simply impossible without using a computer. It requires a large number of various programs and extensions, including the DirectX multimedia software package. There are often cases when to configure your computer's correct operation, you need to know which DirectX version is installed on its PC. The fact is that this application is the development tools that are solving programming tasks in the Microsoft Windows environment. It is this program that is most often used by programmers when writing games and multimedia applications adapted to Windows WINTOVS.

DirectX version for Windows 10

DirectX is a package of multimedia technologies that are necessary for the work of various applications, including computer games. Simply put, it is an assembly of tools and functions that are necessary OS to solve a variety of multimedia tasks.

Logo of the built-in multimedia application DIRECTX

Most often, the application is used to write a gaming interface. This program is updated quite often, especially when installing new games used by the latest versions of directions, since the code must process sound streams and graphics. Without direct X PCs, it will not be able to handle information coming from the keyboard, mice or gaming joysticks. The tool package is completely free, you can download it from the official site of Microsoft.

Note! In the overwhelming majority in order to achieve maximum integrity in operation, the required version of DirectX is recorded on the game disk.

How to check DirectX on Windows 10: Instruction

As mentioned earlier, this multimedia technology package is used by the overwhelming majority of Windows games. If the required DirectX version is not installed on a stationary computer or laptop, which is indicated on the product packaging, the game may not be made or work incorrectly.

Note! Different PCs use different versions of the multimedia technology package. This feature is due to the fact that the video card installed on the computer can support only a certain version of DirectX. If an unsuitable version of the program is installed, the performance of the entire system as a whole will be questionable.

Instructions, how to find out which direct X is installed on Windows 10:

  1. To check the DirectX version, pre-installed on Windows 10, the user needs to open the "Start" menu, after which you enter the "dxdiag" command in the search form and click on the "Enter" key to start the search.
  2. The DiaptX diagnostic tool will be displayed on the monitor screen, the user will need to go to the System section and view the program version number in the System Information tab.
  3. When using the DirectX packet tools, the system may request a digital signature of software components (drivers). In this case, you must click on the "Yes" button to make sure that there are signatures of publishers on the drivers.

This is not the only way to see Direct X on Windows 10. With the peculiarities of the implementation of other methods should be familiar with more detail.

Using the DXDIAG system

DxDiag is a utility that is built into all versions of Windows. It is used to provide detailed information that is used to troubleshoot audio and video problems on a PC.

How to find out the version of the program via the command line

Instructions on how to find out the DirectX version in Windows 10 using the DxDiag system tools are as follows:

  1. On the keyboard, hold down the "Win + R" key combination at the same time.
  2. The screen will display a form in which you will need to enter the command "dxgiag", then press the "Enter" key on the keyboard.

Note! If the system, after these steps, for unknown reasons, could not find the item you were looking for, then you need to go to C: \ Windows \ System32 and from there run the dxdiag.exe file.

The screen will display the "DirectX Diagnostic Tool" window, in the "System Information" tab and find the version of the program installed on the PC.

Using the video card control panel

Instructions on how to check a direct on Windows 10 using the control panel of an NVIDIA video card is as follows:

  1. The user needs to launch the NVIDIA Control Panel.
  2. A context menu will be displayed on the screen, from the available functions you need to tap on the "System Information" item.

The "System Information" form in the "Display" section will display all the data and technical characteristics of the video card, including information about the installed version of the DirectX program.

Displaying information about direct X through the control panel of the video card

Via GPU-Z app

GPU-Z is a free Windows application that displays detailed information about graphics hardware and tools installed on a desktop or laptop computer. One of the main advantages of the program is that there is no need to install it on a PC.

You can determine the version of the direct multimedia package using the GPU-Z program as follows:

  1. Run the free GPU-Z utility on your PC.
  2. After familiarizing yourself with its interface, go to the "Advanced" section, then tap on "DirectX" on the panel. All detailed information about the selected item will be displayed on the screen.

Using GPU-Z to Display Media Package Information

Information about DirectX in AIDA64

The main purpose of this application is to display detailed information about software and hardware on the PC screen. How to check the version of the installed DirectX media package using the AIDA64 program:

  1. Open the AIDA program on your computer.
  2. In the "Menu" section, go to the "Computer" tab, then "Summary information". This is where information about the installed version of DirectX will be displayed.

Using AIDA64 Utility to Display PC Specifications

Updating the program to the latest version

There is only one way to update a media package on Windows 10 - check for a library update through the built-in Windows UpDate tool.

Note! All attempts to download the installer from the official website of the developers will lead the user to the page for updating the software to Windows 10.

To check for an update, the user needs to perform the following manipulations:

  1. Open "Computer settings" on a stationary computer or laptop.
  2. Go to the "Update and Security" tab, then right-click on the "Check for an update" button.
  3. After a few seconds of searching, the result is displayed. If an update is available, you must agree to install it.

Updating DirectX on Windows 10

Problems with DirectX on Windows 10

Typically, short-term application crashes are caused by minor software conflicts. To solve the problem, it is enough to close applications or restart the computer. However, there are more serious failures that lead to incorrect operation of software components:

  • the computer is equipped with an outdated video card. It is important to be aware that new tools developed by Microsoft are not supported by older boards;
  • also, the cause of problems in operation may be an out-of-date version of the software (drivers) for the video card. To make sure that the software components used are up to date, you need to go to the official website of the developers and download / install the latest software version for the graphics accelerator model. To avoid software failures and errors, you must first remove the old software version from your computer.

Note! The program has one important feature - its newer versions are unable to replace the previous ones. For example, if version 8 or 9 is required to run a multimedia application or game, then 11-12 will not work.

At the moment, the latest version 12 of the application supports video cards from the following manufacturers:

  • video cards of the AMD manufacturer, starting from modification 7000 and up to R9. Also, the program is able to synchronize with integrated graphics chips, including those on E1 and E2 processors;
  • graphics cards from NVIDIA, starting from the 600 series, with the exception of the 800 series, and up to GTX Titan. The company representatives said that they will add the ability to work with the latest version of the program with 400 series of video cards;
  • integrated processors kaby Lake, Haswell, Broadwell, as well as i3, i5, i7.

Even if the user's video card falls under one of the points, it is not a fact that the manufacturer has added support for Direct X 12, so you will have to wait a little longer. This is due to the fact that the program is still new, and manufacturers have recently begun to actively implement it in their products.

If, after installing a new version, the system starts displaying errors on the screen, it is recommended to uninstall all old drivers through Programs and Features, including shell software like AMD Catalyst.

DirectX Diagnostic Tool

Over the past few years, new versions of the application have appeared quite rarely, so if the user is faced with the task of increasing the performance of his computer, then it is better to think about purchasing more powerful hardware components.

The Direct X library for Windows is required to run many programs and almost all computer games. And some users get confused from time to time with its installation. This raises the question: "How to find out how much DirectX? " ... We will cover it in this article.

Available solutions

You can find out which version of DirectX is present in the operating system in several ways. One of them is based on a utility built into Windows, and the second involves the use of third-party software. We'll cover both. Let's start in order.

Option # 1: Using system capabilities

So, first, let's talk about how to check the version of libraries using the operating system tools. In particular, we will talk about the built-in utility "Diagnostic tool dxdiag". You can call it using the Run dialog box. And this is done in a few simple steps:

  1. So, press on the keyboard Win + Rand call the "Run" component.
  2. Enter in the line dxdiag and click on the button Enter or at "OK" .Launching dxdiag with the Run tool
  3. The main diagnostic tool window opens. The information we need will be in the line "DirectX version" .DirectX version in dxdiag Diagnostic Tools window

As you can see, everything is extremely simple. In order to find out the type of installed libraries using Windows tools, no special knowledge is required. Everything is done in a couple of clicks. Even beginners won't have any problems.

Option number 2: Third-party software

There is an extremely useful utility called AIDA64 for hardware diagnostics of PCs. She can also stress test, report, and more. The free version is enough to view the DirectX version. But first you need to download the program from the developer's official website and install it. Let's analyze the whole process step by step:

  1. Go to the page
  2. Scroll through it a little lower and click on the button Download opposite the top item AIDA64 Extreme .Download AIDA64 utility
  3. And now we click on the marked item. Downloading the AIDA64 utility
  4. We save and run the resulting file.
  5. In the language selection window, click "OK" .
  6. Then click LMB on "Further" .Starting the installation of AIDA64
  7. Agree to the license agreement.
  8. You do not need to change the installation directory.
  9. Click on the continue button until the unpacking of the program files begins.
  10. Remove the marker from the point "Viewing Documentation ..." .
  11. And then we press "To complete" .Launching the AIDA64 utility
  12. We agree to use the trial version.
  13. In the left column of the main window, click on the item DirectX .
  14. Then we click "DirectX - video" .
  15. In line "Hardware support ..." will be the information we need. Viewing data in AIDA64


In this article, we talked about how to check which DirectX is on your computer. The first method is associated with the use of built-in operating system tools, it is also the most convenient. But in some cases, a third-party utility for viewing diagnostic data will help. AIDA64 is perfect for these purposes.

Many users, when installing software, need to know which drivers are already installed for this or other applications. This is required in order not to put old wood instead of new. How to find out which directx is installed, you can read in this article.

You can find out which version of DirectX drivers you have installed in two ways, each of which is simple and convenient in its own way.

The first way to find out which directx is installed

Windows has a tool with which you can diagnose the system for the installed DirectX components and find out what version they have. To use this utility, you need to do the following:

  1. We go to Start - Run, or if you have 8 / 8.1, then Win + R.
  2. We drive in the search bar - dxdiag and confirm the execution.
  3. We agree to all the pop-up window: which directx is installed
  4. After that, you will see a window like this on the screen: which directx is installed
  5. As we can see, the last line will tell us which version is currently installed on the computer. We have it 11, that is, at the moment, it is the newest.
  6. Perhaps you may have a driver version from 1.0 to 9.0. A feature of these versions is the presence of a digital code, the decryption of which you can get from the data in the following table: which directx is installed

The second way to find out which directx is installed

There are a lot of programs on the network that can diagnose your computer, show the layout of components, analyze the software installed on your PC. In particular, to check the version of directx, there is a program that is distributed free of charge - PC-Wizard. Download and install the program, and after starting and collecting information, select "Configuration", and then DirectX and you will see the version of the installed driver. Let's consider an example from another computer:

which directx is installed

DirectX is an incredibly important component for smooth gaming on PCs and laptops. Without a suitable version installed, you will not be able to run even the old race on the most powerful computer. Therefore, before you go and look for where to download DirectX, it would be nice to know which version is already installed.

What version of DirectX do you have on your OS?

Most often, the DirectX version directly depends on what operating system is installed on your device. For example, Windows XP (yes, some people continue to use it) does not support versions older than 9.0c. However, authoring OS assemblies are now popular, some of them may lack DirectX, but this is very rare.

A little help

Windows 10 users will always see information that they have DirectX 12 installed, even if the video card cannot support it. In the system update packages, you simply will not find versions that appeared later than 2010, but, as practice shows, they are very often in demand, so you have to download them from the official Microsoft website manually.

It is important to remember that all DirectX components are installed on your computer in parallel to each other, that is, there is no need to roll back or remove them. If you have 10, 11 and 12 installed, then only the latest version supported by your operating system will be displayed, but games that require earlier versions will also work.

Checking the installed version of DirectX

The simplest, but incredibly reliable and stable option.

1. Launch the tool " Execute "- find it in Start or call it by means of a key combination R + Win .

What version of DirectX do you have on your OS?

2. In the window that appears, enter dxdiag and press Enter .

Perhaps you have corrupted some files, so you will need to go to Windows - System32 and run dxdiag.exe as administrator.

What version of DirectX do you have on your OS?

The system tab will display the latest DirectX version supported by your operating system. This does not guarantee that you will be able to run games that require its support. To find out the real version of DirectX compatible with your video card, you need to go to the " Screen ", Where it will be indicated in the line" DDL for DirectX 3D ".

What version of DirectX do you have on your OS?

DirectX is a set of technologies that make Windows devices an ideal environment for installing, launching, and running multimedia-rich applications such as graphics, video, 3D animation, and stereo sound. Also, the launch and correct operation of many modern applications depends on the version of DirectX. Therefore, before installing any game, users are often interested in how to find out the DirectX version in Windows 10.

Methods for determining the version of DirectX in Windows 10

There are many ways to find out which DirectX is installed on Windows 10. Let's take a closer look at some. Let's start with the way by which the technology version can be found out without installing additional programs.

  • We press "Win + R" and enter "dxdiag". With this command, we call the DirectX Diagnostic Tool on Windows 10.
How do I find out the DirectX version installed on Windows 10?
  • A new window will open. We need the System tab. Here we can check which version of Direct X is installed on the PC.
How do I find out the DirectX version installed on Windows 10?
IMPORTANT! If for some reason the Tool does not start, you can check the version of the installed technology by opening drive C, folder "Windows", "System32". This is where dxdiag.exe will be located. By running this file, the same DirectX Diagnostic Tool will appear.

Among the programs that are suitable for detecting Direct X in Windows 10, it is worth highlighting:

In order to determine the version of the API technology, you need to install AIDA64. Then, after launching the program, go to the "Direct X" section and see the version of the installed component.

How do I find out the DirectX version installed on Windows 10?

It is important to note that if you are using a trial version of the software, you do not need to install it.

You can also find out the version of Direct X through the Astra32 program. At the same time, if you are only interested in how to view the version of Direct X, then it is better to choose the version of the software without an installer.

How do I find out the DirectX version installed on Windows 10?

The archive will be downloaded. After unpacking it, you need to select the "astra32.exe" file.

How do I find out the DirectX version installed on Windows 10?

By running it, a system scan will begin.

How do I find out the DirectX version installed on Windows 10?

Outwardly, the program is very similar to AIDA64. Expand the branch "Programs", "Windows". We look at the DirectX version.

How do I find out the DirectX version installed on Windows 10?

Due to the GPU-Z update to version 2.1.0, a new tab has appeared in the software. It displays data about API technologies. Therefore, after downloading and running this utility on your PC, you can see the version of Direct X. Information about this component is in the "Advanced" tab.

How do I find out the DirectX version installed on Windows 10?

Using these methods, you can determine the version of Direct X on Windows 10, and then update the component or remove it if there are compatibility issues.

How to find out which version of DirectX is on your computer

1. Call the Run command by going to the Start menu. If there is none in the "Start", you need to go to the settings of this menu and enable this function by checking the box next to it. In the window of the "Run" command, you must type the characters "dxdiag" and press "Enter".

2. Also the identical command of symbols "dxdiag" can be entered in the line "Find programs and files". It appeared in the Start menu in later operating systems (Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10). And press "Enter".

3. After this action, a dialog box titled "Diagnostic Tool" will appear on the computer screen. It is in it at the end of the list that the current version of DirectX will be indicated.

How do I update DirectX to the latest required version?

1. Run the required file and agree with the proposal for a license agreement, then click "Next".

How to find out which version of DirectX is on your computer2. In the next window, you will be asked to install Bing Bar, it is rarely needed by anyone, therefore, if the user does not know its functional meaning, you need to uncheck the box next to this item to refuse the installation.

3. The installer will then determine the number of components required to update the library and display their "weight" (for example, 49.1 megabytes). If the user is satisfied with everything (there is enough space on the hard disk), press the "Next" button.

4. Now all that remains is to wait until the download of all necessary updates is completed and the process of their installation is completed. The time spent on this action will depend on the speed of the user's Internet connection; it is not difficult to find out with the help of the appropriate services.

5. After the installation process is completed, click the "Finish" button.

6. Although the computer system itself and the DirectX installation program do not offer to restart after the installation is complete, experts still advise doing this, this will help the updates to replace the necessary files.

This completes the process of installing or updating to the latest version, thanks for your attention.

Find out the DirectX version in Windows

The Windows operating system has such a complex structure that, perhaps, only its creators can fully understand it. Windows consists of many components, one of which is DirectX. It is a collection of libraries that make multimedia and games work properly.

DirectX is installed along with the operating system, meanwhile it is regularly updated, while new games require new versions of DirectX. For this reason, it may be necessary to find out the installed DirectX.

DirectX version in Windows 7

There is an easy way to find out which version of DirectX is installed on your computer. You must press the "Start" key and select the "Run" item, where you should enter "dxdiag" and press the Enter key.

Command line

This will open a window with DirectX Diagnostic Tools. After the first launch, the program will verify the digital signatures of the drivers, which takes less than one minute, and then displays the system information. The last line contains the DirectX version.

Windows 7 DirectX Diagnostic Tool

If this could not be done through the "Run" command, there is another way. You need to open the Windows folder, which in most cases is located on the C drive, and in it the System32 folder, find the dxdiag.exe file there and run it.

Running the dxdiag.exe file

DirectX version in Windows 10

The DirectX version in Windows 10 is checked in the same way as in 7, but there is one caveat with this operating system. In the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, the main System tab may show one version.

Windows 10 DirectX Diagnostic Tool

And in the "Display" tab - another version of DirectX.

Drivers tab

In the first case, the installed version of DirectX is indicated, and in the second - supported by Windows, video card and drivers for it.

Checking with programs

It may happen that the dxdiag command is not executed. In this case, you can use third-party programs. There are a lot of programs for determining the DirectX version, among which we can distinguish:

  • GPU-Z providing detailed information about the graphics capabilities of the system;
  • PC-Wizard - solution for complex diagnostics of installed software;
  • AIDA64 - a utility that displays data on all components of the system.

Let us dwell on the latter in more detail. AIDA64 is a small utility that does not require installation. You can use the program free of charge for 30 days. In the main menu of the program, select DirectX - video.

AIDA64 program

After that, the program will show not only the DirectX version, but also the graphics capabilities of the system.

DirectX version in AIDA64

AIDA64 shows the installed version of DirectX, not the one used. Also, with its help, it is easy to test the graphics capabilities of the computer and find out how much you can overclock the video card.

Greetings, dear visitors. Newbie users who recently became the owners of a computer with a windows operating system may shrug their shoulders when they hear the term directx. And, even more so, they have no idea how to find out directx version or how to install its latest version. find out directx versionAfter reading this article to the end, they will be able to bridge this gap in their computer knowledge. And I will try to explain everything in simple accessible language, using illustrations (screenshots) for easier memorization.

Directx. [General information]

First, let's find out the definition of this term. Let's resort to the help of Wikipedia. Directx (translated from English. direct - direct, direct; pronounced as "DirectX" or "DirectX") is a set of APIs (application programming interface, application programming interface; from English. application programming interface , API [hey-pee-ah]) - a set of ready-made classes, procedures, functions, structures and constants provided by an application (library, service) or operating system for use in external ones) developed to solve problems related to programming under Microsoft Windows ... The most widely used in computer games writing, in simple terms, it is an intermediary between the video card and the application (mainly games), which allows you to use all the computing power of the computer to render heavy, detailed graphics.

Directx versions.

First version directx 1.0 first appeared in 1995. Release date September 30th. Since then, versions have been updated almost annually, sometimes even several times a year. The most recent version at the time of this writing is directx 12 which is included in Windows 10 ... The release date of the extreme version is July 29, 2015.

How are Directx versions different?

The higher version directx , the clearer the picture in video games and the better the processes associated with the processing of this picture are optimized. With the release of each new version, new features are added to it, and the old ones are optimized. But here it should be noted that the directx library itself does not improve the graphics in games in any way. It simply allows you to more effectively take advantage of the power (all the capabilities) of the graphics adapter (video card).

How can I find out the version of directx installed on the system?

It is easy to find out the version of directx on windows ... To do this, the key combination WIN + R run the command line " Start-Run "and in the input field we type the command dxdiag ... Next, click Enter ... This window will open. find out the directx version on windows 10 in two clicksAs you can see in the line " Directx version "12 is specified. So the system has version 12 of directx (included in windows 10).


Many modern video cards have special directx compatible drivers ... A user who wants to squeeze everything out of his video card must install exactly the version of directx that the video card supports. Information about which version the video card supports can be found on the manufacturer's official website. For everything to work as it should, you need directx of a certain version to be supported by all parties: the operating system, the video card and the application (game).

If a newer version is installed in the system, and there are no old versions, then the old game, when launched, may give approximately the following error " The program cannot be started because d3dx9_35.dll is missing on the computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem ". Eliminate this directx error you can simply download and install the required version (in our example directx 9).

Where is the best place to download directx?

Only from the official site Microsoft either through Windows Update ... On the site Microsoft To fix the above error, there is a dedicated Directx Runtime Web Installer for the end user. Download it and run. It will install the missing directx components. This package fixes errors that occur due to the absence of the following files in the system:

  1. D3DX9_24.dll-D3DX9_43.DLL
  2. D3DX10. DLL-D3DX10_43.DLL
  3. D3DCompiler_33.dll-D3DCompiler_43.DLL
  4. D3DX11_42.DLL
  5. D3DX11_43.DLL
  6. D3DCSX_42.DLL
  7. D3DCSX_43.DLL
  10. XAUDIO2_0.DLL
  11. XAUDIO2_1.DLL
  12. XAUDIO2_2.DLL
  13. XAUDIO2_3.DLL
  14. XAUDIO2_4.DLL
  15. XAUDIO2_5.DLL
  16. XAUDIO2_6.DLL
  17. XAUDIO2_7.DLL
  18. XAPOFX1_0.dll-XAPOFX1_5.DLL
  19. X3DAUDIO1_0.dll-X3DAUDIO1_7.DLL
  20. XINPUT1_1.DLL
  21. XINPUT1_2.DLL
  22. XINPUT1_3.DLL

Do not get fooled by links that offer to download newer versions of directx than you have installed. The directx version can only be updated through the update center. On such links, you can be planted with a dog in the form of a virus.

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