How to turn off PVP in a region in minecraft?

If your server allows you to disable VFR, then use this. Disabling PVP will be very easy.

First, go into the game and press the "tilde - (~)" button.

  • then enter the command, but do not put quotes.

It looks like this:

Please note that the region you selected on the console is now banned from playing. That is, there is no battle between the players now. But this is exactly what you wanted).

It will also be possible to return everything without any problems, that is, it will be possible to turn everything on.

For the inclusion to happen correctly, you just need to replace only one word in the command. Instead of deni, you write the word - allow.

There is nothing complicated. Good luck!

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4 years ago PVP mode for minecraft interesting when I have already got used to the game a little, gained experience. A beginner can be easy prey for other players. PVP mode originated from Player vs Player (first letters) and denotes a battle (battle, fight) between two players. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary disable PVP mode

, because it's easy to walk around the world of minecraft and figure out what's what you just don't have time to. How to disable PVP mode in minecraft

  • the instruction will help us:
  • go to minecraft
  • call the command line (this will help us ~, this is where the letter "ё" is)

enter the command / region flag <region name> pvp deny. Attention, sometimes players mistakenly put quotation marks at the beginning and at the end of a command, this is not necessary.

The region where we have banned PVP is now safe and you can safely play.


U m to a


In the legendary Minecraft game, you are able to set up a kind of block in order to encroach on your territory.

A similar command is activated if, after pressing the tilde in the pop-up window, enter the following combination:


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In order to turn off turn off PVP in the game Mancraft, you need to do some actions. 1 action

- You need to enter the game. 2 action

- You need to click on the tilde sign on the computer. 3 action

- It is necessary to register in the opened consoles -


4 action - You need to save the game, after saving you need to restart it. .

Azamatik [54.4K] .

This question is interesting for those Minecraft players who like to run around the world, look for treasures, and simply have a good time in the game, while not being afraid that some player will kill him. In this case, it would be best to

  • remove pvp in Minecraft in the region
  • It is much more difficult to play on the server, so a good solution would be
  • disabling PVP mode in the region

So, turn off pvp in the Minecraft region:

first go into the game and press the tilde key / button (~);

and already in the console, enter the following command: / region flag <region name> pvp deny;

now in the region you specified, the battle between players is prohibited.


If you want to re-enable PVP in the region, then you will need to enter this command -

/ region flag <region name> pvp allow.

It should be said that some servers do not provide the ability to disable the battle between players at all.




Disabling PVP will not always work. There are servers where you cannot disable PVP, then, unfortunately, nothing can be done (unless, of course, you are the administrator of this server). To successfully resolve this issue, you must play on a server that is running Bukkit and has the WorldGuard and WorldEdit plugins.

If everything is so, then you need to go into the game and click on the "~" icon. Then enter the command:


All! Now there will be no more battles on the territory you specified.

If you want to revert everything back, you need the following command:

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  • In order to disable and remove PVP in a region in "Minecraft", you first need to open a console command, then enter this command: "/ region flag" here the full name of the region is written "pvp deny" (everything is written, of course, without quotes). And everything is ready, after the introduction of this command, no one else can attack you and you will be completely safe. ;
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If the PVP of the region in the Minecraft game bothers you, then you can turn it off.

To turn off the PVP region:

go to the game and click on the tilde icon:


then the console will open, in which you need to register the following command:

- / region flag <region name> pvp deny

save everything, restart the game and you should be fine!


  1. [29.7K]
  2. I, I am the same player who does not like to fight, but love to climb around and explore everything! :) And from me low bows to the person who opened the magic spell to disable the PvP mode in the Mancraft game and shared it with the world!
  3. You need to write the spell right in the console and it sounds like this:

Greetings Slavs


To turn off PVP in a region in minecraft, you need to register a command in the console, which is responsible for this function. Having recognized your region, write it in this command and write the command in the console - / region flag <region name> pvp deny. After this operation, PVP will be disabled. Do you know the answer?

If you are a fan of running around the world, looking for treasures, and just having a good time without fear that one of the players will kill you, then the question arises of how to remove pvp in Minecraft in the region! It is harder to play on the server than in single player, because besides you there are other players, and who knows what thoughts are in their heads? Therefore, it would be nice to turn off the PVP mode in the region.

For this, certain conditions must be met.

However, if you change your mind, want to get a thrill and fight with someone, you can always return everything. To do this, you need to know how to enable PVP in Minecraft.

You must play on a server;

The server must be running Bukkit with the WorldEdit and WorldGuard plugins;

The server must be allowed to change territories or you must be an administrator. If all of the above points are met - let's start.

-adsense- «And so, the command to ban pvp in the region: / region flag [Region Name] pvp deny Create a region and disable PVP First, you need to create a region. How to do it? Pick up a wooden ax. Precisely wooden! Now we select the territory. On block 1 we press the right button, on block 2 - with the left mouse button. Those. you must select the topmost block of your territory and, diagonally, the bottommost one. The region, or in another way the territory, is selected. You can choose territories of any size, but keep in mind that different servers have their own restrictions, and you must comply with them! Now you need to give your territory any name. But it is most convenient to call her by your nickname in the game, especially if you are playing on a server with a large number of people. This is done by the team ».

/ region claim [Region name]

Do you know the answer?

(Introduced without quotes). «You will receive a message in the chat Region ‘Region name’ updated »




However, if you change your mind, want to get a thrill and fight with someone, you can always return everything. To do this, you need to know how to enable PVP in Minecraft.

Now you need to edit this region so that it cannot be damaged by another player. To do this, assign the pvp flag with the value deny to your site. To do this, write the command:

In the chat you will see

Region flag pvp on '

Region flag pvp on '



’To‘ deny (Current flags: pvp: DENY) ’

Now you can check if everything worked out. To do this, while in the changed region, write the command:

/ region info

In response, you will receive something like this:

Where "2" is the name of the region.

That's all! Now in this region, none of the players will be able to take direct damage from other players.

How to turn PvP on and off in a region on a server

Are you interested in this question but can't find the answer to it? Then this is for you!
  • To turn off pvp in the region of your home on the minecraft server, you need to enter the following command:
  • / rg flag "your region name" pvp deny
  • And to turn it back on, you need to write the command:
  • / rg flag "your region name" pvp
For example, I want to turn off pvp in my region, I will write:

/ rg flag SuperRg pvp deny

We think we helped you.

P.S. the command works on all versions also on command blocks!


In contact with

You should enter a command with the following words: / rg flag "region name" pvp.

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If you are wondering how to remove PVP in Minecraft, this is possible. However, it will not be possible to completely remove this possibility in this game.

  1. How to remove PVP in a region on the map?
  2. Not all players want to compete on other grounds (who has the best house, more currency, the coolest sword, etc.). Most of them play for adrenaline, so killing in the game and destroying things still remain.
  3. There are always places where it is impossible to do this - peaceful settlements, trade zones. You should create a region and disable PVP there.

The first way

In order not to fight in the region in Minecraft, disable PVP.

There are several conditions to disable the option on the server:

Server control must be Bukkit (plugin WorldEdit or WorldGuard). Players must have permission to change territory or administrator rights.

First of all, the player creates a region. How to do it?

Pick up an ax made of wood in the character's hands. Select a territory. A small space is allocated for its own region.

The console opens, where you need to drive in / region flag * pvp deny. Then you get the right to ban PvP in your region.

In place of the asterisk, you should indicate the name of the region where it is prohibited to fight. It will look like this: / rg flag "region name" pvp deny.

Second way

Sometimes players take the opportunity to join an already created region where PVP is prohibited. If its owner responds positively to the request for adding, you can safely be there. You just need to know what opportunities are allowed and will not interfere with you.

It is better to know the person who is playing with you.

How to disable PVP in the Minecraft region is rather a question for beginners who are just learning to build and acquire things that are a pity to part with. There are also those who like to play peacefully and not to enter into conflicts.

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